Monday, May 25, 2009

My dear friends,

I would like to do an announcement. I just have to write it because i want to share with you this happiness :) I met the guy of my life and he made me the happiest person in the world, earth or entire universe, you name it. It was a love at first sight and it was mutual. He's name is Guy, (leo Gi nii nagu eesti keeles).
Guy has everything I wish, wonderful personality, intelligence and look. He is so classy guy with all, tenderness and love. I love his style, what and how he wears things, how he is acting in socially and at home, he loves to go to gym, do weights. Ohh.. he has everything i expected from one man (usually you have to put together 3-4 men for that ;)) Its sounds crazy but he is Mister Perfect. :)

Guy, my guy, I love you! :)

My best to all and wish you the same forever love :)
Your Gerbel

Monday, May 18, 2009

Estonian Bench Press Championships results

Hey my dear friends :)

Finally i got little time to write small blog about the contest what was 16 May.

I did as i planned and im happy with my result, though i could have done even heavier as i felt really good during that contest and with that bench press shirt i borrowed.
Anyhow, i started my reps with 77,5kg as i wanted to be sure that i pass the first rep. Then i took 82,5kg which was my previous record and then went up 2,5kg and so i pushed 85kg.
It seemed so easy that i could push 5kg more but i didnt want to risk too much ;) .. anyhow i got my result better and now i know which shirt is the best for me :) LOL

I will put up pictures a bit later and link to protocol if it will be published. Just wanted to let you know about the results :) and how it went.

Contest itself and the organization was great, Kimber Klubi did very well and i dont know what was there but my mood was very naughty and i had a great fun over there during and after the contest :) I know also the reason but will not tell you that ;) LOL Anyhow i met lots of friends, acquaintances and ah yes, my mother even came to watch the contest and it was her first time seeing me. She was excited :P

After the contest we celebrated with Rete and Piret (her trainer) our winning in Sõõrikukohvik.. its the place you dont go during your dieting period ;) lol which started now!! We also went to see the FitShop in Pärnu.
I put here some pictures what Piret and Rete did.. For Rete it was the first contest and she did really well 55kg :) .. congrats Rete and keep it up girl :)

Ok.. have to start to make preparations to go to work.. and after work to gym :)

Ah yeah.. now, from today, my real contest prep (training and diet) started for bodybuilding champ in 3 Oct. Wish me luck!

Take care and lots of love to your daily life!!
Your Gerbel

Friday, May 8, 2009

Dandelion, Rosin's birthday and Mother's Days :)

Hey hey my dears,

I just have to write this. This evening when i got home from work i saw just at my door steps a Taraxacum/Dandelion (Võilill) and it just reminded me a movie "Ice Age" (Jääaeg) and the flower and the Sid's saying "Oo Dandelion, must be the last one of the season" (Võilill, selle hooaja viimane!)
It was so funny, i was almost started to laugh ;) .. so i had to go out and make a extra picture of it and tell you also about this because i found it so crazy :)

Anyhow, i will work also on this weekend, on Sat & Sun in Sparta FitShop.

Tomorrow later in the evening Laura, alias Rosin, my colleague, invites all friends to Club von Überblingen to have a small party. She has a birthday on 10th of May and therefore, i would like to wish her very very happy birthday in front ;) and give this Dandelion to her :)

Also, for this Sunday, i would like to wish all moms the wonderful Mother's Day!! Especially Aire, Marika and Marju :) .. and of course my own mom :) Let your day be great, sunny and full of flowers! Here are some Gerberas to our all brave moms too :)

Best wishes and enjoy your weekend :)
Your Gerbel

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Trip to Mallorca

My dear friends :)

So, my adventures trip to Mallorca is over and im back in Tallinn. It was a great work-vacation trip. Though i didnt get for what I went there, I went to look if there is more some work I could do, I mean give personal trainings and as the gyms are not so popular I berried that idea, at least for a while. I will tell about gym I went later on.

