Friday, October 30, 2009

Flemisch language course 1.1 is finished :)


I thought to give you just a small note about the results of my flemisch language exam. It was STANAG 1.1. Ik ben geslaagd. It means i passed and i got 110 points from 120 possible. Not bad, though i could have done better LOL. Need to study more :)

Next course 1.2 starts on 14 Nov and lasts till the end of January, I wish after that i can already use the language more often as i should have then more vocabulary ;) Till now i still use a little sayings and sentences only in my daily bases. Should use it more often but it seems so slow when i start to talk that i loose my patient ;) LOL

So we had a small morning party at school today and some of the pictures :)
On a group photo you will find our teacher, Johan (see the smallest guy in the middle), actually Johan is something 1.90cm tall guy.. LOL
There are 2 pictures where you can see girls in our class .. nice haaa :) ... and there are also a picture of me and Lesley from UK. She was good, she got 118 points from 120.. congratulations and of course to all students - proficiat! :)

Happy Halloween to my all classmates and blog readers and all my friends and family :)

With love,

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Hey my friends and fans :)

I did it :) ..and im very happy with my result :).. as well my husband and of course my trainer Bill Richardons and my great friend Patricia who has been such a support and motivator for me ;)))

It was really a great contest in Brussels - IFBB Nationals I & Belgium Federation Cup 2009 - yesterday, 24 Oct, where i got 1st place. In total, we had 3 female competitors in bodybuilding.
Here are some pictures of my medal and trophee (multifunctional) and flowers ;)

Also i put here one picture taken after contest with bodyfitness girls in dressing room.

More pictures and the video (thx to Patricia) will be published soon also :)

It was short info but i hope you loved to hear that :)

Take care and lots of hugs :)

Monday, October 19, 2009


Hello my dear friends,

Now im married woman, Gerbel Mikk-Poortmans. Who still doesnt know, on 17 of October i got married with lovely belgian guy, Guy Poortmans, in Wilrijk-Antwerpen, Belgium. In Estonian magazine "Kroonika" there is an article about us, how we met ;) ..though it is in Estonian. To make the story short ;) ..we met online and we knew that we should be together already before we first met in real life, meeting was just a confirmation of our feelings :) Lovely! :) A hint, soon there will be also wedding picture in Kroonika ;)Now, after 5 month knowing each other, we are married. Seems like a fairy tale.

The wedding was very lovely in one small castle, as simple as it could be. On 17th my day started already 0630am, did my make-up and went to hair dresser. Wedding was at 10.45 am and followed by lunch-dinner reception in near by restaurant "Den Bourgondier" with our witnesses, Guy's parents and relatives. Unfortunatly, my best friend Aire couldnt come to wedding but surely we will celebrate it with her and Co ;) in the future. Otherwise we celebrated it with my mom and few other friends when we were in Estonia for my contest in the beginning of October.
So it was nice cozy wedding with 15 adults and 2 kids (Peggy's (Guy sister) 2 kids). The food was wonderful and of course cava, wine as well ;) and therefore on behalf of me and Guy and all the quests i would like to thank our cook and all the staff for giving us a such a great day :)

We finished there around 1730 and lets say the party didnt finished with that ;) .. we took a small nap at home and went to one fishing club party ;) .. Guy's brother is a member there and as we didnt really have any other plans for that evening, then we went there, listened an old music what DJ put together, danced and had fun :) was a nice party.

Next day was sort of lazy as you all can imagine, long day and long evening behind. We had only one thing we had to take care of and it was to pay a bill for the restaurant. Uhhhhh, yes, it was more then we planned but as we and everybody else had a great food and drinks then it was worth it ;) .. though now we need to keep us a bit tight with spending for some time ;) .. ohh well.. we are happy as never before and thats what counts and is important :)

Oke.. it was a short overview about the wedding. I put 2 pictures here when we still were at home ;) ...all the rest, i mean, the gallery i will put up as soon as we will do some selection from the pictures what our photographers did. Thanks to Kurt (Peggy's husband) and Ivo (Guy's uncle) we have about 7-800 pictures to make a selection ;)

Thank you all present and being with us on this wonderful day. Bedankt allemaal! :)

Enjoy and i will write soon again. I know i havent done so much updating in my website but all the contest, wedding and now another contest preparation takes its time. Hope to be better after all these important events ;)

My best love and lots of luck to all of you,
Still the same happy Gerbel ;)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Estonian Bodybuilding Champion 2009 ;)


Thanks to all my supporters :) ... my dearest Guy, friends, my trainer Bill and my family :)

Here is a news flash in Estonian TV about Estonian championships :) .. yes I won ;)
Even i was alone, it was a great experience again and especially for my next big contest in Belgium :) Sure i will be better form over there ;)
But here is a sports news in Estonian TV. Soon i will put up more pictures as well :)

And here is also an article in Estonian newspaper "SL Ă•htuleht"

Link in Kroonika ;)

My best,