Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas in Ardennes :)

Hey my dear friends :)

In my facebook i have already these pictures out.. notised that i should perhaps put some of them also here ;) and with little text :)

On 25 Dec, free day, no work, so we thought that why not to drive to Ardennes (little info in wikipedia). All Belgium was and still is under snow, what is not so common and as i come from Estonia, where the snow in winter is really very normal then i enjoyed it fully. Guy enjoyed it too, of course :) .. If here in Antwerpen the temperature was -3 C then in Ardennes there was -11C .. nice difference, ...and it is just 1 and half hour or 2 hours driving distance.

We went to the highest point in Belgium, the Signaal van Botrange, 694m, (info about it in wikipedia). Its a first picture here and behind me you can see stairs to make the highest point 700m ;) Cool he ;)
On a way we did few nature pictures and also at the waterfalls :)

What i find funny, i looked up the last winter pictures. I knew that we went also then to Ardennes and guess what?! It was the same day, 25 Dec 2009, we went to Ardennes, but then it was much less snow, and you could find snow only in Ardennes area :) What a coincidence ;)

We came back to Antwerpen thought Germany and Holland, yeah.. the borders over there arent so far away ;) was fun.. :) .. and when we got home around 9pm then our cat didnt talked to us that evening as he had to be at home all day alone .. LOL ;) ...poor cat ;) lol... in "cat page" there are also few new pictures :)

The baby ;)
.. how she is doing?! She is fine i guess ;) .. will have the doctor visit tomorrow.
She still keeps kicking, even she doesnt have room for that ;)
The baby should be by now ~2,600g and i have few more weeks to go. I wish she comes out sooner, i mean "now" ;) lol

Oke.. enjoy the pictures if you havent seen them already and till my next blog :)

Kisses for upcoming New Year's celebrations, enjoy it fully with your friends and family :)

Gerbel :) x

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

35 weeks - few pictures ;)

Hey hey,

I made before Christmas some pictures of my belly ;) ... Who have the access to my website members pages, they can see even more of them ;) under naughty pictures ;)

Hope you like my belly, its not for long anymore..... few more weeks to go ;)

Kisses and hugs and enjoy the end of the year,

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December Newsletter

Hey hey,

Hope everybody, who had to and are in my friends list, received my December month Newsletter nr 24. If not then click on following banner:

Lately i have had trouble with my website, hackers.. and also little problems with my mailbox..
So, i apologize if the website hasnt worked as well as it should.
But otherwise mails are working, so feel free to use :)

Enjoy the newsletter and lots of lovely Christmas and New Year wishes to you and all your loved ones!!

Gerbel :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Music For Life: Leer Nederlands!

Hey hey :)

Just wanted to share with you one song "Music For Life: Leer Nederlands! ".
Here in Antwerpen will be charity event and our school (SCVO Sité Antwerpen) will also participate and collect money for orphans who lost their parents through AIDS. And for that there is one nice song what we will sing on the streets on 23 December afternoon :)

Anyhow here is shortly what, who and where:
Radio station Studio Brussels Music For Life organises it in cooperation with Red Cross.
It will be in Groenplaats, Antwerpen from 18 till 24 December 2010.
This is a 7 days radiomarathon sent out from glass house what they setting up on the Groenplaats.

Info in Dutch:
Voor de vijfde keer organiseert Studio Brussel Music For Life: een 7 dagen durende radiomarathon vanuit Het Glazen Huis, dat in 2010 op de Groenplaats in Antwerpen staat van 18 tot en met 24 december.
Music for Life wil dit jaar het lot van weeskinderen die hun ouders hebben verloren aan aids in de kijker zetten en geld inzamelen voor de wereldwijde projecten van het Rode Kruis, waar er dagelijks wordt gestreden om het leven van kwetsbare weeskinderen te verbeteren.

SCVO Sité Antwerpen zet zich samen met de andere Centra voor Volwassenenonderwijs van Antwerpen in voor Music For Life. Kathleen De Laet, docente NT2, maakte dit nummertje om de actie te ondersteunen.

