Saturday, August 23, 2008

Survival course

Hello dear Friends,

Im sorry i havent been so active lately. Its a real survival course now.. i try to manage with my work, training and diet, also keep my thoughts away from loneliness. I have been pretty frustrated lately... the reason i can say in one word "Bill" who hasnt gave any life signs since beginning of August and it makes me very very worried. I hope he is healthy an well though.

About my preparation ... from now on i start to concentrate more on posing and body composition/walking/being on stage. Still trying to find proper music to my 1 min free routine and find my good features and poses i could use there.

On 3rd of September there will be an inspection of form for competitors who want to compete in Women's World Championships in Hope i will fit into the requirements and can go to Spain :) .. i do my best!

Oh well.. So i have been feeling down lately and it follows me till i get some clearness in my life i suppose. Yes, God gives exactly what you really need/deserve and a bit less!

Today i made some pictures of my form... members of my site can see them...

Oke..its 2300hrs and should get to sleep, if i find any, i havent slept well lately.. though i have to be positive whatever happens :) I HOPE!

Take care and have still a nice weekend,

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My weekend :)

My weekend was great.

On Friday, i felt a bit down and i felt i needed some praying to stand up again, so i went to church in the evening. There was a small, very small, child who was baptized and it reminded my very nice experience when i was baptized. Yeah, it wasnt very long time ago - 7 April 2007 in Cathedral of the Apostles Peter and Paul in Tallinn (Vene street 18) by bishop Philippe Jourdan :) I still go to this church every Sunday, sometimes even more often and ... yeah.. now i got smile to my face and i feel happy inside.. great feeling.

...anyway... On Saturday, there was a small informal togethering with my primary school classmates in Pärnu. Eva, who got us together picked a Theater Cafe in downtown, which was a great cafe and a good choice. We got together quite a many girls. Yes, girls only ;)
Two of them are living in abroad permanently. Birgit is married with an American, they have a very lovely babygirl, though not so baby anymore :) and Liivika is in Italy and married with Italian. I was surprise by hearing that there was 3 of us who didnt have kids yet. Evely was pregnant and will get a small babyboy very very soon, so i didnt count her anymore. I havent seen for ages Kristi, it was awesome to see her. Jaana was a last who came, just before i left actually and it was very nice she made it and i could see her as well. We spoke how everybody are and what they do and so on and also about these classmates who wasnt there last night. Also we remembered some of our teachers :)
Let me say also that everyone was looking really lovely and good and shined perfectly. Im sorry i had to leave so early, though i needed to drive back to Tallinn and my eating time got closer and when i get hungry than is too late to eat as you very well know ;) .. so .. ma väga vabandan, et lahkusin teie meeldivast seltskonnast nii kiirelt, aga loodetavalt annate mulle andeks mu kallid klassiõed :) .. ja igatahes soovin teile kõigile palju palju edu ja kordaminekuid. :) Kindlasti näeme veel :))
We made a small picture also together, so if Liivika or Evely would send me picture than i could put it up here as well. Palun saatke mulle see pilt :) Tänud ;)

Today, Sunday, i went to church and i prayed for my classmates as well what i usually havent done yet .. at least i havent thought it that way. I think it was really refreshing to see them again :) So.. the church was, as always, very lovely and nice and relaxing in certain way :) I did some walking afterwards and had small sauna in my gym as during a week i dont take it because after training im so exhausted that im not able to. Today was a free day from trainings and mostly what i do on Sundays is that i go to church, sauna, solarium (not always) and grocery to buy food for the upcoming week and than prepare food for the week (lunches and some snacks and so on). Now its evening already and i made something interesting for next week - beef filet filled with carrots and for side i did brown rice, though it can be eaten also like a snack. Next week's recipe i publish will be this one :)

Oke.. i have to do some work for, so i will finish here with my blog for today and tomorrow my day starts with morning meeting in Fitness office at 1000hrs. Then, go to gym and lets see how the evening looks like.

Anyway, i hope you had a great weekend as well and let me wish you a lovely upcoming week.

My very best wishes,
Your Gerbel

The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower. -- Psalm 18:2

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Present week and a movie "Bonsuna"

Hello dear friends,

Im at shop and thought i should write something .. though i dont know what you would like to hear ;) Next time ask me oke :)

Yesterday evening they did small reportage about a movie "Bonsuna" in TV Kanal 2 "Suvereporter". Marek Kalmus (who is a main actor) gave a short interview about the movie and they showed small shoots from it as well where i was seen with blond hair also ;) .. yes i have blond hair there. ;)) lol..i know it doesnt suit me at all. :PPP
So, the short story and links you will find in
But i will include here some links also to make it easier for you: Reporter , SL Õhtuleht, Kroonika, Postimees (all are in Estonian though).

Last three days (including today) i have been working in Fitness shop and from tomorrow i will just concentrate on myself and my workouts. Today after work i have just cardio in the evening and tomorrow will continue with my weekly strength training - chest and biceps, and legs on Friday.

On Saturday there will be an interesting togethering with old (primary and secondary school) classmates in Pärnu. Its not anything official, just some girls who living now in abroad are in Estonia for the visit and we thought it would be great to see each other again. Yes, i have quite a many school- and classmates who are living now in abroad, having families there and so forth. Yeah, the same future waiting also me when i finally will move together with Bill to United States. I must admit i cant wait .. i so much longing for him and want to be with him already.. its hard to be here alone. God Bless these people who we love! :)

Next week i will have my car maintenance and i will have to walk one or two days, im sure it is very beneficial for me ;) ..dont you think?! :)

Okey, i will stop here and do something constructive now :)

Have a nice week and take care,