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Survival course

Hello dear Friends,
Im sorry i havent been so active lately. Its a real survival course now.. i try to manage with my work, training and diet, also keep my thoughts away from loneliness. I have been pretty frustrated lately... the reason i can say in one word "Bill" who hasnt gave any life signs since beginning of August and it makes me very very worried. I hope he is healthy an well though.
About my preparation ... from now on i start to concentrate more on posing and body composition/walking/being on stage. Still trying to find proper music to my 1 min free routine and find my good features and poses i could use there.
On 3rd of September there will be an inspection of form for competitors who want to compete in Women's World Championships in Hope i will fit into the requirements and can go to Spain :) .. i do my best!
Oh well.. So i have been feeling down lately and it follows me till i get some clearness in my life i suppose. Yes, God gives exactly what you r…

My weekend :)

My weekend was great.

On Friday, i felt a bit down and i felt i needed some praying to stand up again, so i went to church in the evening. There was a small, very small, child who was baptized and it reminded my very nice experience when i was baptized. Yeah, it wasnt very long time ago - 7 April 2007 in Cathedral of the Apostles Peter and Paul in Tallinn (Vene street 18) bybishop Philippe Jourdan :) I still go to this church every Sunday, sometimes even more often and ... yeah.. now i got smile to my face and i feel happy inside.. great feeling.

...anyway... On Saturday, there was a small informal togethering with my primary school classmates in Pärnu. Eva, who got us together picked a Theater Cafe in downtown, which was a great cafe and a good choice. We got together quite a many girls. Yes, girls only ;)
Two of them are living in abroad permanently. Birgit is married with an American, they have a very lovely babygirl, though not so baby anymore :) and Liivika is in Italy and married…

Present week and a movie "Bonsuna"

Hello dear friends,

Im at shop and thought i should write something .. though i dont know what you would like to hear ;) Next time ask me oke :)

Yesterday evening they did small reportage about a movie "Bonsuna" in TV Kanal 2 "Suvereporter". Marek Kalmus (who is a main actor) gave a short interview about the movie and they showed small shoots from it as well where i was seen with blond hair also ;) .. yes i have blond hair there. ;)) lol..i know it doesnt suit me at all. :PPP
So, the short story and links you will find in
But i will include here some links also to make it easier for you: Reporter , SL Õhtuleht, Kroonika, Postimees (all are in Estonian though).

Last three days (including today) i have been working in Fitness shop and from tomorrow i will just concentrate on myself and my workouts. Today after work i have just cardio in the evening and tomorrow will continue with my weekly strength training - chest and biceps, and legs on Friday.

On …