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FIBO 2010

Hey my dear friends,

Its the end of April and i suppose its the last blog on this month ;) and of course i will tell you about my visit to FIBO 2010 on Saturday, the 24 April. (22-25 April 2010 will be FIBO 2010 - The Leading International Trade Show for Fitness, Wellness & Health, in Essen, Germany.)

It was such a fun event, it was for me first time to visit such a big sport event and i loved it, what a great experience :) I went there with Guy and Patricia, both are my biggest fans i think ;) and so we met lots of well built worldwide famous athletes (bodybuilders, fitness, bodyfitness, bikini, powerlifters, strongmen and so forth) and saw or better to say tried many great workout equipment. Lets say if i would have money then i would buy Kinesis wall at home (first picture here me with the cables and mirror behind). Though i love also to go to gym and enjoy training with other people around, but this mirror Kinesis is impressive and fancy LOL.
The Intek Strength dumbbells were als…

Soon at FIBO

Hey my friends,

I so much look forward to go to FIBO.
Will go there with my loving husband and a great Belgium friend, Patricia :) We are sure it will be a great event on Saturday. Yes, we go to Essen, Germany on Saturday the 24 of April and hope to see YOU also there ;)

I have already scheduled at least one photoshoot on the place ;) lol
Telling you that because i hope to make you curious ;) lol

Here is the FIBO official site and buy your ticket already now :)

Best wishes and see you there,

Boat Lifts in Belgium

Hey Friends,

On 5 April we drove with Guy around in Province of Hainaut (Belg: Provincie Henegouwen) in Belgium (French part of Belgium) to see some big Boat Lifts (Waterwerken). Wow they were big. LOL

First we went to see the very new one - Funicular lift of Strephy-Thieu (Scheepslift van Strepy-Thieu). This waterways is a network for 1350t vessels and the difference in level is 73.15 meters. So you can imagine how hard was to climbing up as we didnt want to pay the entrance ticket. The reason why we didnt go inside was actually that the season really starts in May and then its also possible to drive with boat from one lift to another. So we considering to visit these places again :) Meaning we want to take canal cruise Strepy-Thieu to Ronquieres. Would be much more fun we thought :)

Anyhow, the next stop was The Historical Canal Du Centre and its hydraulic lift. Its the oldest construction of the site (1888), hydraulic lift no. 1. Here the level difference was 17 meters.

Next we saw the…

Happy Easter!!

My dear Friends and my Family,

First, I wish you and all your loved ones a very Happy Easter!
Enjoy it fully :)

Also in the same time I would like to give my sincere condolences to my loving husband and all the family. Yesterday, Guy's grandmother passed away at the age of 84. She was such an amazing woman who touched the lives of many. Everyone who know her will miss her.
"Not ever gone, Just moved on!"

Happy Easter and God Bless you!