Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Silence, present and plans for future

Hey guys,
Yes, silence.... sorry about it... i thought i have to inform you how im doing and what is in my mind..
Im fine...:)
I keep training, eating clean, but i made a decision that i dont compete this year anymore, had too much in my mind and couldnt get myself ready for doing contest. So, i wish all who competing a great preparation and a lot of success:)
As you all know i dont really bulk, so to say, i hate to be too heavy.... i like to keep lean kinda, not ripped contest lean but healthy lean. So, I enjoy some cheat meals in times but im still as always on diet :)
I enjoy gym, working out in the park, do home training and it means 50% of my trainings are body weight or light weight trainings. I really enjoy it presently and i guess thats the most important to enjoy what and how you do it :)

My little daughter, 5yo Lexie, enjoyed the athletic club and she loves it... great start of the real physical activity for her :) ..  so, i take lot of time for her now, as much as i can after her school and we are doing in and outside things together.

Anyhow, i keep you posted, usually through Facebook by uploading some pics or videos... always nice to read your comments and likes ;)
Take a good care all and be the force with you!!
Gerbel :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

FIBO 2016 and prep for WBBF Universe 2016

Hello my dear friends,

I know, it has been ages me blogging. Time just flys ;) no excuses.

Fibo this year was as always great, met nice people, had nice photo and videoshoots and of course i had a good time :)
Some pics from Fibo 2016

And now i get ready for WBBF UNIVERSE 2016 in Maastrich, Holland, contest, what is already this weekend on Saturday.
After that actually i have alraedy planned to go to Lithuania to compete on 14 May 2016 WFF-WBBF "AMBER PRIX INTERNATIONAL" in Kretinga.
Busy last months ;) but thats oke.. i love my present shape and i will give my best.

Wish me luck!

So soon will be new pictures, contest pictures and i hope to update my website (www.gerbelmikk.com) also soon :) Keep you posted :) 

Best wishes to all,
Always yours,
Gerbel xx