Enjoy the song :)

Greetings to all,

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

34 week - a bit more :)

Hey hey :)

Just a quick blog before i go to bed :)

Baby is fine, already 2kg and every week gains 150-200g... incredible .. :)
I go to doctor once a week and this week even twice.

The cat is also funny, sometimes loves to clime to my belly and stay there.. of course when Guy tryed to make picture then he runs away .. so i had to keep him on place for a second to make this picture here ;) lol

Still going to school, working and doing things at home. Dont do training as i used to. Just easy little exercises and prenatal training. Eating.. healthy i guess.. veggies, meats, milk products, carbs. And the weight stays on 71kg presently. Good! :) Only thing that our scale stopped working and i cant live without it. So this weekend we have to go to shop to find a new one :)

Anyhow, December month is almost in the middle and soon there will be Christmas. Before that i certainly send out this year's last newsletter.

Oke.. enjoy the month and keep away from candies and cookies ;) lol
...though treat yourself sometimes :)

Gerbel :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

31 weeks pregnancy

Hey my dear friends,

I thought to write few lines how it is going with my pregnancy ;) ... im full 31 weeks now :)
It goes well, lately though it is getting harder, the belly is big, so its all the time on my way, hard to put shoes or socks on. The babygirl loves to kick, turn and what else inside me and it makes me sometimes feel even dizzy. Ohh, what i am complaining, actually i love the moving and kicking feeling. :)

My weight is still 71kg, already long time, few month, it keeps to be the same.. dont know if its good and that is one question to my doctor tomorrow as i have a visit then. Till last visit baby growth was good, so i hope everything is also good now :) But I have lots of questions to doctor by now, had to even write them down that i dont forget them. :)

Otherwise i still do everythings i am used to do: study, work, training, housekeeping, taking care of my sweet husband, also more sweeter future baby and etc... and of course our cat, who is living with us already 1 month now. Life is flying very quickly. I remember very clearly the baby news in mid June, how shocked i and Guy was.

I put here also one picture for you and for dear members there more in my pictures gallery how the belly is looking now ;)

Oke.. its Sunday and should do little walk i guess or something... so i leave now.

Enjoy also rest of your weekend ;)
xx Gerbel

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New flemish language course

Hey hey all,

Time flys so quickly and i havent had time to write or anything. I do it now :)

Meanwhile i have done my 2.3 level Flemish language exams and as i got 99 point from possible 120 then i was able to jump to next level, the 2.4, the last level for 2nd level. Happy and more happy!!

Then... i still keep working, giving trainings and also do my own workouts... not as much as i used to but as i feel good then i try to continue as long as i can. Though sometimes im so tired from long day that i fall in sleep at 2200hrs and wake up only at 8am :) Lovely isnt it?! ;)
And this belly, its all the time on my way ;) .. though i love the feeling, the belly, the kicking and etc etc that this little girl is inside me. Never thought i would so much to enjoy it :)

The pictures with Guy are made during IFBB Nationals I & Belgian Fed Cup 2010, on 31 Oct 2010 and these are made by Eric (EFIT). Thank you Eric :)
LOL... couldnt be without posing there ;) lol. I speak about that event in my first blog of this month. More pictures of this serial are under other activities gallery.

Oke.. i hope to make more pictures this weekend to show my growing belly to you. ;))

What makes me happy that i havent took so much weight, im 71kg now and im on my 30 weeks of pregnancy. Let me remind you that in June my contest weight was 63kg. I was then 6 weeks pregnant already and i didnt know about my pregnancy and why my body worked so much against getting dry and so forth. But it was for a good reason :)

I let you go now and get back to you soon :)
Meanwhile enjoy everything you do and stay positive :)

xx Gerbel

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Birthday :)

Hey hey..

