Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of this year, 2008

Hey my dear friends,

How are you? How was your Christmas and all the long holidays? For me the Christmas was oke, though always they seem to be too short ;) .. i mean holidays ;) I spent it in Pärnu with my mom and brother and my friends Aire and Vallo afterwards. So the holidays were farely long :)
Now im in Tallinn for some time and working as always, also today on 31Dec till 1400hrs. I have had two clients till now (its 1000hrs) but im sure after 1200hrs there will be more clients in shop :)

For this evening i dont have so much plans, just making something nice to eat (chicken ;)) and drink champane when the time is right and the new year knockes on the door :P lol Thought to make also a last cake, .. why last cake, because from new year i start my full diet and training program... there starts my contest preparation again.
.. and more about today, at 2400hrs go out to see fireworks .. cant wait :) Hope the weather and sky is clear for that :)

Ok.. i let you go now and please take a good care, enjoy the last day of this year and i wish you the greatest New Year 2009 :) .. lots of success and accomplishments :)

God Bless you and stay happy!
Your Gerbel

Monday, December 22, 2008

Almost Christmas :)


I havent written for a long time, at least it seems so.
Have been busy with work, training, visiting family and friends .. well its sort of compulsory during Christmas time :) dont you think?! ;)

We had also a Christmas party on Friday at Okasroosike hotel in Salmistu and it was a great party and wonderful food. All who participated had lots of fun and enjoyed it a lot (at least it seemed so for me) :) See some pics here.

Also, recently i notised that Bonsuna movie pictures are available in site, see the previous link and you will find them and also link to site.

I make bread today again, and planning to bring bread to work tomorrow and make a degustation there.. ;)

About my training, i keep going to gym in the morning time to get some free time for the evening. Still i cant just sit down in the evening and just relax, somehow i have managed to schedule all my time and keep myself busy aslo in the evenings :) which is good i suppose :)

Ok.. i continue doing the bread and let me wish to you a lovely and peaceful Christmas celebration. See the Newsletter and get your Christmas wish if you havent received it already (i sent the newsletter out yesterday who have asked subscription for that) :)

God Bless you and enjoy,

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas time

Dear Friends,

Sorry that i dont have any time to write here more, i have been so busy lately and it continues that way, its already 1 am in the night and i should sleep but i needed to do some work. Though i thought i should write few lines here as well and let you know im still alive ;)

I really wish you and your loved ones from my deep heart a wonderful and peaceful Christmas time.

My best wishes and God Bless you all :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dec-Jan campain in

Hey, Estonians ;)'s on hetkel kampaania ..klika pildile ja loe lähemalt.
Jõulukuul ja suurtel söögiorijatel tuleb ehk kasuks omada mõnda rasvapõletajat.. ;)


Wednesday, December 10, 2008 calendar 2009

Hey my dear friends,

Finally came out the calendar 2009. There you will find quite famous, so to say, pictures of family members such as Marek "Bonsuna" Kalmusest, Taavi "Käpp" Koovitist, Argo "Tantsukuningas"Aderist, Ott "Tšempion" Kiivikasest, Natalia Nazarenko-Kiivikasest, Liisa Otsusest, Laura "Pisikerosin" Reisalust, Gerbel "Skaut" Mikust and etc.
This calendar is A3 size - quality printed and costs 100.-EEKs.
For members of client cards its free if they come to shop during this month - December.
If you are in abroad and would like to get it, you may contact me. Send me email and we will see how we can get this to you :)

My very best wishes,

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Heavy week behind

Dear Friends,

Im sorry i havent written so long and havent updated my site, it was because i was sick as hell. I mean in the beginning of this week i had almost 40 fever and it took for me a while to get rid of it. It seems i got away with fever but i still fight with my headaches and bad ill-being.
Yesterday i went to work, didnt want to destroy my colleagues weekend as they anyway had to replace me during all week... and this Saturday at work was a disaster, i mean i had such headache and im sorry for the clients cos i wasnt so alive as i should have been.. but i survived and hopefully tomorrow and upcoming week will be better.

What makes me really angry that i have missed more then a week my workouts and i see that i have to skip them for few more days :( .. but i will start it soon and take care of my body :)

I have also updated few pages (recipes, galleries, etc) and i hope you enjoy them.

Hope you had better week behind as i did and i wish you a great upcoming week.

I also want to wish you a lovely second advent.

Take care and stay healthy,

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Hey my dear friends,

Yesterday i sent out the November Newsletter to my dear friends and fans and supporters :)
Hereby i would like to thank you again for all the support and love you have given me. What i would do without you?!

