Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lexie's picture gallery

Hello all,

Thank you all for your lovely wishes!!

I made a little Lexie's own picture gallery that you can be able to keep eye on her and her developments. I will update it while to while and you are always welcome to visit it. :)

Click on the picture and you will be forwarded to her gallery page :)

Best wishes to all,
Gerbel, Guy, Lexie and cat Stafke

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy 1 week birthday baby

Hey hey..

We are at home already 3rd day, we got out of hospital on Monday afternoon and today she is 1 week old already :) .. i can imagine how the time will run ;)

She is an angel...
By the way, she doesnt cry much and if the diapers are dry and its warm and mama has enough milk then her life is like in paradise :)

Here are few pictures:
First day at home and we eating on the coach.
How Stafke doing baby watch and how Lexie already working out ;) lol... dont worry, these dumbbells are not heavy.. ;) .. i can be crazy with weights but not so crazy ;) lol

About mama.. im doing also fine.. my weight was this morning 64,5kg.. so im happy :) and its one week after giving birth :) Let me remind you that my last weight before giving birth was 71kg and before getting pregnant i was 63kg. I think i have done good :) .. now have to get back my normal daily routine and get myself to gym again :) .. and i will do it as soon Lexie is doing fine with taking up some weight. She is still struggling with gaining weight. Therefore i give my milk also with bottle, to make life a bit easier for her ;) But now worries, she will do fine and some time in the future we go to gym together (she sleeping and im training LOL).

Oke.. enjoy pictures :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lexie & mama going tomorrow home :)

Hey, hey...

Tomorrow, Monday, we are going home, juppiiiiiii
Then Lexie will meet also the hairy cat who sometimes stepped or lied on her when she was still in mama's belly ;) lol
We both wondering with Guy how our cute cat Stafke reacts when he sees Lexie, little angel ;)

I have here small link.
Lexie and the meaning: LEXIE

And some today's pictures...

When i get home i can make updates also in the website :) .. from hospital its a bit complicated ;)

Kisses xx

Friday, January 14, 2011

Lexie born 12 Jan 2011

Hey hey.. jupiiiiii :) wonderful news :)

We made it!

Our little babygirl, we named her Lexie, was born on Wednesday, 12 Jan at 11.38,
weight 2,645g and length 48,5cm.

Everything went well, though the birth was harder than i expected but it was 200% worth and the pain is already forgotten. She is gorgeous. What a wonderful new year gift we both with daddy have :)

If she is doing fine, picking nicely some weight then we can go home on Sunday. Our cat Stafke misses us ;) lol.. so we have to go home :)

Daddy is the same happy and proud as mama :) .. and thanks daddy that you were with us during this hard moment when little angel Lexie was born :)

Thank you also all for your nice wishes and comments in Facebook :)

Kisses :)))))))))

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 2011 :)

Heheee.. and now its 2011 and it will be a great year for everyone .. :)
Happy 2011 to all of you :)

The new year came silent in our family. You know, you dont make a big party with the belly i have.. ;) lol.. and as im quite tired all the time then i prefiered to stay home. Unfortunately there wasnt possible to see the fireworks as the weather in Antwerpen was full of heavy fog. There was possible to see only some lightings on the sky ;) lol
Otherwise it was good, though i got some cold and now fighting with the running nose. Oh well, it is better already :) and there are no any temperature.. thats good :)

Tomorrow will have a doctor visit and then we will see how far i am with the birth ;) Im so much looking already forward to the birth, wish she will born already today if .. lol .. We are ready! ;)

Yesterday i did little workout and gave also my last trainings, so now i will have some rest before i get myself to work again :) .. and hopefully the baby will born soon .. very soon ;) lol

Oo, btw, about the weights and measurements :)
Im very happy with the weight gain, i mean i didnt gain too much, im still nicely 70kg, though i know that my muscles are not so pumped and not as heavy as they used to be.. but the weight is good if i consider that in June i was 63 kg for my contest, though i was already then pregnant and the weight should have been 1-2kg less, but my body kept liquid inside.
I also measured myself :)
My belly is 96cm, also not so big i guess.
The baby inside is also small ;) lol..
Im now near to 38 weeks and a week ago she was 2600g and around 44cm. Which is a little smaller then average babys ;) But till she is healthy and fine then everything will be good :)

During Christmas time we did spontaniously one picture with Guy's mobile... it came out quite cute lol.. so i put it up here too ;)

And here is our cute cat with nice new year wish for all of you :) .. that all your dreams come true in 2011 :) xx .. and thank you for your friendship xx :)