Thank you for so many nice wishes through Facebook and email, its awesome how many :) xxx
You are for sure in my mind :) .. thanks again :) and i wish you a lovely day toooooooooo :))) xx

My lovely husband did also heart breaking birthday present for me and our lovely babygirl :).. see the picture and the little bathrobe .. its so sweet :).. now mom and daughter have the same bathrobe :)
Thank you Guy.. Ik hou van jou!!! xx

Lots of love to all,
Your Gerbel :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

IFBB Nationals I & Belgian Fed Cup 2010

Hey hey,

Yesterday we went to Beringen, Belgium to watch and support our competitors in IFBB Nationals I & Belgian Fed Cup 2010. The event was nice, i so much missed being on stage but it was also nice to walk around with my babybelly ... many people didnt know the reason why i dont compete ;) lol .. now they, at least who were there, know ;)

Anyhow, congratulations to all winners and special congrats to our gym (B+C Gym Borgerhout) winners Ermin Junuzovic (Erko) - winner in Junior Bodybuilding and King O-lzogie - winner in Mens Bodybuilding.

Also one our favorite was and is Danie Tjong Ayong - Miss Bikini winner from Holland. Of course we had to do some pictures with her :) .. i look like a elefant ;) LOL

Click HERE-my activities and see some pictures and results. Hope to include more pictures soon :)

There were also few nice photographers who i well know - Dirk De Vos DVSNAPS.COM and Eric (EFIT). So there will be soon more pictures :)

Take care and enjoy the new November month :)
Always your Gerbel :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stafke :) - Our new family member :)

Hey hey,

Last week after we got back from Estonia we finally adompted a cat. He is 5 years old and the name is Stafke (we call him also Saffje and Staff) lol.. Now its one week he has been with us and seems to be happy here.. yesterday started even to play :) .. also he loves to be near and be touched and attention :) .. so he feels himself really at home :)
So, anyhow here are few pictures of our new family member.

Also i made few more pictures of the babygirl.. if you are a member then have a look to my pictures and also naughty ones ;) LOL

Gerbel :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Visit to Estonia 13-19 Oct 2010

Hey all :)

My visit to Estonia was great.. even it was short, i got to visit almost everyone i planned. So, it was a great trip. Got also to see the first show there, what was really lovely :)

I put up some pictures here :) .. and also some selection of the pictures in my my website activities gallery :) ... (my dear friends, i have actually more pictures and if you want all where you are on and also in original size then let me know...oke!)

Anyhow, the trip was lovely and i thank all my friends that they took some time for the meetings and nice wishes, words and so forth :)

It was great to see you again after so long time.

I wish you all great upcoming week :)

Gerbel :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Trip to Estonia: plans/agenda

Hey hey,

This morning i sent out my new October month NEWSLETTER, it came out quite long ;) lol
Mostly i talk there about my trip to Estonia and the baby ;) LOL

Anyhow there are 2 main reasons why i go to Estonia:
1) to see my parents and my dear friends in Pärnu and Tallinn;
2) to visit and watch
on 16 October the Estonian Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships in Salme Cultural Center (Salme street 12, Tallinn) Tallinn, Estonia. Usually i take part and compete on that contest ;) ... the official information about the contest find from site.

Anyhow, if you are interested to know what the plans are then read my newsletter :)

My best,
Gerbel :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

6 month pregnancy (pix & videos)

Hey all :)

Im very fine.. feeling good, sometimes tired but its normal i guess. Baby is growing and kicking greatly, she also wakes me up during night around 4am ;) lol.. though i love the feeling :)

Training goes also as good as it can, get to gym 2-3 times per week and do lots of walking. As the little gym where i work is 1 hour walking distance then if the weather allows i always go there by foot :)
I put up few pictures of that sweet little gym to my website (training gallery) and for members there are some nice videos to see, so go to video page :)
As you see its very simple little basic gym (health center) and most of my clients are for rehab or they have some other problems (back, knees, etc.... so, we have everything we need there to get the body and heath better). :)

Anyhow enjoy the video and also your weekend,
Best wishes,

PS! To see one of the videos, click on the picture :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

23 weeks - baby belly gets bigger ;)

Hey hey,

Well, here i am... baby belly is growing, baby is healthy and kicking... and i feel really good :) Upcoming week will go to doctor visit again and see again how much the baby has grown ;)
Who is my website member then he/she can see also in my pictures gallery more pictures from this pics series and also how my baby looks and waves :)

The weekend was great. Today i spend time at home, cleaned and did all kind of work in house but yesterday i had lovely evening with my great American friend Maxine and her friends. It was actually Flemish dinner, meaning all evening we spoke and practiced our dutch/vlaams language. Most of the participants were originally from abroad who now live here and learning this language :) .. we had really lots of nationalities and for a while the noise in the Maxine's flat sounded like we were in some night bar.

