Monday, March 30, 2009

Im with you again :)


Got my website to work, sorry i was a bit late with my payment and so it took me for a while to get it set again. Now im with you and you are most welcome to visit my website

Take care and enjoy your week,

Sunday, March 29, 2009

WebSite doesnt work at the moment

Hey my readers,

Please note that my website ( is not working at the moment.
Hope to get it fixed soon.
Please be patient!

My best,

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday and working

Hello dear friends,

I will write few words as i should write something but as im at work then dont have so much time. Anyway the life is fine :)

After my contest last Saturday i continued with the new workout routine. Its a German Valume Training and i do the First Phase at the moment. The training is really hard and exhausting... 10x10 supersets ;) uuh... but very good :) Thanks Rhys for sending me that. Hope you dont mind if i include the German Valume Training link here as well :) LINK

Rhys and thank you for the recipes you sent me... they are very interesting :) .. thank you ... for sure i will do some of it and and try them up. One i found already now really interesting was the Spicy Caribbean Chicken. Cant wait to make it.. but as i have a beef at home waiting then i have to postpone the chicken for a few days ;) lol.. I just include the link where all the blog readers can also have a look which recipe im talking about ;) lol LINK

Oke.. i let you go now and i continue working :) Tomorrow im off.. so i look forward to it ;)

Enjoy your weekend and upcoming week :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Estonian Powerlifitng Championships - 21Mar2009

Hey hey,

Its evening and i just got back from the contest (Estonian Powerlifitng Championships).. it went well. Not as good as i wished though.. but as i still made 2,5 kg more comparing last year contest then i did good :)
So here are my results: Squat 125kg, Bench Press 82,5kg and deadlift 140kg. In total i got 347,5kg which gave me in my weight class, -75kg (i weighted 67,7kg), first place and overall i got second place. It was great contest even i was so nervous today after the judges didnt count my first 2 squat reps.. deem i thought and third squat i tryed to do as low as possible.. i made it ;) ...
See all the results also from my website contest page.

About last weekend... there was a Sport Act 2009 mess and on Sunday when i had day off from work i went to visit the mess as well. There was a small contest or better to say show where i just tryed to do bench press record as much presses as i can with 25kg barbell. I did 100 reps.. cool .. isnt it ;)

What else.. tomorrow, on Sunday, i will work in Sparta Fitshop (Pärnu mnt 139c, Tallinn) . Yes, on Sundays, we keep Sparta Shop open from 1600 to 2000hrs. Come to visit, do your workout as well .. i do before work and in Sparta gym :)
And next week first 2 days i work in Telliskivi 51 FitShop and then Wednesday in Sparta again ...
Anyhow all my members of the site can see my schedule from my calendar.. take a look :) I update it in weekly bases.

Oke.. so now i will start new routine.. german valume training .. from tomorrow.. will put the link and tell about that after a week that i can also comment how the first week went and perhaps you want to try it as well :) Thanks Rhys by the way .. he sent it to me :)
I so much wanted to start with that already a week ago but i had to wait when the powerlifting contest is over. ;)

Next contest for me will be a Estonian Bench Press Championships on 16 May 2009 and that will be conducted in Pärnu, Estonia.

Oke.. i let you go now and wish you a great weekend... know that i will pray for you in church tomorrow. God Bless you!

Prayer is not so much formally addressing God with a list of requests as it is acknowledging that our connection to God is absolute, and unending, and urgent.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th


Im at work in Sparta FitShop (Pärnu mnt 139c, Tallinn) and just thought to let you know that i work today and also tomorrow on Saturday and if you have time just come over, say hi :) or Tere :) Today im working till 2000hrs and tomorrow the shop is open 1200-1800hrs. :)

Go and visit also a SportAct2009. Photogallery visit in

Wish you a great day, even its 13th and Friday ;) and also a great weekend. The weather is nice here, the sun is shining :) .. pity i have to work but here in Sparta is much human to work as the daylight comes in and gives much positive feeling .. dont you think :) I love the sun :)
Anyhow, i hope you all doing fine and well.

My very best wishes and God Bless you,

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sport Act 2009 and Sparta Club

Hey my dear friends,

I thought to inform you that this weekend, starts already on Thursday (12-15Mar), there will be a Sport Act 2009. Our team with its box will be represented there as well and it seems to become a hell of the event.
See the agenda and so forth from the official websate:
In site there is also some info.

