Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An amazing video :) and my ice cream ...mmmm

Hey all,

Just wanted to share one video "90% degree push-ups"
Its amazing what some can do :)
Wish i would have such a body control as he has ;)

Also i just had to include also 2 pictures.
What i have in front of me?!
Yeah, its an amazing ice cream place we went with Guy in November and wow... this bowl was full of ice cream and it was a one portion ... only for me ;) .. on top there was more then enough different kind of fruits.
This place was like heaven for me and some more girls i know, im sure that Rosin and Aktivist would love it there too :) LOL

Also let me tell you that i plan to send out another newsletter for you tomorrow and that everything is very good with us. I train a lot, go to language school and eat also good to keep up with all my activities ;) lol .. its fun :) .. only the weather starts to get colder and it keeps raining ;) damn ;)

Enjoy :)
Always your Gerbel :)


  1. Hihi, about this amazing ice cream- yeees, of course, please send us some ;) BTW we don´t have any snow here also, but getting colder every day. That´s because I have to do soooo much handwork lately- presents, presents, presents, also some ordered stuff and something for myself :)

  2. Thats cool, im glad your handwork is such a success, no wonder, the jewelry you make is awesome :)

    The ice cream will melt on the way to Estonia, though you can do it very easily yourself taking a huge bowl, put one liter of ice cream in it and on top put all kind of fruits (grapes, stawberries, mango, pineapple, apricot, kiwi, pear, apple and whatever your heart desires :)) So easy was that, and most of the fruits werent cut even into half LOL What makes it really easy. :)
    Enjoy.. see ya :)

  3. But you know what we did one evening with Aile? We went to visit her, and she teached me to do an awsome "ice cream"- you need only some frozen berries (dont melt them!) and some banana. Grind and liquidize them together with mixer and eat at once! Gorgeus dessert without any sugar or fat!

  4. wow.. that i have to try.. thx :) great idea ;)

  5. Mhmh... I probably do this also this weekend, Joker loves it, but he usually eats those frozen berries only :)