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Happy 2012 Year

Dear all my family, friends and fans,

I would like to wish you a great end of year with lots of love, happiness, joy, fun and with the sound of champagne opening ;) lol.. that the 2012 year will be even more loveable, joyful, happy and successful then 2011.

I hope you have your new years resolutions ready, if not then maybe you can find some ideas from New year resolution generator - (found it by googeling ;) lol)

Stay healthy and keep working out, even short but regular exercising giving you more heath benefits then anything else known to us. It reduces the rist of some cancers, increases longevity, helps achieve and maintain weight loss, enhances mood, lowers blood pressure and even improves arthritis as studies show.

So keep exercising and you stay healthy, look good and feel better!!!

I think of you and my best wishes,
Your Gerbel

Merry Cristmas and Happy New 2012 Year :)


Lexie is walking :)

Hey hey,
We have a good news .. Lexie did her first steps on 13 Dec when she was 11 month and 1 day, .. yes, one day too late ;) lol. Of course, we have a video of it ;) .. in Lexie's gallery are also new pics with our activities and her seeing first time Santa ... and another video how she eats mango sticks ;)
xxx to all :)

Christmas month in Belgium

Hello all,

Just thought to put few lines here to tell you that Christmas time in Belgium is very nice. We went to Christmas markets in Brussels and here Antwerpen and enjoyed it a lot.. here are few pics how Lexie had fun too ;) lol

She met also first time Santa.. that was funny.. wasnt so much impressed who she saw and what a man is it lol ;) lol

Anyhow, enjoy the Christmas time and wish you lots of love :)

xx Gerbel  xx :)