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Happy New Years Eve and Happy 2010!! :)

Hey my dear family, friends, fans and all the readers :)

We wish you a incredible New Years Eve and more wonderful 2010 year!!

Enjoy your life, its beautiful!
Gerbel & Guy

Comedy shows :)

Dear friends,

Please let me share this Happy Holidays video with you.. its such a fun :)

Jeff Dunham - Achmed The dead Terrorist (Christmas Special)

See this website too..

And one legendary theater show also for you here :)

Dinner for one!

Hugs :)

Unbelievable snow :)


This December month has been very nice :) .. lots of nice and simple things going on :)
Here i thought to share some more pictures we made last week :) .. and yesterday we did even a snowwoman (snowvrouw) next to Schelde, almost as tall as i am :) lol

Lots of nice Christmas wishes to all from me and Guy, enjoy the holidays fully :))

First snow in Antwerpen!! :)

Hey my friends,

This is cool here, we had first snow today in Antwerpen, though it was pretty scary how this weather touched the traffic. As here almost noone doesnt have winter gears for the car then the traffic was slow, very slow, full of traffic jams and so on. Yeah, its not compulsory to have a winter gears here. I included also few pictures taken from home window :) Cool, feels like home in Estonia ;)

Last Saturday we went to ski :) .. SnowWorld Landgraaf in Holland. Its a inside ski area and a nice place, though some time ago we went to Germany to Alpincenter Bottrop and i must say i liked there more. Anyhow, in Landgraaf it was cold and the pictures will show it, my nose is red. See more pictures HERE :)
Unfortunately, for one our friend Stefanie it didnt end so good. She broke her leg :( .. she will be fine soon and will run around in summer as nothing happened, im sure :) But we all wish her "Veel Beterschap!!" :)

About Christmas, no so much plans, staying at home and …

An amazing video :) and my ice cream ...mmmm

Hey all,

Just wanted to share one video "90% degree push-ups"
Its amazing what some can do :)
Wish i would have such a body control as he has ;)

Also i just had to include also 2 pictures.
What i have in front of me?!
Yeah, its an amazing ice cream place we went with Guy in November and wow... this bowl was full of ice cream and it was a one portion ... only for me ;) .. on top there was more then enough different kind of fruits.
This place was like heaven for me and some more girls i know, im sure that Rosin and Aktivist would love it there too :) LOL

Also let me tell you that i plan to send out another newsletter for you tomorrow and that everything is very good with us. I train a lot, go to language school and eat also good to keep up with all my activities ;) lol .. its fun :) .. only the weather starts to get colder and it keeps raining ;) damn ;)

Enjoy :)
Always your Gerbel :)