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My trip to Estonia and Lexie

Hello to all,

It was lovely to visit Estonia and see the fantastic event. 
18-21 November 2011 I went to Estonia to watch the World Classic Bodybuilding Championships Tallinn 2011.
It was nice event to go, Estonia did so good as we got 7 medals :) wow :) .. Well done girls and boys ;)
I saw my mam and so many friends with who i did go to gym or worked when i was still living in Estonia. I woudnt have seen them all at once if that event hasnt took place ;) lol .. has lots of pictures, so i suggest for you to look them from page

Here are our Estonian proud medal ownes:
Taavi Koovit – 1st / Classic Bodybuilding -180 cm
Ott Kiivikas – 1st / Men Bodybuilding
Esta Pilt – 1st / Athletic Fitness, Women
Oleg Anissimov – 1st / Fitness, Men
Kristina Koroljak – 2nd / Fitness, Women
Oleg Anissimov – 3rd / Athletic Fitness, Men
Merike Sula – 3rd / Women Bodyfitness +163 cm

Hope i can do also soon some international contests ;) lol

When i got back from Estonia then Lexie g…

Kroonika and visiting Estonia

Hey hey all :)

Time flys so quick that i even havent had any time to blog ;) .. anyhow.. life is wonderful :)
The end of last month with the winning of Belgium Nationals I in bodybuilding was real success. I must say that i did my best form ever thanks to all my supporters :) ...

Now i continue training, i do heavy trainings 4 x per week in early mornings and as finally we got out crosstrainer then i do every day (evenings mostly) at least 30 min cardio at home. Isnt it good?! :) So, i keep my body lean and trimmed even its a offseason. I allowed to pick up just few kilos. Also we keep doing with Lexie and Guy little walks if the weather is good :)

In facebook its already up but i put here also the link of the article from Estonian news magazine about my winning and come back after giving birth. Its silly to say but im kinda very proud of myself that i could get that form 10 month later after giving birth.  :)

Oke, another reason why i write here is that i will go to Estonia to see the…