Thank you for everything, God Bless You and have a lovely Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving Card for you! :)

Here is something to read if you have time:
The History of Thanksgiving

With Love,

......And a nice Thanksgiving light meal for you too, i will include it to my recepies page also in the evening :)

Thanksgiving Vegetables

2 (1-lb) bags fresh broccoli and cauliflower florets
4 tsp. extra-virgin olive oil
3/4 tsp. Salt
1/4 tsp. black pepper
2 Tbsp. slivered almonds

1. Preheat oven to 425 F degrees. Spray a larged rimmed baking sheet with non stick spray.
2. Combine the broccoli, cauliflower, salt, and pepper in a large bowl. Toss to coat. Spread the vegetables on the baking sheet. Roast until golden brown and tender, about 25 min, turning once halfway through the cooking time.
3. Mean while, place the almonds in a small nonstick skillet and set over medium heat. Cook, shaking the skillet occasionally, until lightly toasted 5-6 min.
4. Transfer the vegetables to a large bowl. Sprinkle with the almonds. serve at once or let stand at room temp up to 2 hours.
Number of Servings: 8

PS! Rhys, thanks for the comment to my last blog :) Enjoy the Thanksgiving and you might try recipe above ;) make healthy choice beside meat :P

Sunday, November 23, 2008

1st Place in Bench Press :)

Hey my dear friends,

Finally i got first place ;) .. see the news. There are links to the picture galleries and results as well :)

The contest was great, i feel happy i made the personal record 82,5kg and i must admit that after i did it, i felt that i could have done also 85 or even more. I had some power left. Just i didnt want to risk.
We, with Ott Kiivikas, had open there also a box and after my contest was finished i was behind the desk and offered protein bars and shakes and measured bodyfat who wanted ;) .. it was cool event and i suppose who participated will say the same :)

The contest was in Tartu and the weather was ugly. From Tartu i went directly to Pärnu, visited Aire and Agnes and on Sunday visited also my mom and brother, Alar. They all doing fine :)

Today, my God, i drove from Pärnu to Tallinn almost 3 hours and its only 130km. The snow storm was so bad that all the traffic was very slow, drove about 50-60km/hour .... unbelievable, isnt it?! .. It was my longest time i drove from Pärnu to Tallinn. ;) ... you know, i had to stop the car, twice, for cleaning up the front window ...i wasnt the only car who had to clean up front window while driving.. so the was and still is very bad. Here is the picture made early morning and then it was fairly nice weather... ;)

So, after i got home, i started to upload pictures and update my site.. so here i am and updating it :) Here is one more picture i thought would be nice to make and share with you ;) The picture with my medals i won in November ;)

Here, also i would like to thank Jackie (Kristi) and her sister who made pictures and Ott (Ott Kiivikas) as well who made also some of them.

Oke, i will put my stuff together for morning training and for work.

Hope you had also a great weekend and i wish you even better upcoming week :)

Take care and God Bless You!
Your Gerbel

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Website updates

Hey my dear readers,

Just a small note that i updated my website (news, galleries and etc). Though i must apologize to my members.. i will update there also some stuff soon, hopefully i have time for that tomorrow :)

Here is a 2007 and 2008 contest pictures for comparison. :)

Have a nice week, i'll write here soon again :)

My best to all of you,

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Got second place

Dear readers and my friends and fans,

Just a small note before i go to sleep... the contest was good though i didnt do as well i wanted and got second place this year. Merike Sula was more ripped this time and she won. Though the life is going on and i keep got a great experience again and learned working out, eat properly and do my best for the next contest which is planned for next year spring. So, i a lot, at least this time i did dieting much better as i didnt loose so much muscle weight as it was a case last year contest.

Soon i will get also some pictures and then i will update my website also and put pics up and so forth.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and take a good care,
Gerbel :)

16 Nov at 2200hrs:
Here i put few pictures.. more will be available soon also in my website.

More pictures made by Merle :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

15 Nov.. the contest day morning

Hey hey,

Im so nervous that i didnt sleep, woke up every hour and saw silly dreams.. now i got up and looking and doing thought my posing and routine.. ohhh.. measurements and so on.
What can i say .. i hope and pray that i have done all the necessary preparations and that i dont miss anything.. and dont forget anything as im so forgety lately.

Dear God, thank you for everything, that i could go through the hardest part, the preparation part, please give me power to jump over the last tale (so to say) and let me do my best, i have done everything what is in my power, now its your turn :) Amen.

Ok.. i continue here.. who coming to see the contest, enjoy the show :) ... who cant come, it will be recorded and you can see it afterwards.. also pictures will be available.
Link for more info

My very best regards to all of you :)
Your Gerbel

Sunday, November 9, 2008

As planned, Sunday's blog :)

Hello my dear friends,

As always i find time to update my website and write something into my blog only on Sunday (almost ;)).
Last week was busy, though lots of positive emotional experiences made the week just perfect :)
First of all i want to thank everyone for nice and happy wishes for my birthday! As you know i didnt really celebrated it, i had the same routine as every day but doing my trainings and being at work came a lovely day for me, my colleagues and costumers and all other friends worldwide made my day on Tuesday the 4th :) Thanks again!

