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Korter üürile anda

Tere sõbrad tuttavad,

Kuna on kavatsus Belgiasse ära kolida, siis äkki on kellelgi teil või teie tuttavatel soovi ja tahtmist Tallinnas korterit üürida?!

Link maaklerile, sest asi käib läbi tema:

Siin siis põhilised andmed:
Asukoht Majaka tänaval I korrus
42 ruutu, kahetoaline, avatud köödiga
Hea hubane elamine, soojades toonides :)
Kõik, kes on külas käinud tunnevad end väga koduselt ja hubaselt :)
Mööbel, tehnika ja kõik muu vajalik: TV, internet, telefon (Starman), pesumasin, nõudepesumasin jne jääb sisse.
Küsiks 3500kr kuu + maksud
Saadaval alates 14.juuli.
Sobib üksikule või paarile (ilma lasteta perele)

Ehk on kedagi kes on huvitatud?!



Tere Hi there :)

On weekend 20 June we all and team were in Pärnu, had great FitDay event in Rüütli street inside and front of FitShop, and also trainings in Kimber's Club :)

It was a nice event , full of fun, degustations, training, contest (read about results and find a links to pictures of the bench press contest from the news page)

In the evening we had a great grill and sauna and let me thank you all the organisators and participants (small or big, doesnt matter) because it was a lovely event. Ain you are the greatest :D

Regretfully i have to say that this event was my last one.. will be resigned from work and the last day in FitShop will be 10 July. After that going to Belgium. Dont worry, i will not forget you ;) .. i come back as often as i can, need or want. Surely will continue competing and do that for Estonia as long i keep doing it, and i will :) for some time certainly :) I love to sport and all the show what includes it :PPP

Here is a great picture …

Guy in Estonia :)

Hey dear friends,

Wow, meeting with Guy has been perfect.. unfortunately he has to leave tomorrow to Belgium. Oh well he will be back soon and ... then Belgium waiting me ;)

Here some of the pictures we made during his stay in Tallinn and Pärnu :)

So.. i will write soon again .. till then enjoy :)

Here is a lots of love in the air :)))

PS! More pictures you will find HERE!!


Guy and me are perfect couple! ;)

My Dear Friends :)

.. yes, we feel as a perfect couple. :)

Im really so pleased to tell you that Guy is such a great guy and that we plan to continue our lives together :) .. he did a proposal and i said yes :) .. and let me also tell you that we dont wait .. i go to Belgium as soon as possible ;) month ...and go forward together :) I never felt happier in my life. :))))))))
Its wonderful to be beside loving partner, mate, friend, lover, dearest person who is always there for me and i can be there for him. Also, he is a great training partner and coach ;) .. so we really match as we both love to go to gym and so forth :)

Here is a picture what Activist (Annika) made during one sports event (organized by Muscle&Fitness magazine and Sparta Sports Club) on Saturday, 6 June 2009, in Sparta parking lot, Tallinn, Estonia.

We finally found each other!!

Lots of love and success to all,
Your Gerbel

Its for you... dear Guy :)


My heart is filled with a love and joy that …