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Happy New Years Eve and Happy 2010!! :)

Hey my dear family, friends, fans and all the readers :)

We wish you a incredible New Years Eve and more wonderful 2010 year!!

Enjoy your life, its beautiful!
Gerbel & Guy

Comedy shows :)

Dear friends,

Please let me share this Happy Holidays video with you.. its such a fun :)

Jeff Dunham - Achmed The dead Terrorist (Christmas Special)

See this website too..

And one legendary theater show also for you here :)

Dinner for one!

Hugs :)

Unbelievable snow :)


This December month has been very nice :) .. lots of nice and simple things going on :)
Here i thought to share some more pictures we made last week :) .. and yesterday we did even a snowwoman (snowvrouw) next to Schelde, almost as tall as i am :) lol

Lots of nice Christmas wishes to all from me and Guy, enjoy the holidays fully :))

First snow in Antwerpen!! :)

Hey my friends,

This is cool here, we had first snow today in Antwerpen, though it was pretty scary how this weather touched the traffic. As here almost noone doesnt have winter gears for the car then the traffic was slow, very slow, full of traffic jams and so on. Yeah, its not compulsory to have a winter gears here. I included also few pictures taken from home window :) Cool, feels like home in Estonia ;)

Last Saturday we went to ski :) .. SnowWorld Landgraaf in Holland. Its a inside ski area and a nice place, though some time ago we went to Germany to Alpincenter Bottrop and i must say i liked there more. Anyhow, in Landgraaf it was cold and the pictures will show it, my nose is red. See more pictures HERE :)
Unfortunately, for one our friend Stefanie it didnt end so good. She broke her leg :( .. she will be fine soon and will run around in summer as nothing happened, im sure :) But we all wish her "Veel Beterschap!!" :)

About Christmas, no so much plans, staying at home and …

An amazing video :) and my ice cream ...mmmm

Hey all,

Just wanted to share one video "90% degree push-ups"
Its amazing what some can do :)
Wish i would have such a body control as he has ;)

Also i just had to include also 2 pictures.
What i have in front of me?!
Yeah, its an amazing ice cream place we went with Guy in November and wow... this bowl was full of ice cream and it was a one portion ... only for me ;) .. on top there was more then enough different kind of fruits.
This place was like heaven for me and some more girls i know, im sure that Rosin and Aktivist would love it there too :) LOL

Also let me tell you that i plan to send out another newsletter for you tomorrow and that everything is very good with us. I train a lot, go to language school and eat also good to keep up with all my activities ;) lol .. its fun :) .. only the weather starts to get colder and it keeps raining ;) damn ;)

Enjoy :)
Always your Gerbel :)

Trennitäht 2009

Hello my especially Estonian friends,

I have an announcement to make and would like you toparticipate in one nice event on this Saturday :)
I myself cant participate there as im in Belgium but you can! So if you are in Estonia /doesnt matter Estonian or not) and would like to challenge yourself then take part and compete inTrainingstar 2009 (Trennitäht 2009konkurs).
The event will be in Sparta Sportsclub this Saturday, on 28 Nov 2009and all the necessary information you can read fromHERE in Muscle and Fitness portal :)

Its not only this contest, its a birthday of Sparta Cluband from 1100hrs there will be all kind of group lessons you can take part, go to gym and just see nice people, our Estonian best Fitness and Bodybuilding guys and girls. So i suggest you to go and enjoy the activities what Sparta and Muscle&Fitness magazine offers you.

And .. its free entrance for everyone, so dont miss it!!

Enjoy the event and if you cant go there then enjoy the week anyhow :)
Your Gerbel

Videos :)

Dear friends and the members of my website,

Finally i updated my video collection and now in member's site under gallery - videos, there are possible to see few videos of my 2 bodybuilding contests in October:
4 Oct - Estonian Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships 2009 in Tallinn, Estonia
24 Oct - IFBB Nationals I & Belgium Fed Cup 2009 in Brussels, Belgium

Firstly some videos of the contests, there is one short clip (silly one) i put to YouTube, rest of the videos are available for my members, so here is a good opportunity for you who are not members of my site to become a member!! :)

Secondly few clips of my skating skills ;)
Link to one of them you will find also here - YouTube, though 2 more you can see under memeber's site :)

Thirdly you will find under that video section a small clip of my first posing training with Bill.

