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Photoshoot: SEXY FLEX

Hey my dear friends and fans,
Some Video-shoot pictures for you to enjoy.
Full HD video are available in:
...just you need to be member for that ;)
Your Gerbel :) xx

Holiday blog - Italy & Mediterranean Sea

Hello everyone,
Thought To right you a bit About My holiday, what is not over yet, lasts 3 weeks in Italy :) And In Mediterranean Sea :) Its our last week all togerher with family And we presently are place named Bezzecca. 
Anyhow, first Day of our vacation we drove by car over 1000 km, straight To Italy And had 2 nights in one camping area .. Where we could relax And swim And rest a bit.
Then of course we had To continue our trip To Civitavecchia, where we had to get on The MSC Splendida cruiser Ship. Yes, wonderful, unbelievably crazy Ship what sailed thought few harbours in Mediterranean Sea :) .. During this one week trip we visited the following places: Genua, Italy; Marseille, France; Barcelona, Spain; Valencia, Spain; one Day on The sea and last stop was La Goulette, Tunesia.  Out of The Ship we went only in Barcelona, took a ticket on toerist bus And saw quickly most important places there ;)
The Ship was really incredible, all The food and drinks were great, And swimming pools…