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Lexie sleeps in every position ;)


Lexie sleeps in every position, this morning she played and one time she was silent, she slept like that as you see on the picture. She also opened her full water bottle and ended up totally wet LOL.

I did pictures also from my body and they are available for members in contest preparation page ;) lol ..xx enjoy


Happy 8 month birthday Lexie :)

Hey hey and happy 8 month birthday Lexie :))

Yes, Lexie grows so quickly, today she got 8 month, time flies and i cant leave her out of site ;)
.. she cowling and claiming and etc, so there is no freedom when im home ;) lol
Thats oke of course.

Here are few pictures..

This week i will make some new pictures and videos in the gym too.. so be patient :)

Btw, i had a great weekend, we went to Holland to one little party ;) .. thx Aivar for inviting and hope to meet you guys soon :)

Gerbel :) xx

Back workout video

Hey hey

As promised, here you have a little video while i did back pulldowns (Click on the picture beside).

Training was good as always, did chest, back, bics and abs today.
Enjoy the video ... and in background, behind biceps curls machine is Bill Richardson, my trainer.

Also here is pic of Lexie's playground in the gym today.
Thanks Particia ;)

xx Gerbel :)