Monday, June 29, 2015

documentary video about me :)


Enjoy and special thank to Dries that he found me and was interested doing the documentary about bodybuilding and me :) Thank you for everybody else also of course who made it possible.

If you want to read a bit about my biography and see pictures from my childhood, military pictures, sport and family, then go to my website: CLICK HERE

Keep motivated,

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The documentary movie about my life :), yes im the Woman behind the Muscle :)

Little documentary is coming up soon, its just a teaser. Its about my life: childhood, military career, bodybuilding, living in Belgium, family, Lexie, coaching and my coach Bill Richardson.

Thank you Dries :) .. and the soundguy ;) and to everyone who were involved :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

FatBurner and Stick-Grips



They are one of the best training equipment i know. I started to use them about one year ago and i still cant imagine i used gloves before, Stick-Grips are better then gloves, the grip is perfect and it doesnt sweat, smell or anything. They have many color options what makes using pleasant. You just need to try them, train and you find it out on yourself how great they are :)

stick-gripsYour welcome to order them thought me going to my website page: STICK-GRIPS. You choose which size and color you like (Men having a bit bigger size then women obviously). One pair will cost you 20 Eur, no sending costs. If you would like to order several pairs then pick one option, and in comments say which options you would like to have more. In Paypal fix the amount and pay. Make sure your addres is correct! If you have any questions you are welcome to email me:

For Estonians: 
Vahepeal viisin mõned paarid ja tutvustsin Stick-Gripse ka Tallinnas ja Pärnus. Kui suurem huvi, siis saab ka seal edasimüügiga tegeleda, aga eelkõige on nõudlust vaja. :)
Aga hetkel on siiski võimalik läbi minu weebilehe toode tellida ja maksma läheb see ostjale ainult 20 Eur. Neid on kerge kasutada, annavad väga hea haarde, ei kortsu, neid võib pesta, nad ei aja higistama ja kaitsevad peopesa. Mina isiklikult ei pea vajalikuks ära võtta sõrmusid, seega nende kadumisoht langeb päevakorrast välja. Eriti meeldivaks teeb kasutamise ka erinevad värvulahendused, seega soovitan soojalt nagu öeldakse, parim nii tavakasutajale kui ka professionaalile. Kui on küsimusi, küsi julgelt, saada kiri"Parim valik Sinule!" :)
Tellida saad minnes minu kodulehele: STICK-GRIPS.

Yes, its out, the HC PROFESSIONAL 100% SHAPE.

HC-ShapeI was looking the ingredients and i must say its a great product. Read more about it on my website page: HC-SHAPE.
It has really very good ingredients in and if you want to loose fat, get from your workouts the max then i warmly suggest it. Of course the proper diet and training would bring results quicker. Summer is coming and who doesnt want to be in better shape and look good on the beach?! ;)

For Estonians:
Kliki bannerile või siia ja saad rohkem lugeda antud rasvapõletajast ja kust seda Eestis tellida, osta saab. Tegemist on väga hea ja kompaktse sisuga tootega ja kui on soov rasva põletada ja saada oma treeningutest maksimum tulemus, siis ma soovitan kohe kindlasti. Parema ja kiirema tulemuse saavutad loomulikult korraliku toitumise ja treeningutega. Kes ei tahaks suvel hästi välja näha?! ...  :)

Loodan, et ma saan ka Eesti rahvast nende toodetega rõõmustada ja kasulik olla :)

Your always welcome to visit my homepage and you never now whats new :)

Hope you like my post and i can be useful for you all!


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Start of new year

Happy New 2015 Year to everyone :)

I had a great end of year, my mam came to visit for Christmas and New Year and we had all family together first time during Christmas Eve.

We went to Wellness in Sittard and got to train very good :)  .. kept my weight also nicely down till the new year started and then i couldnt stop eating ;) .. ohhh well, some extra will loose soon as i started my diet again, keeping away from sweets mostly as its my weakness ;)

Some photos and video link to roundup the end of year :)