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31 weeks pregnancy

Hey my dear friends,

I thought to write few lines how it is going with my pregnancy ;) ... im full 31 weeks now :)
It goes well, lately though it is getting harder, the belly is big, so its all the time on my way, hard to put shoes or socks on. The babygirl loves to kick, turn and what else inside me and it makes me sometimes feel even dizzy. Ohh, what i am complaining, actually i love the moving and kicking feeling. :)

My weight is still 71kg, already long time, few month, it keeps to be the same.. dont know if its good and that is one question to my doctor tomorrow as i have a visit then. Till last visit baby growth was good, so i hope everything is also good now :) But I have lots of questions to doctor by now, had to even write them down that i dont forget them. :)

Otherwise i still do everythings i am used to do: study, work, training, housekeeping, taking care of my sweet husband, also more sweeter future baby and etc... and of course our cat, who is living with us already 1 month…

New flemish language course

Hey hey all,

Time flys so quickly and i havent had time to write or anything. I do it now :)

Meanwhile i have done my 2.3 level Flemish language exams and as i got 99 point from possible 120 then i was able to jump to next level, the 2.4, the last level for 2nd level. Happy and more happy!!

Then... i still keep working, giving trainings and also do my own workouts... not as much as i used to but as i feel good then i try to continue as long as i can. Though sometimes im so tired from long day that i fall in sleep at 2200hrs and wake up only at 8am :) Lovely isnt it?! ;)
And this belly, its all the time on my way ;) .. though i love the feeling, the belly, the kicking and etc etc that this little girl is inside me. Never thought i would so much to enjoy it :)

The pictures with Guy are made during IFBB Nationals I & Belgian Fed Cup 2010, on 31 Oct 2010 and these are made by Eric (EFIT). Thank you Eric :)
LOL... couldnt be without posing there ;) lol. I speak about that event in my first b…

Birthday :)

Hey hey..

Thank you for so many nice wishes through Facebook and email, its awesome how many :) xxx
You are for sure in my mind :) .. thanks again :) and i wish you a lovely day toooooooooo :))) xx

My lovely husband did also heart breaking birthday present for me and our lovely babygirl :).. see the picture and the little bathrobe .. its so sweet :).. now mom and daughter have the same bathrobe :)
Thank you Guy.. Ik hou van jou!!! xx

Lots of love to all,
Your Gerbel :)

IFBB Nationals I & Belgian Fed Cup 2010

Hey hey,

Yesterday we went to Beringen, Belgium to watch and support our competitors in IFBB Nationals I & Belgian Fed Cup 2010. The event was nice, i so much missed being on stage but it was also nice to walk around with my babybelly ... many people didnt know the reason why i dont compete ;) lol .. now they, at least who were there, know ;)

Anyhow, congratulations to all winners and special congrats to our gym (B+C Gym Borgerhout) winners Ermin Junuzovic (Erko) - winner in Junior Bodybuilding and King O-lzogie - winner in Mens Bodybuilding.

Also one our favorite was and is Danie Tjong Ayong - Miss Bikini winner from Holland. Of course we had to do some pictures with her :) .. i look like a elefant ;) LOL

Click HERE-my activities and see some pictures and results. Hope to include more pictures soon :)

There were also few nice photographers who i well know - Dirk De Vos DVSNAPS.COM and Eric (EFIT). So there will be soon more pictures :)

Take care and enjoy the new November month :)