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My dear friends,

I would like to do an announcement. I just have to write it because i want to share with you this happiness :) I met the guy of my life and he made me the happiest person in the world, earth or entire universe, you name it. It was a love at first sight and it was mutual. He's name is Guy, (leo Gi nii nagu eesti keeles).
Guy has everything I wish, wonderful personality, intelligence and look. He is so classy guy with all, tenderness and love. I love his style, what and how he wears things, how he is acting in socially and at home, he loves to go to gym, do weights. Ohh.. he has everything i expected from one man (usually you have to put together 3-4 men for that ;)) Its sounds crazy but he is Mister Perfect. :)

Guy, my guy, I love you! :)

My best to all and wish you the same forever love :)
Your Gerbel

Estonian Bench Press Championships results

Hey my dear friends :)

Finally i got little time to write small blog about the contest what was 16 May.

I did as i planned and im happy with my result, though i could have done even heavier as i felt really good during that contest and with that bench press shirt i borrowed.
Anyhow, i started my reps with 77,5kg as i wanted to be sure that i pass the first rep. Then i took 82,5kg which was my previous record and then went up 2,5kg and so i pushed 85kg.
It seemed so easy that i could push 5kg more but i didnt want to risk too much ;) .. anyhow i got my result better and now i know which shirt is the best for me :) LOL

I will put up pictures a bit later and link to protocol if it will be published. Just wanted to let you know about the results :) and how it went.

Contest itself and the organization was great, Kimber Klubi did very well and i dont know what was there but my mood was very naughty and i had a great fun over there during and after the contest :) I know also the reason but will no…

Dandelion, Rosin's birthday and Mother's Days :)

Hey hey my dears,

I just have to write this. This evening when i got home from work i saw just at my door steps a Taraxacum/Dandelion (Võilill) and it just reminded me a movie "Ice Age" (Jääaeg) and the flower and the Sid's saying "Oo Dandelion, must be the last one of the season" (Võilill, selle hooaja viimane!)
It was so funny, i was almost started to laugh ;) .. so i had to go out and make a extra picture of it and tell you also about this because i found it so crazy :)

Anyhow, i will work also on this weekend, on Sat & Sun in Sparta FitShop.

Tomorrow later in the evening Laura, alias Rosin, my colleague, invites all friends to Club von Überblingen to have a small party. She has a birthday on 10th of May and therefore, i would like to wish her very very happy birthday in front ;) and give this Dandelion to her :)

Also, for this Sunday, i would like to wish all moms the wonderful Mother's Day!! Especially Aire, Marika and Marju :) .. and of course my own …

Trip to Mallorca

My dear friends :)

So, my adventures trip to Mallorca is over and im back in Tallinn. It was a great work-vacation trip. Though i didnt get for what I went there, I went to look if there is more some work I could do, I mean give personal trainings and as the gyms are not so popular I berried that idea, at least for a while. I will tell about gym I went later on.

Anyhow I stayed in Maioris in one nice house, a little place a bit outside of Palma. Thank you to Daniel who made that overall trip possible and made the trip so nice. :) During my visit i got to go beside Palma also Port Andratx, S’Arenal beach and Gala Millor which was the nicest beach I ever seen actually till now, but the prices were much higher also comparing with S’Arenal beach.

I did so much walking during these days that my legs still hurting, actually I have trouble with my right ankle from the end of last year and it bothering me always when I do lots of walking or running. High heals I better not to wear. ;)

So in the m…