Sunday, September 26, 2010

23 weeks - baby belly gets bigger ;)

Hey hey,

Well, here i am... baby belly is growing, baby is healthy and kicking... and i feel really good :) Upcoming week will go to doctor visit again and see again how much the baby has grown ;)
Who is my website member then he/she can see also in my pictures gallery more pictures from this pics series and also how my baby looks and waves :)

The weekend was great. Today i spend time at home, cleaned and did all kind of work in house but yesterday i had lovely evening with my great American friend Maxine and her friends. It was actually Flemish dinner, meaning all evening we spoke and practiced our dutch/vlaams language. Most of the participants were originally from abroad who now live here and learning this language :) .. we had really lots of nationalities and for a while the noise in the Maxine's flat sounded like we were in some night bar.

I met so nice and interesting people and got great new friends :) Lovely, thank you Maxine.
Thanks for inviting and thanks for such an effort doing and managing all of it. I really look forward to the next Flemish dinner during Christmas time or whenever, earlier, later then that. :)) And thank you all who made the evening such a success!! :)

I guess the last double biceps picture is really funny with the belly.. isnt it!? So i had to put it up here LOL

Hope you had the same great weekend and i will soon let you know how everything goes and is :)

Till then,
My best to all,
Gerbel ;)

PS! The last survivors at Flemish dinner ;)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Last weekends activites :)

Hey hey...

Just thought to write few lines and put up some pictures :)

Found some cute pictures from last weekend. As the weather was wonderful then we went to walk to the park in Antwerpen.... we have gone there more then once before but as the park is kinda spreaded then to that part we went first time and i was surprised that it was like a zoo ;)


And here are two more nice pictures.. one is at Guy's sisters place, yeah..... acturally i dont know how to play piano but for the pic it doesnt look bad LOL

...and the last one is taken in Holland at Delta Works. I visited the place in 1999 when i was studying in Holland for 3 month.. so it brought some nice memories ;) LOL

Now its also almost weekend and what will happen this weekend .. dont know yet.. should do some shopping though ;) lol

xx and enjoy also your the weekend,
Gerbel :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

First Baby kicks ;)

Hey hey,

The Baby is 20 weeks and 5 days old today :) and i feel continually good. The weight is quite normal, is nicely stable but its already 69kg ;) lol
The baby is about 26cm (10.5 inches) in length and weight should be about 300grams (10.5 ounces). Seams like a small babytoy ;) lol

Last few days, before falling in sleep, i have felt some kicks in my belly, at least it seemed so, but last night and this morning i was sure that it is a baby ;) .. wow.. what a nice feeling :))
These kicks though were very small and weak ones. Seamed like the baby is turning a somersault (kukerpallitama - in estonian). It was fun! :))

On Monday will have a doctor visit again, so after that can say more how the baby is ;) till then enjoy little pic from this morning ;) .. bit naughty one but hopefully you like it LOL... ;P

Gerbel :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Terug naar school ;)

Hey hey,

Yeah, back to school (terug naar school - in dutch). Today i had my first dutch lesson with the new class, new teacher and classmates from various countries :) .. Let me confess that few days ago i didnt look so much forward to it but after today's lesson i think i really will enjoy it :)

Other then school...
I keep going to gym and working out. I take a bit easy with the training though due to my pregnancy, i get to gym up to 3 times per week and then try to walk a lot.
Im not so strict with my diet either, sometimes allow pancakes or pizza what are presently my favorite cheat meals. Its strange how pregnancy has changed my appetite.. some changes of course are not so good for my sport as i dont enjoy or dont like to eat eggs and chicken and nuts. So, instead of morning eggs i eat now dark bread with cheese, which is not so bad but .... you know what i mean ;)
Good is, of course, that i dont long for ice cream and chocolate and other sweeties or candies... and i prefer apples, pears and plums :) Seems i could eat tons of them LOL... Good hee?! ;)

The baby, grows and is now 4 and half month, so its half way to go and everythings is fine, i feel good, but i get tired quickly... so i try to take sometimes (doesnt happen so often though) a little afternoon nap ;) .. i put here also recent, today made, picture of me.. getting bigger ;) lol

Oke.. i hope to write again some day .. till then :)