Oke.. now its only one week to go and be ready for the contest. Im scared, nothing will come easy! You know what i mean, so i continue working on my routine and posings as long as its over.
Here is a link with information for any case if someone would like to come to Salme Kultuurikeskus, Salme street 12, Tallinn, on 15 Nov 2008 to the contest. Doors will be open from 1600hrs and championship starts at 1700hrs.

I wish you a great upcoming week and stay fit!!

My best,

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Gerbel ;)))))))))

Dear Friends,

Wrote in the morning:
Again older and i really forgot how old i became and made myself already few month ago the age i reached now ;) .. silly me :PPP

Have a nice day to you all and let force be with you!

Wrote in the evening:
Me again, yeah.. what can i say, my birthday was nice.
I got lots of text messages and e-cards from my friends and thank you for that very much to all of you!
Also, thank you to my colleagues in for nice wishes and flowers.
Rosin and Greta, you are great, thank you again for so sweet present :) .. i love this shirt ;)
Thank you, Rhys, for so sweet flowers and present and all the support you are giving.. by the way, i will start to read this book from 1st of January ;) .. will read it accordingly, each day one thought ;)
And more, thank you to all clients who took a candie for my birthday :P what i offered in the shop ;)

Otherwise the day was as usual, no parties or anything, in the morning did my cardio and chest, delts day and in the evening after work did my back and bics :)
Tomorrow i will have only morning training .. in the evening will be busy with other responsibilities.

Ok.. i will do some more things, put things ready for tomorrow and then go to bed.

Have a great evening and overall week :) .. will write here again in the end of this week :)

My love to all of you,

PS! I found one wonderful thought from the book ("The Friendship Book" of Francis Gay) what i got from Rhys today.
"I believe that friends are quite angels who lift us to out feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly!"
Thank you to all my dear friends, you are my Angels forever! :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Busy week behind and continue with full power

Hey dear Friends,

Ohh, i had a busy week behind, full of morning cardio and lihgt gym trainings and work, and evening trainings (heavy trainings)... though its good to be busy. Only thing what i alsways miss is to stay home and enjoy the peace i have here. I really love and enjoy to be at home :)

But i had nice week and also very good weekend :)

Yesterday i was so busy with cleaning up the flat and started to make bread again.
The evening (actually from 3pm) was longer as i wanted it to be, finished my day only at 2am in the morning. What i did.. i did some translation for the movie "Bonsuna" and read English language translation into it, so it means for you who dont know Estonian, its possible also to see the movie in English. As well there will be available a Russian version. Also Joker, who made the movie, helped me and we put together a perfect music for my posing. Thank you, Joker :) It means now i need to start quickly to put together the posing routine according this music :)

Even i finished my day last night very late, i still woke up at 6am and started to make a bread :) .. then i did some cooking as i had two old friends (Marju and Marika), colleagues from my previous working place, visiting me. Also, i went to church in the morning, couldnt miss it, as it was a All Souls' Day today .. i got back from church in time and my guests came and we had a great time, lots of talking and getting updated :) .. let me also say that they are both very very pregnant ;) .. They left only at 8pm, i drove them both home as i didnt want them to hang around Tallinn ;) ... What we celebrated, mmmm.. ;) .. i have a birthday very soon ;) ;) ;) lol ...Here they are on the picture as well :) .. lovely girls and very nice friends. God Bless them :)

So, then... i know, i have to update my website, put some things / pictures up for my members and also perhaps a recipe.. sorry guys, hope to do it tomorrow.. my weekend passed too quickly and didnt get any time .. though i made some pictures yesterday and i hope to update my contest preparation page (available only for my website members) tonight or tomorrow :)

Ok.. but now i let you go and keep us praying for our dear friends, loved ones and everybody.

God Bless you and please have a great week.. :)


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday's updates :)

Hey my dear friends,

I had a taff week behind me, i can tell you, made twice a day training and worked 6 days in a row this week. Though i had also few other nice activities, met with few friends and interesting people in shop. :)

Rhys, the British personal trainer, dropped by (who writing comments here a lot ;)). He has lots of friends who live in Estonia and he visiting Estonia pretty often, so we had small chat in shop and today we spend some time in old town, actually he came with me to church (Cathedral of the St. Peter and Paul (Vene street 18, Tallinn)) and then we had nice lunch afterwards. The mess was great, Mgr Philippe Jourdan did the mess, Parish priest Fr Alfonso Di Giovanni was there as well, with who Rhys had met previously in some nice event. So, i think Rhys liked the mess and doesnt have any regrets that he came along. Thanks Rhys for your friendship, by the way. :)

Then, dropped by from shop, one world famous powerlifter, stongest man, Mika Kerman (link) with one of his friends, who actually living in Tallinn and going also tho Zelluloos gym (where we have seen each other) and we had a really very nice talk. They both were Finns, though Mika living some years already in Spain and competing there and there, everywhere. It was very nice to meet both of them and hopefully they will check my website (i gave my card) ;)

Yesterday, 25 Oct, i made few pictures at work, in the morning time when no people were around yet ;) and here is one of them, more pictures i put up only for my website members who has access they can see more :) .... just let me say also that i use the Dorian Yates protein (though on the picture i have the Lean Gain, it was just a bigger can... LOL) and in my opinion the Dorian Yates supplements are the best. Max Nutrition vitamins are great as well.

