Sunday, June 20, 2010

Barbeque at home


Today was a great day, we did some work at home and for eating we decided to make a barbeque, of course i did some pictures... i, as a photographer, am not on the picture, but Guy is ;) LOL

What a delicious meal: grilled beef sate, chicken and tomato, then for side some salade, yogurt and salsa sause and etc.

We had to eat inside as the weather is not as warm but it promises from Tuesday next week warmer weather again :)
We look very much forward to next week, vacation time, so you will not see me till the end of the month online, will not sit inside behind the pc LOL

I hope you had also a great weekend and i wish you a great and hot upcoming weeks,
Always your..... Gerbel ;)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

NINA magazine

Hey hey,

Today, 19 June 2010, was published a Belgian female magazine "NINA". There is an article about Belgian strength training girls and also I have a part there LOL

The picture qualities arent as good but i hope to get the pictures also digitally that i could put some of them to my gallery also :)
The interview and photoshoot was long time ago, on 9 Apr. It took a while when the article came out, as you see LOL

Most of you who read this blog arent able to buy this magazine, so i photo copied it and you can find it by clicking on the picture what brings you to the published work in my website.

Enjoy and have a nice summer :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pictures & Videos - IFBB Nationals II & GD Prix of Flanders 2010


I will put here quickly some links for you to see pictures and videos.
Afterwards will put the selected pictures and links with videos to my website also. Oke :)

Till then, enjoy them here:

Pictures made by Dirk De Vos (

Free routine at contest:

Free routine practice 2 days before contest:

Compulsory poses at contest:

Hope you enjoy them :)
Take care,
Gerbel :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

IFBB Nationals II & GD Prix of Flanders 2010

Dear Friends,

Its Sunday evening, i dont have so many pictures yet but i have few videos.

So i got 4th place (first 3 places were taken by hollanders), we had in total 8 women competing in bodybuilding and most of the other women took part also in fitness and bodyfitness and miss bikini. And that brings me to say that if the bodybulding first 3 winners winning or taking also higher places in miss bikini then the jury's work is in my opinion out of balance. I know i was soft (cant get my last days preparation as it should be) and im happy to have my 4th place. It was my 5th contest in bodybuilding and every time i learned something of my body, got a great experience and especially this yesterday's contest was a hit for me as i never had so much to pose and never sweated as i did yesterday. It wasnt like usually you have up to 2 minutes on stage, what i experience in my previous contests and it was always hard to find a motivation to do all of it (preparation for many months).

By the way, i have to say also that the contest organisation wasnt as good as it should be, starting with 2 times registration and ending with the jury, some of them didnt do any difference between miss bikini and bodybuilding judgement. Sorry for being so hard on that.....
And of course the posing, keep strict track what are the bodybulding compulary poses and what are the fitness compulsary poses, some judges surely werent aware of these and as well some (female competors) who competed in any possible categories.... (female bodybuilding doesnt have profile pose, not in my IFBB rule papers).

About doping control, oh well, these people just picking out whoever. The testing is so expensive but seems its not important, tax payers will pay it anyhow. Sorry that i have such an opinion about this procedure but they should check at least 3 first places or take a pick with some reason/evidence. Seems that they dont know nothing about side effects of doping users and if you can hide yourself before contest (what is easy to do, just close a door and dont show yourself before going to stage) then you dont have to give it! Sounds funny but is actually sad. Sorry guys.

Pleasant part was to see so many girls there and it was very nice to meet all the competitors and i congratulate all the winners and wish all participants lots of success for the future. Have a nice summer! :)

Proficiat to Erko for 1st place and ....
Many thanks for all my friends and supporters, special thanks to my trainer Bill, my husband Guy and of course Patricia who is always there when you need her :)

Anyhow, i learned a lot from that contest and will do better in my next ones. I try to get some uploads of the contest also, but you need to be patient. :)
Its late, and tomorrow is school and i have to learn a lot as in 2 weeks have my dutch language in 2.2 level exams :)
Will do my best to do some updates in my website and in photogallery and video section asap.

Never the less.. Youtube video with my free routine is here :) ...Thx to Maxine! ;)

Take care and enjoy your week,
Gerbel :) x

All 8 competitors of female bodybuilders:
I point out only first 3 places, sorry i dont have the protocol and so no names, include them later): from left the first woman (with red bikini) got 3rd place, the third from the left (with white bikini) won 1st place, next to her (red bikini again) got 2nd place (who won also miss bikini 3rd place).