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Best athlete of the year 2011

Hey hey all :)

Today was finally an IFBB Yearly meeting where they gave out some trophies (best athletes and so forth), spoke about last year results. Also they spoke about future contests and nominated participants, who will represent Belgium in international contests.

And now its clear that i have to work harder then ever because seems i go internationals.. meaning i was nominated to participate in European Women's Championships. I dont have much of information of the contest, just know that its in Croatia and second weekend in May

Cool heee, i have worked so hard to get this opportunity and now its only 3 month to go.. yeah.. preparation, preparation and preparation. I have to get myself more ripped as ever ;) .. and i will be better then ever, im positive about it :)

Always your,
Gerbel :)

PS! Here is one picture made today with my trainer Bill Richardson.

Happy more b-day Lexie

Hey hey,

Now the big party with family and friends is also over and i just put up some pictures from this event and overall January pictures :)

Thank you all family and friends who came or who thought about us on this day, thx for nice presents and a great company. Lexie and us enjoyed the day very much ;)

Oke.. have fun with pictures :) .. click on the picture below to get to gallery!
Gerbel :)

Lexie's 1st birthday

Hello :)

Our Lexie is so big girl, she got 1 year yesterday and we celebrated it in the early morning in gym, the bigger party is still coming with all our family on Sunday. So it is pretty busy weekend ahead :)

She is doing fine, growing and walking pretty good if she wants and there is no shoes on ;)

Here are few pictures taken in the gym.