Yesterday evening, was also a clients day (sports day) for supplements dealers/resellers and coaches in City Spa, Tallinn, Estonia. Of course, we as a team had also a great relaxing time. As i had my turn to work on that Saturday then i join with them a bit later, though I didnt miss the main nice events after hard working day / week (strip-aerobics, aqua-aerobics, jacuzzi and delicious dinner). For dinner the dessert, the vanilla ice-cream was so good that i cant put it in words, i never had anything so good in my life! I could just keep eating it ;) See pictures from my gallery and more pictures from gallery.

Oke, now i think i got some things written down for you to read and i apologize that i will make few inputs here tomorrow, so there can be few changes meanwhile in this blog ;)

Hope you had a great week and weekend as well and i wish you even better upcoming week.

Take care, God Bless you all!

Always your Gerbel

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday and im working

Hey my dear friends,

Yes, im working today. It happends once per month when there is my turn to work also on Saturday's because the shop is open on Saturdays as well from 1000-1600hrs. Here im sitting and waiting that costumers will wake up and come to buy something usuful and necessary for their body after hard training. ;)

This evening there are also a sport event in City Spa, Tallinn, i will join them a bit later after my work. So i hope to go to sauna and swim in the pool and have a small delicious dinner as well :) Though, i cant allow myself much for eat or drink as my contest is very very close .. it will be 15th of Nov in Salme Kultuurikeskus. Information about it you will find here.

Tomorrow i will go to church as usual and get mental peace :) .. cant wait after so busy work and training week. Then just relax and walk in old town and hopefully the weather will be also nicer than today. Its rainy today .. :( .. but as there is a saying that there aren't bad weather, only wrong clothes :P

I will update my website as well tomorrow evening, so be patient and hopefully on Monday you will have something new to see and read :)

Take care and enjoy your weekend,

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend in Pärnu

Hey my Dear Readers,

My weekend in Pärnu was good, small early birthday celebration (because my brother will be away on my birthday) on Saturday went well too, nothing special to report but my brother made a hudge present.. i got a microwave ;) .. so now i can warm up my food much quicker ;) Thanks you Alar! :) ...and i must also say that it suits to my kitchen so well and is the same style as my oven :) .. and let me also say that he never been in my place ;) .. very strange :P

Thanks Rhys for the comment to my last blog. As you know i dont wear usually glasses, i used to wear contact lenses but as i want to go to check my eyes for perhaps future eye operation then to get more officiant results, i shouldnt wear my contacts for 5 days. So now i took my glasses out and till Friday you all can see me only wearing glasses. :)
You mentioned also a rye-bread, i did it on Friday and brought it with me to Pärnu, my mom and brother enjoyed it very much :) I think i should include one picture also here to my blog, otherwise there is more pictures seen only for members :)

All this week was so hard, i started to go to gym in the morning before going to work, meaning i did my strength training from 0700-0800hrs though i wasnt able to do it in full power. I will continue that way, though i plan to change some things ;) and also to go gym in the evening time but then lets say that every another day, not every day. I just need to get more ribbed :P lean ;)

Ok.. i let you go, its a small message for now but i hope to have time also in mid-week to say something here :)

I wish you a great week and have a lots of success :)


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Training in Kimber's Club, Pärnu


I had a great weekend, though im so tired.. today i had a good chest workout in Kimber's Club, Pärnu at noon time with Jackie and Merle.. nice girls, we set the time 2 weeks prior as its always had to find suitable time for everyone... It was really so lovely to do training with them though in some moments we found us talking more than training ;) .. LOL
I and Merle had chest workout and Jackie did back and biceps workout.. her sister was also there and did her workout as well, so the gym was full of girls and only one man, usually its opposite :)
I finished my gym part with 30 min bike riding and Merle made few pictures about it :P

This morning i wake up and looked the date and found that there is only one month to go to be ready for the contest. Its just so hard.

Next week there will be a very busy at work, also i have few obligations i took and it seems i will not have any free time next week. Oh well, at least im not bored ;)

Ok, i will include these pictures and make everything ready for tomorrow.