Hope to make some more videos of my present form :) .. soon :) LOL

Enjoy and my best sunny wishes,
Your Gerbel

Black Berry event in Brussels

Hey friends,

Just a small note and few pictures :) in Coudenberg Museum.

Yesterday was 1 month anniversary of our wedding. Ohh can you imagine ;) ...We didnt really celebrate it but as there was a Black Berry event (advertisement of wonderful Black Berry) then we did celebrated it a bit in very nice way :)
This all event was where the Coudenberg Museum is in Brussels and beside the main thing ... interesting presentation, comedian show and dinner afterwards :) we visited and had a guided tour in the museum. I put also a link above of this museum.
They used beside French and Dutch language also English which helped a lot of course though my Dutch getting also better and better, at least i understood also some of this part ;) lol

Otherwise everything is very good here, still very very happy. I keep training hard and going to school for dutch language course.
Guy already started to speak with me Flemisch, so i better learn it quicker LOL... also i send text messages (with Black Berry of cours…

Last contest pictures and small info about SPORDITÄHT!

Hey all,

Just got some pictures from my last contest in Belgium.
See this LINK

Oh yeah, my birthday present from Guy was also fantastic.
After we left Bill's Gym, we relaxed all afternoon and evening in SPA ('t Minaral). Meaning lots of different saunas, swimming pools, dinner and etc :) Thx Guy, my love. :)

Then i wanted for Estonians to say that.. and i will continue in Estonian ;)

28. nov toimub üks kena üritus Sparta Spordiklubis, kus valitakse Trennitäht. Kahjuks ma ise sinna minna ei saa, aga Eestis elavale seltskonnale on see lähemal ja soovitan soojalt kuna see on ülivõimas motivaator edasisteks treeninguteks :) Lähem info on SIIN. Ootan siis Pärnu rahva... eelkõige Kimberi Klubi liikmete osavõttu!! :)

Enjoy your weekend and God Bless you!!
Your Gerbel :)

4 Nov 1974 born in Pärnu, Estonia ;)

.. and now im in Wilrjik-Antwerpen, Belgium..
.. celebrating my birthday in Bill's Gym ..
.. pictures are made after eating nice chocolate cake :)
.. made for local magazine "the winning team" ;)

Happy Birthday to me ;) LOL

Hello all,

Tomorrow will get 35 years old or better to say young because i still feel like 25 ;)
How i celebrate it? First we go to Bill Richardson gym together with Guy (he took a day off :)) to celebrate it there with all the great people like Bill, Patricia, Kwame, King, Erko and many more in the morning and then the day/evening we go and do something special but that i tell you later :)

So i wish you also a great day and here is small present for you ;)
To see it, CLICK HERE
..... and the picture you see is just made "Chocolate dattels filled with mandel".. lovely, the recipe you find from my newsletter :) only there i tried it with blue cheese in it ;) also good, but who doesnt like blue cheese then almonds are perfect for that sweet snack also :) ...enjoy! :)

Lots of love and happiness to all,
Your Gerbel

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count.
It's the life in your years."
- Abraham Lincoln -

Flemisch language course 1.1 is finished :)


I thought to give you just a small note about the results of my flemisch language exam. It was STANAG 1.1. Ik ben geslaagd. It means i passed and i got 110 points from 120 possible. Not bad, though i could have done better LOL. Need to study more :)

Next course 1.2 starts on 14 Nov and lasts till the end of January, I wish after that i can already use the language more often as i should have then more vocabulary ;) Till now i still use a little sayings and sentences only in my daily bases. Should use it more often but it seems so slow when i start to talk that i loose my patient ;) LOL

