Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Start of new year

Happy New 2015 Year to everyone :)

I had a great end of year, my mam came to visit for Christmas and New Year and we had all family together first time during Christmas Eve.

We went to Wellness in Sittard and got to train very good :)  .. kept my weight also nicely down till the new year started and then i couldnt stop eating ;) .. ohhh well, some extra will loose soon as i started my diet again, keeping away from sweets mostly as its my weakness ;)

Some photos and video link to roundup the end of year :)



Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas and happy 2015

Hey everybody,
I wish to all my friends and fans Merry Christmas and wonderful holiday season. Very great, lovely and super successful 2015 :) xxx
My very best wishes,
Always your Gerbel

Enjoy some Christmas collection of pix :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

IFBB Belgium Nationals I

Hey all,

23 Nov 2014, i took part on IFBB Belgium Nationals I contest.
On Miss Physique category achieved 3rd place. Its not bad but not enough result, need to get more dry. Not easy he ;) Especially not easy after 2 years break .. kept training all this time but contest and diet is always another thing :)

I got some good photos though im happy with and made also a video :) .. not only my posing routine on stage but also back stage free posing :) ... little piece of it i still add here for free, so to say, then you can enjoy the part of it ;)

Enjoy the video and pictures ...
Will write again soon, till then ...

Eric, once he is also on the pic ;)
Guy, my lovely husband

Frank en Carla, my lovely supporters :)