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Erotica Beurs in Antwerpen


Yes, you hear correct, last weekend there was Erotica Beurs in Antwerpen. We had after long time really lots of fun :) .. and enjoyed it fully. It was smaller comparance with the visit 3-4 years ago but as we met some nice people then it end up just great.  :)

We met Ivo and Katelijne, stage names Kenzos and Kacenka, who are the best striptease couple in Belgium and wow they gave a great perfomance. Visit their website, see what all they do: . I suggest warmly and if you can have a opportunity to see or meet them, then do! :)

Here are few picture, as i was dragged on the stage by Kenzos lol ;)
Thank you Ivo for your great act and hope to see you soon again together with Katelijne :) xx It was nice meeting you guys :)

Thanks for the photographer too, who made these pix :) More pix are possible to see:

That wasnt all of course, we met also Sugar Jackson, the boxer and sure we had to do photos :)

Hope you enjoyed this blog and till ne…