Have a nice week and put something good into each day :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Aerobics Queen 2008 event

Hey my dear friends,

Well, i promised to write something about my weekend where i went to beauty mess "Ilu Sõnum 2008" and where was the election of the "Aerobics Queen 2008" on 4 Oct. It was real fun event by the way. On Saturday i didnt have much time to see the mess itself because i was in box most time and was involved with registration of aerobics queen competitors. Also i introduced our supplements and did Dietmix (meal replacement) degustation. I had a great overview in this hall and the music got nicely into me :) .. so i danced behind the desk and enjoyed it very much. :)
For your information there will be a transfer of the Aerobics Queen 2008 event on TV, the Estonian II channel "Kalev Sport" will show it several times on this weekend and should show it in total 5-6 times. Here are 2 known times when the Kalev Sport will show it:
On Saturday, 11.Oct - 16:00 Aeroobikakuninganna 2008
On Sunday, 12.Oct - 14:30 Aeroobikakuninganna 2008 (replay)
Perhaps you will see me also there! ;)

On Sunday i went to this mess again to see the mess itself as well and got some good cosmetics with fairly nice prices. So now i should be set with needed make up :) ...also i met few old friends and colleagues there, had nice chat and i may only say good words about overall event.

This week i feel really busy and tired.. wish i wouldnt feel so tired and forgetty, just have to control everything twice not to make any mistakes (especially at the shop). I dont know why i feel so tired but i assume its because the weekend wasnt as it used to be, where i used to have more relaxing time. Oh well.. today and 2 more days and then can relax again :) ..cant wait.

Also, finally came out "Muscle & Fitness" magazine in Estonian language. It is possible to get it in most news-stands all over Estonia and the place where i am, in shop, Telliskivi 51, Tallinn, Estonia. Official link to read about the magazine and ordering you will find here: ...I havent read it all throught yet, i intend to of course, but it seems a very nice magazine as i have read till now English versions of this and all kind of other fitness magazines. Oleg Odenenko with his team has made a great job :)

Anyhow, lets call that its enough for today, hope to write something more soon :)

My very best wishes to all of you!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The 300 workout on last Friday


I promised to write down for you the 300 workout what I use as a test for see how I have developed.

12x Assisted Pull-ups (assistance I used was 30kg)
25x Deadlift (barbell 35kg)
25x Push-ups
25x Box Jumps @ 12” box
25x Sit-ups (incline & 5kg)
30x DB Clean and Press (dumbbell 12kg)
12x Assisted Pull-ups (assistance 30kg)
TOTAL 154 reps and the result was 9 min. Last time I did it in the beginning of this year and then my time was 11 min. So I got better?! ;) .. its seems :) Avter that I did it through 2 more times and got full body workout by that )

Though, as you saw it was 154 reps in total, the real 300 workout, the harder version, looks like following and is the test i plan to do some time in the end of this year:

25x Pull-ups
50x Deadlift @ 100lbs (45kg)
50x Push-ups
50x Box Jumps @ 12” box
50x Knees to Elbows
50x KB Clean and Press @ 36lbs (16kg)
25x Pull-up
TOTAL 300 reps

So, now you know what the 300 workout looks like and perhaps got an idea to test yourself also taking the easiest or hardest version :) .. and dont forget to take time.

Ok.. now its time to put my stuff ready for tomorrow and finish up this nice weekend i had.

I wish you successful upcoming week,

Sunday and my weekend

Hey hey,

Its Sunday and as a clock i woke up at 0630 in the morning as every day ;) .. silly i know, i should sleep :) Though i start my day early and by that im able to do things more. ;)

Yesterday i had a great day. I did heavy cleaning in my flat, now its shining nicely again :) .. afternoon i had a small photo shoot. One student from Art Academy asked me a week ago if i would help him to be a model for one school work and I said yes. As this was a nude picture then this will be seen only for my members in my website after i get these pictures. Yeah, all the strategic places are covered though.. so its not a porno or anything :P

In the evening i was invited over to one small BBQ and as this was far far away :P i still went there by foot (it took me almost 2 hours) :) It was so nice to see my old colleagues from EDF Protocol and Philip. My best regards for them always :)

So today, i will have Teele and her new boyfriend coming over to my place and it seems the weekend pass by parties and with great friends. I feel so blessed that i have so great friends.

I started to make yesterday a bread. Its 2 days event twice a month when i do rye-bread (yes, i do bread myself because its tastes great (i love rey-bread) and then i know exactly what is inside) and obviously i will cook something more for the evening :) ...Though meanwhile i will go to church and do also other stuff i use to do on Sundays :)

So the busy day started for me and i let you go :)

Have a nice Sunday and upcoming week!
Take care and God bless you,

Thursday, September 25, 2008 shop and my training in Zelluloos gym

Morning everyone,

Im at shop in Telliskivi 51, Tallinn, Estonia and you are always welcome to visit the shop and me here ;) .. what a mood i have today, i feel very tired as the weekend comes and i had long working days, late evening trainings in Zelluloos gym, though i feel good and great :)

