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Estonia is calling (28Jul-6Aug)

Hey heiiiiii,

Yes, yes... Estonia is calling :) :) .. i start to get anxious ;) Last time i was in Estonia was in October last year and i had still the baby belly ;) lol

So on Thursday early early morning me and Lexie will leave to Estonia. We get there only 1700 to Pärnu, my home town, where we stay most of the time.
We stay at mam's place, Lexie will meet her granny first time and i have so many friends to visit. Cant wait to see them all :)

So, i get to Pärnu 28 July evening and leave back to Belgium on 6 August early morning. I will not be in Pärnu on 3 August, then we go with Lexie to Tallinn and meet there also some friends :)

For Tallinn people - i will plan to visit some gyms, not for training unfortunately... So i certainly visit Zelluloos and Sparta. Probably Zelloloos in morning time and in Sparta i plan to be between 13-1500hrs.. there is also a nice cafe as i remember and will be there and also in Fitshop :) .. anyhow if you are around then it will be lovely to see you the…

Hard training week :)

Huuh.. tired as hell .. its Friday and again one week is over what has been hard as hell considering trainings. I train every morning Tuesday till Friday at Bill Richardson gym, so 4 days per week. My trainings are usually divided into 2 days: Chest, back, bics, abs are on one day and another day are Legs, delts and trics; and so i do 2 times all my muscle groups through every week. By the end of the week im really tired and need my weekend off. On weekend i usually dont train, just walk a lot.
I will start doing also more cardio after my vacation to Estonia, so on 6 August i come back from Estonia and then continue my normal gym routine + 30 min cardio after every gym training. It will be hard, i already do it sometimes after training but its not a routine yet, so i dont do it as often as want it to do beginning from August.
I hope to do some pictures in gym next week to share my development but here is one back pic and im actually happy how i have done so far :)

Im so happy and lucky t…

Happy 6 month birthday our little Lexie :)

Hey my friends,

Did you know that today it was 6 month ago i gave a birth our little babygirl Lexie ;) Lovely.. Here are few pic what we ate and what we will eat in the evening.. ;)

I made one of my favorite dessert of my childhood called "Mannavaht" :) It was for me also very very long time ago i ate it ;) lol...

... i didnt do any birthday cake, it will be for sure when she gets 1 year :) .. cant wait ;) lol
Anyhow, she is 8kg and already 68cm tall girl.. above the average as doctors are saying ;) lol

Enjoy... :) .. and by the way, in Lexie's gallery, there are new pictures from this, July month... also her gym pictures. She is the youngest member lol. Click on the picture with Bill and it brings you to her gallery ;)

6-19June2011 Vacation in South of France

Hey hey...

That was long time ago i updated things here ;)

Vacation was very good and refreshing though ;)
So we went to South of France, stayed in one camping place just outside in Port Grimaud (St. Pons Les Müres-Grimaud, Camping Domaine Des Naiades). This place had Olympic swimming pool and lots of space what we found really great :)

Even it was holiday, i did some training as i went to run every morning (very early) for at least 30min and after that did some body-weight exercises. When we spend time at the pool then there was some swimming too :)

Then the day started, shower, Lexie's food, breakfast and swimming pool or beach or visited other cities other then Port Grimaud.
We drove around a lot, the coast and also in mountains, so we visited: Gogolin, Saint-Tropez, Sainte-Maxime, Frejus, La Londe les Maures, Cavalaire, Les Issambres, Saint-Rafael, Draguiguan, Cannes, Castellane, Lac de Castellon, Lac de Sainte Croix and Monaco, Monte Carlo.... etc.
Very beautiful veiws and…