Tuesday, February 13, 2018

2018 Happy Valentine's Day

Hey guys and girls,

It has been long time i wrote something to my blog here. Unbelievable how quickly time flys.

First, I want to wish you all a lovely Valentine's Day.

And then, second, Yes, there are big changes in my life during last year and a bit: i got divorced and I have a new wonderful boyfriend, this time an American ;) .. travelling between US and Belgium and also Estonia because its still my homeland. Anyhow life is kinda complicated presently as Lexie is in Belgium and me between Belgium and United States.

So, as you see, i have my new Valentine and life is wonderful, even its complicated but thats makes us alive he :) .. but I do love Daniel so much that I need to share it with you all.

My relationship with my ex is very friendly, so its not hard on Lexie. Lexie is staying mostly with papa and his new girlfriend as my life is a bit too travelling etc. I couldnt take Lexie away from her cosy environment, from her friends and school, she goes now already first class, just turned 7 years and she is a very lovely little big sweet lady. ;)

But me, meanwhile i met Daniel and fell in love so deeply that i keep travelling between US and Belgium. I have been overseas already many times and on my last trip i was almost 3 month in a row.
It was great trip and being together with my loved one is always perfect. I love you Daniel.

Presently im in Belgium again, soon go back to US, probably your asking where i am there, its near NYC, nice countryside, lot of green and even wildness, there walking around deers and lot of squirrels. lol

I found one quote, i would love to chare with you:
"We love truely only when we love without reason."
Happy Valentine's Day!

Lot of best loving wishes,

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Silence, present and plans for future

Hey guys,
Yes, silence.... sorry about it... i thought i have to inform you how im doing and what is in my mind..
Im fine...:)
I keep training, eating clean, but i made a decision that i dont compete this year anymore, had too much in my mind and couldnt get myself ready for doing contest. So, i wish all who competing a great preparation and a lot of success:)
As you all know i dont really bulk, so to say, i hate to be too heavy.... i like to keep lean kinda, not ripped contest lean but healthy lean. So, I enjoy some cheat meals in times but im still as always on diet :)
I enjoy gym, working out in the park, do home training and it means 50% of my trainings are body weight or light weight trainings. I really enjoy it presently and i guess thats the most important to enjoy what and how you do it :)

My little daughter, 5yo Lexie, enjoyed the athletic club and she loves it... great start of the real physical activity for her :) ..  so, i take lot of time for her now, as much as i can after her school and we are doing in and outside things together.

Anyhow, i keep you posted, usually through Facebook by uploading some pics or videos... always nice to read your comments and likes ;)
Take a good care all and be the force with you!!
Gerbel :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

FIBO 2016 and prep for WBBF Universe 2016

Hello my dear friends,

I know, it has been ages me blogging. Time just flys ;) no excuses.

Fibo this year was as always great, met nice people, had nice photo and videoshoots and of course i had a good time :)
Some pics from Fibo 2016

And now i get ready for WBBF UNIVERSE 2016 in Maastrich, Holland, contest, what is already this weekend on Saturday.
After that actually i have alraedy planned to go to Lithuania to compete on 14 May 2016 WFF-WBBF "AMBER PRIX INTERNATIONAL" in Kretinga.
Busy last months ;) but thats oke.. i love my present shape and i will give my best.

Wish me luck!

So soon will be new pictures, contest pictures and i hope to update my website (www.gerbelmikk.com) also soon :) Keep you posted :) 

Best wishes to all,
Always yours,
Gerbel xx