About the training... on Monday i wrote that i did legs.. that you know already :) I prefer to do legs in the beginning of the week when i have most energy picked up from the weekend if i can say so ;) .. now its seems im almost empty though i have my back workout this evening .. lets see how it goes :)
On Tuesday, i did chest and biceps and if i consider that i finished my bench presses sets with 77,5kg x 3 reps then im happy, cos my personal record is 80kg as a one rep :)
Yesterday, i had delts and triceps; and today i will do back and abs. So then i have done all muscule groups through. Tomorrow i plan to do a test workout, meaning all body workout as testing my performance. On Saturday evening i should have some time to write down the test for you to see how it works and main idea of it. I have done this workout through several times during 2 years now and i improved results in every test. Lets see how it goes this Friday :)

Oke, now i will do something useful here in shop :) Visit me in shop, there will be a WHEY1 shake for degustate today as well. We actually degustating every day some new or old products (shakes and protein bars). So, you are always welcome to visit shop, Telliskivi 51, Tallinn, Estonia :)
And more, we dont only sell supplements here, we have also a great collection of Gasp, Better Body, House of Pain brands, clothes.

Have a nice weekend and i hope to write again on Saturday later on the evening :)

My best,

Monday, September 22, 2008

Leg day and thanks for making my day :)

Hey hey,

Thank you James for so nice message to my last blog, it was a great surprise to get it and of course i havent forgotten you, hope your training goes well also?! :) .. im glad you finally took a chance to write here and you are always welcome to do so :)
And ... Rhys.. thanks also, you are a really a great friend. How are your plans for upcoming month, are you going to visit Tallinn? :)
You guys made my day!! Its lovely to have nice people around :)

About my training today, i just have to chair it with you :) .. i had leg day today after work, so i started with squats and it was so positive day (perhaps there were these messages i got from James and Rhys or it was the sunny weather, but i felt really good) and i finalized my squats with 110 kg x 4 reps. So, it looked like following: 62,5kg x 15 reps, 72,5kg x 10 reps, 82,5kg x 8 reps, 92,5kg x 7 reps, 102,5kg x 5 reps, 110 kg x 4 reps. :)
After that i did leg presses, went up to 270kg x 6 reps and then did supersets decreasing weight by 20kg and finished it with 150kg x 20 reps. My legs burned after all of that ;) .. though it was great. After that i did leg curls, calfs and abs as well. .. and of course finalized my workout with interval bike for 15 min.

So now you know how did today. It was kinda happy day.. even i was so tired in the morning as i got less sleep as usually due to updating my website in the late evening/night :) ...yeah. :)

Now its also almost eleven and i need to get ready for bed :) ... tomorrow is another long day, starts at 0630 with morning exercises, breakfast, walking ~1 hour to work, work, walking back home in the evening, take my gym gear and go to gym, and then its time to get to sleep again.
Tomorrow i plan to do a chest and bics.

Hope to have still some time to update my blog and website more frequently. Just need to take time for that. :) .. but thanks for understanding that its hard to find time :)

Oke, i think i should do go now.. God bless!

My very best,

God of Hope, Your love makes possible the impossible. When we are facing seemingly impossible situations, remind us of your love and the possibilities it proclaims. Amen.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dreams are nice but they dont feed you!

Hey there,

Its Sunday and as usually then i have some time to write here and update my website. So, i have made a lot of changes there today as well. This time i did lots of changes - mostly regarding Bill and my relationship. I mean he is still havent contacted with me and i dont know nothing about him. I had really a bad time few weeks ago .. especially. And thats because i didnt want to write anything. Now i have done some brain work and pulled myself together ... and now i go forward with my life here in Estonia. There is a nice saying "dreams are nice but they dont feed you", so i took a full job at, after work go to gym and then its already time to go to sleep. Thats because also i havent had time to update my website, though i try to manage my time more and update it more frequently.

About my training. I started to go to gym late in the evening after long working days and you can imagine when i get back from gym (usually at 21-2200hrs) i dont want to sit behind the computer, i only can think of going to bed. ;) ...and by the end of the week im so exhausted that i just have to take some time off :)

But my life is going well. Probably some of my friends, former colleagues would ask if i did a good decision leaving the army. Yes i did, and i havent done it when Bill hasnt come into my life. :)

I wish you all a great week!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Changes of my plans and aims

Hey my dear friends and ... fans, if any ;)

There are small changes in my plans and aims regarding competing in contests. Yesterday i had a pre-contest check-up and im not so happy with my form as i would like to be, im fairly critical on myself and i know that i am able to be better then that. We made also few pics and i will put them up for my site members during this weekend. Lets be honest, to go to world championships then i need to be in better shape, more "dry" as bodybuilders say :) and within this one month i never will get so good that i feel comfortable to go and compete. So, i took a decision and canceled my world championships in Spain. I will concentrate on Estonian Championships (14 Nov) and then after that lets see what happening, perhaps European Championships in spring?! :)) One step at a time!
Anyhow, it took a enormous stress from my shoulders and i feel positive about my decision. I'm so young in bodybuilding anyway that i felt i need some more time and compete some more contests to get necessary experience and confidence. I will do all kind of changes regarding that as well in my website during this weekend.