Anyhow I stayed in Maioris in one nice house, a little place a bit outside of Palma. Thank you to Daniel who made that overall trip possible and made the trip so nice. :) During my visit i got to go beside Palma also Port Andratx, S’Arenal beach and Gala Millor which was the nicest beach I ever seen actually till now, but the prices were much higher also comparing with S’Arenal beach.

I did so much walking during these days that my legs still hurting, actually I have trouble with my right ankle from the end of last year and it bothering me always when I do lots of walking or running. High heals I better not to wear. ;)

So in the morning and in the evening I got to do and give trainings, so that went well. About gym or training facility I went to.. oh.. it was nice, gym was well equipped, had pool, all kind of aerobics classes, spinning and etc. But it was so unbelievably expensive to go.

Let me tell you about prices in S’AiguaBlava in Maioris:
50EUR (780EEK) – 1 month (3x per week)
60EUR (930EEK) – 1 month (5x per week - Mon till Thu)
70EUR (1100EEK) – 1 month (7x per week - Mon till Sun)
Though these prices were if you take 3 month ticket to this facility, so to say.
So for visitors or short term tourists I would say the prices were crazier:
20EUR (315EEK) – 1 day
70EUR (1100EEK) – 5 days
100EUR (1560EEK) – 10 days
160EUR (2500EEK) – 20 days
So we did keep doing the trainings in home/outside/balcony because such a steeling from tourists I just couldn’t stand and it was unbelievably how they wanted to get advantage from tourists. I talked there also with a local personal trainer and he said there aren’t so much visitors of the facility. I wonder why?! ;) LOL
The facility was open normally: Mon-Fri 0645-2200, Sat 0900-2030, Sun 0900-1330.

Eating part, was also well for me, lets say that I usually don’t eat even during month so much fruits but it was really delicious and I just couldn’t resist of strawberries and pineapples ;) .. manly my menu consisted of meat, veggies and fruits. What is most important that I could still keep my weight under control :)

My travelling to and back was long, lots of hours waiting in Airports but it was great, I got to meet and speak with very interesting people.
Going to Mallorca I met one Italian teacher who visited Tallinn for work (doing cooperation with one school).
Then in Barcelona Airport I met one US married couple who did in Europe one month their retirement holiday trip (in Mallorca, Barcelona, boat trip and so forth). Sue and George (I hope I remember their names correctly) were so nice and great people and it was really a great pleasure to meet them and I wish them all the best for the future with kids and grandkids and as they are still on the holiday trip then I pray that they will receive most pleasurable holiday ever :)

Way back home I had to stay in Riga Airport for 5 hours and then I got to talk with one German guy, Hardy, who was a car dealer, who bought cars from Lithuania and brought them back to Germany ;) .. usually it is done vice versa.. from Germany we bring cars and selling them in Baltic States. So it was so wired and he admitted it as well. As he had to wait also 4 hours then we kept talking and what was interesting that he is doing all kind of extreme sport which was wonderful as I have done also some. So we had nice interesting topics. Also as I understand German language then he finally kept talking only in German and he was so amazed that I didn’t speak the language but I could understand everything he told, so we tried to get behind the fact how I could learn it and yeah.. I should jump into German society and not being able to speak in English and probably after few months or so I would speak the language. Would be nice don’t you think ;)
Also later on one Norwegian woman (my age) came to sit near us and she kept speaking in German and English and we had great talk also. Actually she almost has finished a doctor’s studies in Lithuania, before that she lived some years in Germany and in summer she goes back to home town in Norway to start working as a doctor. So I wish here a lovely life with her new boyfriend ;)
It was really so great to meet all these people and God Bless them and their loved ones.

So the time flied and finally I got home at 1am in this morning. During a day I already had to go to work and I work also tomorrow on Sunday. Yeah, as I had 7days in a row a free from work for this trip then now I keep working also in a row.

Ok.. enjoy some pictures I made and keep contact :)

My very best to all of you :)

PS! I wish I would have had a laptop that I could blog it every day and give some updates :)
Thanks again to Daniel for the trip :) You are a great friend :)
Here are some more pictures for you to see :)