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My Trip to Stockholm :)


The trip to Stockholm with Laura (Rosin), Greta and Eveli was a great way to get out of daily routine and as our team ;) was wonderful then the trip was as lovely as it could be :)

The main reason for me was to go to H&M shops in Sweden and buy some sports clothes, which i did and got nice things :)

We with Rosin had a Swedish table on Saturday evening and we ate a lot, here are the pics .. really cool. No im not pregnant!!! ;) LOL ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Here some more pics :)

My Best wishes to all of you and enjoy the pics :)


Almost weekend :)

Hey my dear friends,

Its almost a weekend, isnt it?! Anyway its still Thursday evening but tomorrow it will be last working day this week and i so much look forward to this weekend. It promises to be a great one, hope you will have also something very nice to look forward to. I will tell you about this in my next blog :) ... if you dont mind ;)

This week was nice, lots of work and trainings but its always better to be busy than just sitting and do nothing, so every day i had something scheduled :P .. beside going to gym in the evening i also went to skating with few very nice friends. Here is one of the pictures.. more you can see from my website under training part as i consider it as a cardio training :) Here is a link :)
So we went to skating with Teele and Annely, who's boyfriend Mats did pictures.

I know it was a short blog but at least something ...
I will blog again soon :)

Enjoy your weekend and please take a good care. God Bless you!!

My very very best,

Saturday at work

Hello my friends,

Yeah, im working today, though till now it has been pretty quite here ;) .. hope the second half there will be more poeple :) But its actually always like that on weekend, most people having long sleep after hard working week and they start to come to shop afternoon time.

After work i plan to go to gym, its so cold outside that i just dont want even to walk ;) .. prrrrrr
So i consider to do some cardio. Walking, running, some interval training :)
Though i might do some walking also outside as its sunny but it all depends what the weather will be after few hours, around 1700hrs. :)

I havent done any pictures lately, just dont have time and as i would like to do some pics in the gym i just dont have anybody to take them. Its a life beeing alone and train alone and live alone, frustrating sometimes, dont you think?! :) Still i keep myself positive and train hard and .. as its a saying "Work hard and then comes also a love" Yeah.. sure, at least i have a love :)




Its Sunday and i made lots of updates in my website, though there is not any new pictures, im sorry for that.

Rhys, thank you for so long comment to my last blog and the letter. Let me tell you that some ways i would like to compete in bodybuilding contest in spring, though the preparation with the diet, i hate it, i must admit. But yes, you're right by saying that only i know my body and can take such decisions, and i should feel sorry for that, though i do, its me and cant do anything about it ;) I havent bury the possibility to compete in bodybuilding yet but it seems most likely case. I talk like military.. yes, ex-military, most likely, COA (cause of action) ;)
Also. i know i should make some photos in the gym, i know, i know.. :)

This weekend (both days) i have done some skating in Jeti Jäähall and it was great... i felt how much i have missed skating (figure skating) :) So i enjoyed it very very much. And it gave me a lovely cardio workout too :)

Ok, i will put my gym st…

January updates

Hey my dear friends,

Its almost mid-January and i havent written anything yet, sorry for my lasyness ;)
Though im fine, my days looking very a like, meaning work, training, home.. and nothing else.

I started my contest preparation, the first contest will be a Reval Sport Cup Bench Press Championships for the highest number of repetitions on 31 Jan. For men its their own body weight, for women its half and i did with 35kg barbell 53reps. So i would like to beat my own record at least ;)

Then there will be a Powerlifting Championships in March and Bodybuilding Contest in April. Hope to get better form than November's Championships. :) And i plan to get ready also for European Championships but it all depends how good shape i can get myself. This dieting kills me i must admit.

Today i was lucky and i want to share with you my blondyness ;) LOL
I went to grocery in the late evening and it happend i forgot the car lights on. Deem... couldnt start my car. After some 15min waiting came help :)…

Happy New Year to everyone :)

Hey dear all,

This blog will be short ...
.... let me wish you a great 2009 year and enjoy every second of it :)

Have a great, still holiday spirit and give your love where its needed and loved. :)

Happy New Year 2009!

My best regards and God Bless You!