I met so nice and interesting people and got great new friends :) Lovely, thank you Maxine.
Thanks for inviting and thanks for such an effort doing and managing all of it. I really look forward to the next Flemish dinner during Christmas time or whenever, earlier, later then that. :)) And thank you all who made the evening such a success!! :)

I guess the last double biceps picture is really funny with the belly.. isnt it!? So i had to put it up here LOL

Hope you had the same great weekend and i will soon let you know how everything goes and is :)

Till then,
My best to all,
Gerbel ;)

PS! The last survivors at Flemish dinner ;)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Last weekends activites :)

Hey hey...

Just thought to write few lines and put up some pictures :)

Found some cute pictures from last weekend. As the weather was wonderful then we went to walk to the park in Antwerpen.... we have gone there more then once before but as the park is kinda spreaded then to that part we went first time and i was surprised that it was like a zoo ;)


And here are two more nice pictures.. one is at Guy's sisters place, yeah..... acturally i dont know how to play piano but for the pic it doesnt look bad LOL

...and the last one is taken in Holland at Delta Works. I visited the place in 1999 when i was studying in Holland for 3 month.. so it brought some nice memories ;) LOL

Now its also almost weekend and what will happen this weekend .. dont know yet.. should do some shopping though ;) lol

xx and enjoy also your the weekend,
Gerbel :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

First Baby kicks ;)

Hey hey,

The Baby is 20 weeks and 5 days old today :) and i feel continually good. The weight is quite normal, is nicely stable but its already 69kg ;) lol
The baby is about 26cm (10.5 inches) in length and weight should be about 300grams (10.5 ounces). Seams like a small babytoy ;) lol

Last few days, before falling in sleep, i have felt some kicks in my belly, at least it seemed so, but last night and this morning i was sure that it is a baby ;) .. wow.. what a nice feeling :))
These kicks though were very small and weak ones. Seamed like the baby is turning a somersault (kukerpallitama - in estonian). It was fun! :))

On Monday will have a doctor visit again, so after that can say more how the baby is ;) till then enjoy little pic from this morning ;) .. bit naughty one but hopefully you like it LOL... ;P

Gerbel :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Terug naar school ;)

Hey hey,

Yeah, back to school (terug naar school - in dutch). Today i had my first dutch lesson with the new class, new teacher and classmates from various countries :) .. Let me confess that few days ago i didnt look so much forward to it but after today's lesson i think i really will enjoy it :)

Other then school...
I keep going to gym and working out. I take a bit easy with the training though due to my pregnancy, i get to gym up to 3 times per week and then try to walk a lot.
Im not so strict with my diet either, sometimes allow pancakes or pizza what are presently my favorite cheat meals. Its strange how pregnancy has changed my appetite.. some changes of course are not so good for my sport as i dont enjoy or dont like to eat eggs and chicken and nuts. So, instead of morning eggs i eat now dark bread with cheese, which is not so bad but .... you know what i mean ;)
Good is, of course, that i dont long for ice cream and chocolate and other sweeties or candies... and i prefer apples, pears and plums :) Seems i could eat tons of them LOL... Good hee?! ;)

The baby, grows and is now 4 and half month, so its half way to go and everythings is fine, i feel good, but i get tired quickly... so i try to take sometimes (doesnt happen so often though) a little afternoon nap ;) .. i put here also recent, today made, picture of me.. getting bigger ;) lol

Oke.. i hope to write again some day .. till then :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Baby news :)

Hey hey... ;)

I sent out my newsletter today, after so long time. Hope you enjoy the news?! :)

Here is the NEWSLETTER Nr 22


pregnancy calendar

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trip to Luxembourg

Hey hey..

