Sunday, March 16, 2014

About my training :)


Just yesterday i had great workout in gym, shoulders and triceps. Usually i dont do weights on weekend but it was exception. Usually on weekend we do all other things with little Lexie and keep active, sometimes ice-skating or long walkings, playgrounds  ;) ... now the ice-skating season is over, should start rollerblading as i used to do it a lot when i lived still in Estonia. ;)
Here is the shoulder workout: DB press video link in YOUTUBE :)

From this week i started to bike to gym (during winter season used tram as my transport) and as i go there every week day then it counts always 1 hour bike per day, 5 times per week. Its a great cardio for me :)

I know i should do more videos from my trainings and hope to do them in the future. For instance for chest training i do DB chest presses with 30kg dbs  x 20-30 reps. Have done also with 40kg dbs and that i would like to take on video for you next time :)

Soon FIBO !!!
In 3 weeks, 5-6 April, there is FIBO in Köln (Koeln) in Germany and i go to visit it on weekend, both days. So, i hope to see some of my friends and fans ;).. perhaps some armwrestling ;) lol ...
Usually i see some guys also from Estonia, perhaps this year too and if yes then for sure we need to do few pix ;)

I have had lot of questions regarding my competitions and if i will do some this year or not?!?
I plan yes, second half of this year :)

Ok.. i let you go, its nice weather outside and we should make something of this day :)
Take care and im always happy to read some comments in FB or blog :) xx

Gerbel :)


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Erotica Beurs in Antwerpen


Yes, you hear correct, last weekend there was Erotica Beurs in Antwerpen. We had after long time really lots of fun :) .. and enjoyed it fully. It was smaller comparance with the visit 3-4 years ago but as we met some nice people then it end up just great.  :)

We met Ivo and Katelijne, stage names Kenzos and Kacenka, who are the best striptease couple in Belgium and wow they gave a great perfomance. Visit their website, see what all they do: . I suggest warmly and if you can have a opportunity to see or meet them, then do! :)

Here are few picture, as i was dragged on the stage by Kenzos lol ;)
Thank you Ivo for your great act and hope to see you soon again together with Katelijne :) xx It was nice meeting you guys :)

Thanks for the photographer too, who made these pix :) More pix are possible to see:

That wasnt all of course, we met also Sugar Jackson, the boxer and sure we had to do photos :)

Hope you enjoyed this blog and till next time or in Vlaams, tot volgende keer :)

Best wishes,

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Hello dear friends,

Life is pretty busy lately, working, training, home, Lexie. Everything takes time :) 
Feel all the time pretty tired because our Lexie still has trouble to sleep, wakes up several times per night, doesnt want to go to bed and cant get her up in the morning for school. Yeah, probably who has kids knowing exactly what im talking about but life is good and im happy. She is cuty ;)

So the training goes nicely, heavy and good, dieting, lost already few kg's ;)
Every weekend we go to skating, Lexie also gets better feeling by doing it and enjoys it more :) .. can already glide a bit and if she followes someone then its hard to stop her :) Its really fun to go to skating with her :)
Here is last video from Sunday the 19 Jan 2014. She just got 12 Jan 3 years old and she is full of energy.
Click here and see the video!

 I still cant say anything reagarding my future competitions but i keep you informed when i make my mind ;)

Oke, I go to sleep, tmw is again long day :)

Stay healthy and active,
xx Gerbel