Unfortunately i will not participate there, have to work. :) Now for some time im working in new place, some of you know that opened a new shop in Tallinn. So i work now, at least for some time, in Sparta FitShop (Pärnu mnt 139c, Tallinn, Estonia). Its a place i go also to gym and easy to go before work :) .. cos the shop is open Mon to Fri from 1200-2000hrs and Sat 1200-1800hrs. Here is a official website for Sparta Sports Club. Come and visit FitShop! :)
Its a great gym :) ...though i keep still visiting while to while a Zelloloos gym and Kimberi Klubi in Pärnu if i will visit my mom and friends there :)

Oke.. it was a quick blog and now its time to go to sleep, will have max bench press day tomorrow morning. Yesterday i did max squat and i went till 125kg which is my personal record at the moment. Max deadlift is planned for Thursday. Then will have a week rest, or not so heavy training week and 21 March will participate in Estonian Powerlifting Championships. See here the participant list and instructionas :) (.. though this info is in Estonian) ;)

Ok, now i should go to sleep really, started to talk again ;)

Have a nice week, best wishes,

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Trip to US

Here I am again, long time no see. How are you? Yeah, I had a wonderful trip to Columbus (Indiana, United States), I visited a good friend of mine. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any access to Internet and therefore I couldn’t update you how I am and what I do and I didn’t want to speak about the trip also beforehand. But now I am at home in Tallinn and can update you about things I did. I really hoped I will have an access to the Internet during my trip but I didn’t and so I was sort of offline for some time as you noticed perhaps. Sorry for that.

My traveling day, 18 Feb.That was a hell of the trip with 4 flights (Tallinn-Helsinki-London-Chicago-Indianapolis), everything went smoothly till Chicago as the weather went bad and the last (late night) flight was postponed. Luckily, the weather got a bit better and I got to Indianapolis just 2 hours later as it was scheduled. Though the day was so long, I wake up at 3am and got to the final destination only at 1am (local time), and lets account also the time difference, 8 hours back. So my trip lasted actually 28 hours. Puhhhh, long one, wasn’t it, but it was worth of it. Let me also say that if you can avoid Chicago Airport then do so, it’s the busiest Airport in US and there was a real mess. While I waited and spoke with Americans who waited also to the same flight then they said that its every day issue, the mess, nobody knows anything and delays. Overall it was nice of course. :)

My doings and activities. As my friend had to work during weekdays then I had lots of time to just watch TV, walk around the block, do home training, read all kind of magazines, did lots of thinking regarding my life and just chill LOL. I found a great TV channel,, which showed designers works, I mean they designed and renovated homes, did carpenters work. I got so nice and sweet ideas for my home/flat/condo, so I think I will do something interesting there. As you know the distances are big in US, so we went to gym in the evening when he got back home after work, needed to drive there of course. We went to a very nice gym. It’s called Total Fitness and if I compare it with some our gyms I have been then I would say that it’s very similar with a Sparta gym in Tallinn, though the Total Fitness is a bit bigger and there is lots more cardio machines and weight machines as well. I loved to train there. In the beginning I had hard time to get used to pounds and calculations but I managed as I mostly just divided the weight half and went from there. Now I look forward to go to Sparta and I start new routine from Monday next week, looking very much forward to it.

During weekends we went to gym and also drove around, did some shopping, also went to Franklin, Nashville and Indianapolis. I should have done some pictures but I always forgot my camera to take with me and so there aren’t any pictures about my trip. Everything is in my head. Though I did some pictures in Indianapolis, I included some of them here.

The weather. The weather was actually nice, it was sunny and warm most times. Though, we had also some windy and rainy days, which remind me a saying they have: “You don’t like the weather, wait a minute and it will change”. So, the saying worked very well and after few hours the sun was shining again and the weather turned out wonderful.

About eating, Well, during my trip to US I did some cheating of course and had some not clean base foods, let’s be honest, more than I should have had. I went places like White Castle for small cheeseburgers, Italian restaurant for pasta (cheese, crease), KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) for grilled chicken and Texas Roadhouse and Montana Mike for beef (last three places had a great food and they weren’t so bad for my diet). Also, had Oreo ice cream or Oreo Blizzerd to DQ (Derry Queen) what is delicious I can tell you, also ate pizza and sandwiches. On weekends we went to Waffle House to have breakfast, I loved the breakfasts (I had eggs and toasts, waffles) and the atmosphere there was really great, I will miss that. Yeah, so I had lots of meals what I usually don’t eat, but I ate also all the healthy staff as oatmeal, whole grain bread, lean meats, salads, fruits and veggies. So, overall I did fine and as I kept training and went to gym while I was there then I did almost fine ;) though these drive in places are incredible, they have even drive in banks. ;) Can you imagine ;)

Trip back to Tallinn, 3 March. Same way back and it went well, long though. The trip was safe, I got the entire luggage, didn’t loose anything and that is most important :) All the flights I have had my biggest concern is always the luggage.

About future, plans – there are no changes. Here I am, continuing the same life as I had before I went to US. At least, nothing will change for some time for sure and I will stay nicely here in Tallinn.

Ok, I think I wrote now enough and will stop here. Just information, I will work in Sparta FitShop at 1200-1800hrs on Saturday.

Hope you had also nice last few weeks and enjoying the life on this earth. Train hard! Oke :)

My very best and God Bless you,

PS! Yeah, while I was in US there came out a Spring 09 number of Buduaar magazine and there is an article about me ;) As it is in Estonian then if you don’t have the subscription or don’t read it usually then you can do it here. I talk there about me and how I do keep myself fit, what kind of supplements I eat and etc. All that information is actually available in different pages on my website in English as well :)

I say so many squirrels during my trip and i had to make at least one pic of one ;)