Sunday, February 28, 2010

KYANI Natural Supplement

Hey my dear Friends and Fans and all readers,

Today i thought to speak about natural vitamins.
I take them all the time and my health, mood, energy and power is better then before. Doing every day heavy strength workout and after that some 30 min cardio and during weekends i started up with joga and stretching training then without this Kyani i wouldnt have the energy to keep up. All this training and going to school, giving personal trainings in evening times and sometimes lack of sleep has been possible only with the Kyani!

I recommend it to very hearthy people or with lots of health problems people. Also i suggest it to kids as it helps to increase the memory and be sure your kids grades will be much better as his/her studies will be much more construcive. Kyani is against headaches, migraines, sleepless... you just name what problems you have and you will get rid of it as the Kyani gives all the neccesary support to every cell and system in your body!! It also helps to loose fat if you have small overweight problems. Even to quite smoking is easier as using the Kyani you dont long for cigarettes. Kyani is all you need for better body and soul. :)

Here is one very good video what one very good friend, Jüri, sent me. Enjoy the video and i hope you go for it because if you use Kyani you dont need any other bills or whatever you use at the moment and Kyani is natural. That i love the most.


Yes, its really a great product and here is one more video i suggest you to watch because it will help you to understand why i tell you about Kyani. I want to help you and if you also want to help others you can do it, also you can make some money. All you hear and see in this video is not a pullshit, it all is true :) is a wonderproduct!


Anyhow, i hope you really think all through, what kind of vitamin products you eat now and how you could help your body with Kyani natural products. I believe you will save lots of money to go for and use Kyani. It will help you to get your body healthy and health is the first thing for success!! Isnt it!?

For ordering the Kyani wonder products go to my website and start the healthier life, and your success is easy to come!!

My best wishes,
Always your Gerbel

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

FLEX magazine

Hey my friends,

Just today got a new number of FLEX magazine (March 2010, No 3 NL) and what a nice surprise, I was in ;) .. all our Bill's team was in, of course :)
Anyhow it was about the last contest I had in Belgium: IFBB Nationals I & Belgium Fed Cup 2009.

See the cut-outs (pictures) from my site PUBLISHED WORK (4 last pictures after marriage article pictures). Hope you enjoy it the same as i do :) .. of course who know me then they also know that they mixing up my first and family name, they keep doing it all the time ;) LOL Oh well... one day they do know me better and .... ;)

Please enjoy the rest of the week and enjoy my Chicken salad too, just did it today and you will find the recipe from my RECIPE page :)

Otherwise everything is oke with me, I do at least once a day my gym training, though all my weekends are more or less just for enjoyment, no training, sometimes just light training followed with saunas :)
During week i go still to my dutch lessons (2.1) for 3 days per week and then keep giving personal trainings. So the days flying away quicker than i wish sometimes but at least im busy and not bored ;)

Oke, I let you go now and hope you enjoy the new things in my site :)
I have some more things to put up to my site, just give me some time, will include them ASAP :)

Always think of you, take care,
Gerbel :)

PS! Happy Estonian Independence Day to all Estonians :) ...on 24 Feb :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Guy!

I wish you lots of love, happiness and success!!
Happy birthday my darling :)

Your Schat :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bill Richardson's gym

Dear friends,

I made few pictures of the gym im going. Its Bill Richardson's gym in Burgerhout, Antwerpen. Though the official gym name is B+C Gym Borgerhout. And as you see its really a old school gym :)

Anyhow enjoy the pictures HERE. I know that some of you looking forward to some training pictures. Soon will talk about my usual leg training and also put up some pictures :) .. we did some this morning :)

On the first picture in the gallery you see Patricia behind the desk, who is a great woman, training partner and her legs are really strong (as mine ;)).. lot of respect. And i will tell soon also her story, how she got into this gym and what changes she has made after she started to train in train there. :)

Till then ;)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Flemisch 1.2 level is finished


You probably already looking forward me to speak Flemisch.. yeah.. its kinda difficult but the first level is over and today already started with a new 2.1 level studies. Our teacher changed, now we have female teacher, Inez. Our prevous teacher, Johan (the tallest guy on the picture) got a new beginner class ;)
From now on i have my lessons on Monday, Thursday and Friday from 09.00-12.30 :)
Other days as Tuesday and Wednesday morning i will do my trainings in Bill's gym.

Sure you want to know my result: i got 112 points from possible 120. Im happy with the result :)
Rhys, here is the answer to your question :))) .. jupiiiiiiiiiii ik ben geslaagd!!
And all did the exam very well and could continue with a new advanced course! :) Proficiat! all :))

Oke.. here is a LINK where you can see few more pictures. Enjoy :) ..though there arent so many of me ;) .. cool isnt it :)

Soon i will put up some training pictures also.. but till then.. enjoy all the gallery :)

Wish to all students a lot of success :)