I dont have lots of pictures of the last weekend trip but it was real nature trip. We went to Luxembourg to spend nice spa and nature weekend what we got from Guy's uncle for our wedding. :) Yes, only now we used the bongo card :) LOL

On the way we saw Frahan, the smallest village in the Belgium (see picture on side) and then visited Bouillon area which is lots of nature.. :) .. very lovable place for nature lovers :)

By the way, i have driven through Luxembourg before but i never went really downtown and wow.. its very sweet little city with lots of old buildings and yeah.. what i tell.. you have to see it with your own eyes, its really lovely city.

The trip was great but the weather wasnt in our side this time. It was raining most of the time and therefore we didnt walked around so much as we had planned ;) oh well.. it was nice anyhow :) lol

Here is one more pic of other little city, Clervaux, where we stayed :) and enjoyed the SPA as it was raining all day ;) lol

Best wishes to all and soon there will be also a newsletter with big news ;) lol

x :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Skating in Holland

Dear all,

The weekend was great, got to do some inline skating, who has member access, there are few pictures and also video clip :)) .. it was a great small cardio :) On weekends Guy loves to go to surfing and as im not so good at it then i prefer skating instead :)) LOL

Otherwise life is nice as always, the weather is not so hot here as in Estonia but the sun is shining and its warm enough to walk outside in short sleeves.
I keep training, only wish i could go by bike to gym (by bike its 30 min to Bill's gym) and to have extra cardio but its not possible, always get headache in the evening when i have gone to gym by bike. So i keep using tram for that. Oh well, the overall strength training is good anyhow :)

The weeks are passing so quick lately and September month isnt far and the dutch language school also... but as time is passing, then the October month is really near by, i already booked tickets to Estonia. :)
Just for your information, that i will be in Estonia from 11 till 19 October. Is that cool!! :)
Cant wait to meet all my friends there :)

Oke.. i let you go, and enjoy there,

PS! The bird picture.. i dont know what was wrong with that bird but he hold the leg up as he was trying to copy me and my skating ;) LOL

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Renewed Website :)

Hey hey all,

Last week I was busy with my website, renewed it a bit.. used more fancy colors ;)
Hope you like it more then the old one?!
The biggest changes are colors and that i took away Estonian language pages. As most Estonians anyhow read and understand English then i thought that i will make things a bit easier for myself, meaning save time and hopefully can do more updating from now on :)

So enjoy and i hope to send out soon also my version of newsletter :)

With love,

Friday, July 23, 2010

End of July

Hey my friends,

I know, i havent written for a while but there is not so much to tell. Life is still great actually, too good to be true ;) ... still keep training and do all the necessary daily activities i did till now. Nothing changed.

Let me also tell that i will send out my next newsletter (who have done subscription for that in my website) only in August. Hope i have some interesting things to tell then ;) lol

Meanwhile we have enjoyed and continue enjoying our summer in Belgium. I put few nice pictures here :) the first one is when we went to see car racing on Zolder Circuit (
Next nice 24 hours racing is in August and at the moment we plan to go to watch that too ;).. here is a LINK about this race.

The other picture below is made in one view tower (Sas4-Toren) in Dessel :) .. there was a pancakes boat (pannenkoeken boot) and i had such a desire to go there and eat pancakes but we didnt... damn ;) You see the boat just between our heads ;) lol

Then we keep going to some summer activities (here are lots of festivals to go, cant even follow sometimes) and keeping training, going to surfing. Lately my surfing means that Guy is surfing and i do some inline skating in that area as these places in Holland, where we go to surfing, have a great bicycle roads, also good for skating :) So, we enjoy the summer fully, especially during weekend, then we dont stay at home LOL

Its always so hot.... ;).. and i know that in Estonia is even hotter.. i would send some rain ;) lol .. just this morning we had a great rain.. lol

Oke, i will keep myself busy.. go to gym for instance ;)

Take care and enjoy everything you do :)
Always yours Gerbel