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FatBurner and Stick-Grips



They are one of the best training equipment i know. I started to use them about one year ago and i still cant imagine i used gloves before, Stick-Grips are better then gloves, the grip is perfect and it doesnt sweat, smell or anything. They have many color options what makes using pleasant. You just need to try them, train and you find it out on yourself how great they are :)

Your welcome to order them thought me going to my website page: STICK-GRIPS. You choose which size and color you like (Men having a bit bigger size then women obviously). One pair will cost you 20 Eur, no sending costs. If you would like to order several pairs then pick one option, and in comments say which options you would like to have more. In Paypal fix the amount and pay. Make sure your addres is correct! If you have any questions you are welcome to email me:

For Estonians:
Vahepeal viisin mõned paarid ja tutvustsin Stick-Gripse ka Tallinnas ja Pärnus. Kui suurem hu…