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Hello dear friends and fans :)

I had incredible photoshoot with Eric Franck who is doing the website

We did actually videos and photos with 3 different outfits.. of course the Santa's Baby had to be first and it came online just in time, isnt it lovely.

So, if your interested to see videos and photos of this photoshoot then you need to become member of the site!!! :)

For my website members i have some of these photos up in small format.

Then i updated and put up some new pictures to my bodybuilding page from last contest in Hungary. So its kinda fulfilled now.

Also, I have lot of pictures from my training in December before contest. Still need to put them up to my training page (for members only), so i hope to see some new members soon :)
Your always welcome ... JOIN ALREADY NOW :) first pix are already up ;)

I also was in FLEX magazine Highlights (January issue nr 1) on 1 full page and it was good timing again as the same magazine had just ni…


IFBB Amateur Juniors & Masters Bodybuilding, Classic bodybuilding, Fitness, Bodyfitness, Bikini World Championship 2012

Yes, now my contest is over, has unforgettable, amazing, magical and great weekend.

In bodybuilding category there was 15 competitors and I placed only 14th, though i got a great experience and new good thoughts.
Probably from now on you will see me competing in bodyfitness category as i will never be so big and have so much muscle mass as bodybuilders in international level. I think it can be a good thing to do.

I keep training .. do lots of sissy squats and i really must increase cardio...

There will be soon more pictures but here first official link and pictures.

East Labs ... I keep training, more sissy squats, cardio etc.... :) Enjoy your holidays, i will a bit ;) xx Best, Gerbel

My today's form


Its 12 days off from Budapest contest... Have to be better then ever ;) 58,5kg and here some this evening Pictures.

Ah jaa if somebody would like to support me and help me a bit, then i would be very happy, and thankful. All The special eating, nutrition, bikini and beauty (hair, nails) treatments cost a lot. Any small help Will be appreciated :) xx
Find Paypal link from My website contacts or use direcly:

Best to all...
Kisses, Gerbel