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Ski Vacation, Val d'Allos, France

Hey my dear friends and fans ;)

Long time no writing, probably you wondered where have i disappeared?! Or no?! ;)

We went with Guy to ski vacation for a week (13-20 Mar) - our 5 month late and promised honeymoon trip. We found a nice (last offer) trip to Val d'Allos (Le Foux), South-France and it was excellent timing as the weather was just perfect. Every day when we skied (6 days on a row) the sun was shining and it was -4 C in up mountains (2500m) and on the ground it kept around 10-20 C. There wasnt much wind and it was just perfect sunny weather to ski and we did, we started around 10am and finished around 4pm in the afternoon. Meanwhile we had about 1 hour lunch break and perhaps few small breaks more but otherwise i would say we skied about 4 hours per day. It was a lot and very tiring and by Friday we were dead, so last 6th day we skied actually about 2 hours and then just enjoyed the sun in one small snack cafe (our favorite) up in mountains.

The living place was 100m away fr…

Video - back exercise


Today had a great back, chest and finally biceps workout.
From one exercise we made a small video ;) .. enjoy :)

Gerbel's One Arm Dumbbell Row
21kg x 10 reps (3 sets)

My best,