So we had a small morning party at school today and some of the pictures :)
On a group photo you will find our teacher, Johan (see the smallest guy in the middle), actually Johan is something 1.90cm tall guy.. LOL
There are 2 pictures where you can see girls in our class .. nice haaa :) ... and there are also a picture of me and Lesley from UK. She was good, she got 118 points from 120.. congratulati…


Hey my friends and fans :)

I did it :) ..and im very happy with my result :).. as well my husband and of course my trainer Bill Richardons and my great friend Patricia who has been such a support and motivator for me ;)))

It was really a great contest in Brussels - IFBB Nationals I & Belgium Federation Cup 2009 - yesterday, 24 Oct, where i got 1st place. In total, we had 3 female competitors in bodybuilding.
Here are some pictures of my medal and trophee (multifunctional) and flowers ;)

Also i put here one picture taken after contest with bodyfitness girls in dressing room.

More pictures and the video (thx to Patricia) will be published soon also :)

It was short info but i hope you loved to hear that :)

Take care and lots of hugs :)


Hello my dear friends,

Now im married woman, Gerbel Mikk-Poortmans. Who still doesnt know, on 17 of October i got married with lovely belgian guy, Guy Poortmans, in Wilrijk-Antwerpen, Belgium. In Estonian magazine "Kroonika" there is an article about us, how we met ;) ..though it is in Estonian. To make the story short ;) ..we met online and we knew that we should be together already before we first met in real life, meeting was just a confirmation of our feelings :) Lovely! :) A hint, soon there will be also wedding picture in Kroonika ;)Now, after 5 month knowing each other, we are married. Seems like a fairy tale.

The wedding was very lovely in one small castle, as simple as it could be. On 17th my day started already 0630am, did my make-up and went to hair dresser. Wedding was at 10.45 am and followed by lunch-dinner reception in near by restaurant "Den Bourgondier" with our witnesses, Guy's parents and relatives. Unfortunatly, my best friend Aire couldnt com…

Estonian Bodybuilding Champion 2009 ;)


Thanks to all my supporters :) ... my dearest Guy, friends, my trainer Bill and my family :)

Here is a news flash in Estonian TV about Estonian championships :) .. yes I won ;)
Even i was alone, it was a great experience again and especially for my next big contest in Belgium :) Sure i will be better form over there ;)
But here is a sports news in Estonian TV. Soon i will put up more pictures as well :)

And here is also an article in Estonian newspaper "SL Õhtuleht"

Link in Kroonika ;)

My best,

Contest is not far anymore....

Hello my dear friends,

I know, i know, i havent updated anything lately in my website, included blog. It is just so busy, all the preparation for upcoming contests taking its time:
3 oct will compete in Tallinn (Read here) and
24 oct there will be a contest in Bruxel (link) ;)

All the trainings with Bill Richardson have been so good that its hard to find better trainer. He is hard but good :) Will give my best on these contests :)

And in between there are planned few nice activities which i will lighten you later on :) its a very busy time here with flemish language studies, training and etc etc :)))))

I love it here and everything is as it should and had to be!! :)

Lots of love to all,
Gerbel :)

Training with a Pro! ..and trip to Vlissingen, Holland

Hello my dear friends,

I had a great weekend. Especially on 22 Aug, Saturday :)

First i had a great chance to do training with a legendary bodybuilder, Bill Richardson (in his gym in Antwerpen)! Bill Richardson is a UK bodybuilder who won the Mr. Universe (amateur) competition in 1980. See some links and pictures of his career.,+Bill

It was amazing experience :) i can tell you! ;)

Then there was a "Muscle Beach"
in Vlissingen, the Netherlands
and afternoon time we enjoyed
the beach with lots of muscular
men and women ;)

Here is one Dutch Pro on the
picture Aimée Molleman,
and she was a big girl .. wow ;) ...
Here are more pictures of the event:

..and FORUM
..and more pictures FORUM2

Its sad i didnt arrived in Vlissingen at 1500hrs, then for sure i…