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In Belgium and some pictures about the trip here.

Hello from sunny Belgium,

Im in Belgium already half a month and still have some things i have to do, time flies so quickly that to find time to update things in my website and write blog is so difficult. Anyhow im very happy and finally i got to manage some pictures i can put up for you to see how we traveled with Guy from Tallinn-Helsinki and then from Helsinki to Rostock and tell about this 6 hours trip with my car (little Peugeot 206) to Antwerpen ;)

Gallery you find HERE :)

Tallinn-Helsinki ship was nice, Baltic Queen, nice entertainment on the ship and this almost 4 hours trip went very nicely, nice weather as well, so it made the trip easy, most time sat on deck on the sun :)

But then we went to Helsinki-Rostock ship, Super Fast VIII and it was a challenge because there wasnt anything special, no entertainment to kill some time, so we killed time to surf online and just walking around on the deck, laying on the sun there and read a book and so on and so on ;) .. at least we were to…

Happily in Belgium :)

My dear friends,

Im so happily in Belgium and im fine.. so i will let you more about all the stuff know in the near future.. till now i have done some unpacking and just get myself used to things here and get my stuff how i am used to :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and upcoming week :)
Lots of love also to you!! :)
Your Gerbel

On my way to Belgium

Hey my dear friends :)

We are on Helsinki - Rostock ship with Guy now, spent here already a night and half a day or evening is still to go, so we get to Rostock at midnight from where we drive to Antwerpen, about 700km.

Till now the trip has been very smooth, though the Tallinn - Helsinki ferry Baltic Princess was much nicer then this Superfast VIII ship.

I will include pictures about the trip later on.

This trip is like honeymoon trip before marriage ;) .. so cool :)))

Ok.. i will settle myself down in Belgium soon, very soon and then let you know more about things and how i do and what i will do and so on.. i mean about work and stuff :) ...till then please be patient and dont worry i will not forget you :)

Guy sends also a lots of regards to all he met during his trip to Tallinn, Pärnu and Tartu :)

Best wishes and God Bless!

Last working days in / :)

Tere, hello my dear friends :)

Almost finished, there are few more days where im working for, i mean in FitShop and now finally, Sparta FitShop got also a new desk.. one pic is here and others see this LINK

Today im working in Sparta FitShop (Pärnu mnt 139c, Tallinn) almost last time, meaning my last day will be on Monday in Sparta.
Next week on Thursday and Friday its possible to see me in Robocop FitShop (Telliskivi 51, Tallinn), and then im done ;) Its sad to leave but im happy cos the reason is happy :))
Anyhow come over, offering candies and cookies ;) which i myself cant eat, so i give everything to you :D

Nevertheless, there will be a FitDay in Tartu on 11 July where we both with my fiance Guy will participate and do training in Arctic Sport.

Here the info about that event in Estonian:

11.juulil toimub FitDay Tartu Arctic Sport Clubis!
Sellel päeval on kõigile sissepääs tasuta.
FitDay ajakava:

11:30-12:30Bodypump-Arnold Tokko, Imre Vähi
13:00-15:00Tegijate Treening Ott Kiivikas…