So, that was about my plans regarding contests. There are also other changes actually. I havent heard from Bill for more than a month now and i really dont know what happened or what is going on, what is a reason why he can't contact with me and obviously its also another reason, besides my contest prep and diet, of my stress and moodiness i have. My worries that something serious have happened to him makes me crazy. So, anyhow... the other changes i have that from now on you will find me in shop in Telliskivi 51, Tallinn, Estonia. On the picture im in shop and selling supplements :) So from Monday to Friday you will find me here. :)

Oke.. and the movie "Bonsuna" should also come out very soon.. i cant wait to see it myself .. its a great thing i was able to participate. :) I think i havent shown any pictures of me yet. Here you will get a small idea how i look like in the movie ;) LOL :)

Oke.. i will finish my working day also soon and then im ready to go to gym and do some hard work on my body ;) See you in Zelloloos gym?! ;)
Take care and be always positive!
My very best wishes to all readers,

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Survival course

Hello dear Friends,

Im sorry i havent been so active lately. Its a real survival course now.. i try to manage with my work, training and diet, also keep my thoughts away from loneliness. I have been pretty frustrated lately... the reason i can say in one word "Bill" who hasnt gave any life signs since beginning of August and it makes me very very worried. I hope he is healthy an well though.

About my preparation ... from now on i start to concentrate more on posing and body composition/walking/being on stage. Still trying to find proper music to my 1 min free routine and find my good features and poses i could use there.

On 3rd of September there will be an inspection of form for competitors who want to compete in Women's World Championships in Hope i will fit into the requirements and can go to Spain :) .. i do my best!

Oh well.. So i have been feeling down lately and it follows me till i get some clearness in my life i suppose. Yes, God gives exactly what you really need/deserve and a bit less!

Today i made some pictures of my form... members of my site can see them...

Oke..its 2300hrs and should get to sleep, if i find any, i havent slept well lately.. though i have to be positive whatever happens :) I HOPE!

Take care and have still a nice weekend,

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My weekend :)

My weekend was great.

On Friday, i felt a bit down and i felt i needed some praying to stand up again, so i went to church in the evening. There was a small, very small, child who was baptized and it reminded my very nice experience when i was baptized. Yeah, it wasnt very long time ago - 7 April 2007 in Cathedral of the Apostles Peter and Paul in Tallinn (Vene street 18) by bishop Philippe Jourdan :) I still go to this church every Sunday, sometimes even more often and ... yeah.. now i got smile to my face and i feel happy inside.. great feeling.

...anyway... On Saturday, there was a small informal togethering with my primary school classmates in Pärnu. Eva, who got us together picked a Theater Cafe in downtown, which was a great cafe and a good choice. We got together quite a many girls. Yes, girls only ;)
Two of them are living in abroad permanently. Birgit is married with an American, they have a very lovely babygirl, though not so baby anymore :) and Liivika is in Italy and married with Italian. I was surprise by hearing that there was 3 of us who didnt have kids yet. Evely was pregnant and will get a small babyboy very very soon, so i didnt count her anymore. I havent seen for ages Kristi, it was awesome to see her. Jaana was a last who came, just before i left actually and it was very nice she made it and i could see her as well. We spoke how everybody are and what they do and so on and also about these classmates who wasnt there last night. Also we remembered some of our teachers :)
Let me say also that everyone was looking really lovely and good and shined perfectly. Im sorry i had to leave so early, though i needed to drive back to Tallinn and my eating time got closer and when i get hungry than is too late to eat as you very well know ;) .. so .. ma väga vabandan, et lahkusin teie meeldivast seltskonnast nii kiirelt, aga loodetavalt annate mulle andeks mu kallid klassiõed :) .. ja igatahes soovin teile kõigile palju palju edu ja kordaminekuid. :) Kindlasti näeme veel :))
We made a small picture also together, so if Liivika or Evely would send me picture than i could put it up here as well. Palun saatke mulle see pilt :) Tänud ;)

Today, Sunday, i went to church and i prayed for my classmates as well what i usually havent done yet .. at least i havent thought it that way. I think it was really refreshing to see them again :) So.. the church was, as always, very lovely and nice and relaxing in certain way :) I did some walking afterwards and had small sauna in my gym as during a week i dont take it because after training im so exhausted that im not able to. Today was a free day from trainings and mostly what i do on Sundays is that i go to church, sauna, solarium (not always) and grocery to buy food for the upcoming week and than prepare food for the week (lunches and some snacks and so on). Now its evening already and i made something interesting for next week - beef filet filled with carrots and for side i did brown rice, though it can be eaten also like a snack. Next week's recipe i publish will be this one :)

Oke.. i have to do some work for, so i will finish here with my blog for today and tomorrow my day starts with morning meeting in Fitness office at 1000hrs. Then, go to gym and lets see how the evening looks like.

