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Training with a Pro! ..and trip to Vlissingen, Holland

Hello my dear friends,

I had a great weekend. Especially on 22 Aug, Saturday :)

First i had a great chance to do training with a legendary bodybuilder, Bill Richardson (in his gym in Antwerpen)! Bill Richardson is a UK bodybuilder who won the Mr. Universe (amateur) competition in 1980. See some links and pictures of his career.,+Bill

It was amazing experience :) i can tell you! ;)

Then there was a "Muscle Beach"
in Vlissingen, the Netherlands
and afternoon time we enjoyed
the beach with lots of muscular
men and women ;)

Here is one Dutch Pro on the
picture Aimée Molleman,
and she was a big girl .. wow ;) ...
Here are more pictures of the event:

..and FORUM
..and more pictures FORUM2

Its sad i didnt arrived in Vlissingen at 1500hrs, then for sure i…

Trip to Amsterdam ;)

Hello everyone,

Let me tell you that i am very fine in Belgium and everything goes nicely and smoothly here :)
Finally got a second hand mountain bike and can do some biking in the morning or weekend, as this Sunday we went with Guy just for small tour with bikes :) .. and also took several ferries to drive through the rivers :) .. its was cool. :)

Also, we went to Amsterdam just for fun this Saturday and here are few pics ;) .. we did also small video ;) lol.. cos its crazy how people reacting seeing me :) .. they just keep looking and some guys even forget to close their mouth ;) lol ...but as i dont know how to turn the video right then you need to turn your head or your pc :P lol

Ok.. i keep doing things here ... its nice weather as always here btw :))
.. and you, enjoy your week also ..

My best wishes to you all,

PS! I updated a links site in my website, just have a look :)

Here are few more pictures.. this man with a dog as a horse was great .. the man was my hight ;)

Some resent pictures

Hello from Antwerp,

I sent out newsletter but still havent talked much about my doings here :) So i will put up some pictures and to try to talk a bit .... :)

The weather till now has been really warm, sunny, even hot.. too hot but i love it :) so, we have driven around quite a bit, to seaside: Knokke and from there till Oostende. Beach is as beach is, though when we went there in the end of July then it was windy.

Then of course we have been in Brussels, went to Atomium, saw Mini-Europe from above, we didnt go inside, saw of course many nice other buildings and places there.

Then we saw lots of balloons, everywhere where we went (Olen, at the lake) there was some kind of event, festival and seems its obligatory for them to fly away with balloons and give nice show to people :) Unfortunately i dont have any pictures of the balloons.

We lost ourselves to nature...

... and then there was a formula 1 boats contest in Antwerpen ...

With this nice weather its necessary to go to beach, lake, take …