Anyway, i hope you had a great weekend as well and let me wish you a lovely upcoming week.

My very best wishes,
Your Gerbel

The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower. -- Psalm 18:2

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Present week and a movie "Bonsuna"

Hello dear friends,

Im at shop and thought i should write something .. though i dont know what you would like to hear ;) Next time ask me oke :)

Yesterday evening they did small reportage about a movie "Bonsuna" in TV Kanal 2 "Suvereporter". Marek Kalmus (who is a main actor) gave a short interview about the movie and they showed small shoots from it as well where i was seen with blond hair also ;) .. yes i have blond hair there. ;)) lol..i know it doesnt suit me at all. :PPP
So, the short story and links you will find in
But i will include here some links also to make it easier for you: Reporter , SL Õhtuleht, Kroonika, Postimees (all are in Estonian though).

Last three days (including today) i have been working in Fitness shop and from tomorrow i will just concentrate on myself and my workouts. Today after work i have just cardio in the evening and tomorrow will continue with my weekly strength training - chest and biceps, and legs on Friday.

On Saturday there will be an interesting togethering with old (primary and secondary school) classmates in Pärnu. Its not anything official, just some girls who living now in abroad are in Estonia for the visit and we thought it would be great to see each other again. Yes, i have quite a many school- and classmates who are living now in abroad, having families there and so forth. Yeah, the same future waiting also me when i finally will move together with Bill to United States. I must admit i cant wait .. i so much longing for him and want to be with him already.. its hard to be here alone. God Bless these people who we love! :)

Next week i will have my car maintenance and i will have to walk one or two days, im sure it is very beneficial for me ;) ..dont you think?! :)

Okey, i will stop here and do something constructive now :)

Have a nice week and take care,

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My last working day this week

Hey my dear friends,

Today is my last working day this week in shop, next week will work again from Monday to Wednesday. There is waiting nice long week-end for me :) ...What will i do with all the 4 free days: going to gym of course, walking, running, skating.. going to Pärnu and visiting my mom, how she is doing and so forth. Anyhow, the weather is really great and i try to be as much outside as i can.

Hey Rhys, thank you for so kind support! You know what im talking about ;) Thanks! :))))))

Costumers are coming and going and i have to pack online packages.. so i have to go now.

Take care and my best wishes for all of you :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday's church


Its Sunday and at last after so long time i got to go to church again.. Bishop Philippe Jourdan did mass and after that there was possible to confess... now i feel much better again :)
If you are interested which church i go and belong then here is the link.

Its 1500hrs and i got back from downtown and ohh well im so hungry, so i should have something healthy to eat, though i need to go to grocery later on to buy few things for upcoming days as well. I will be working in Fitness shop for 3 days in a row from tomorrow and after that do my gym trainings and there will not be much time to go to grocery (only work, training, sleep and eating) ... cool :))))

Ok.. i will go now, otherwise i get too hungry and i might eat too much ... ;)

My best wishes for Sunday and upcoming week :) God Bless!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Fitness training camp in Võsu

Hey my dear friends,

Yeah, i havent updated my website for a while, just yesterday i got back from Võsu. There was a Wi-Fi but as i dont have my own laptop then i didnt have so much possibilities to be online or write letters and so on... though i did check my mails every day at least once :)

The camp was excellent, i loved it. It was first time i took part of this kind of camp, i mean when i have been adult. One week in Võsu made the summer sort of complete.

I and Viska, who is working in, were responsible for morning run and exercise. First few days we made it harder, like military style :) .. it was fun ;) .. it reminded me my times in military school and service in the army. The morning exercises were voluntary, so there werent a lot participants but who took part they took part of it every morning till the camp was over and i consider that very positive. Hopefully some of them will continue morning exercises also in the future one or another way :)

On Wednesday i had to be in Pärnu because i received sad news from my mom. My dad passed away and we needed to do some necessary preparations for the funeral. So i missed Wednesday's camp activities.

Thus, i had to come back on the same evening to have my last movie shoot in Jägala. There is a movie coming out soon: "Bonsuna: Halastamatu & Kompromissitu" (Bonsuna: Ruthless & Uncompromising) where i have also a small role :) ... download the movie trailer .. it will be a great movie.. hopefully it will be translated also into English. :)

I will include few links where you can see more pictures of the training camp and see what activities we had there. See my gallery and also gallery and for Estonians there is also a
direct reportage about daily activities and forum.

Anyway, next year the training camp will be 12-19 July 2009 :) and as every year there are also some foreign famous bodybuilders and fitness people then we hope you might consider to be there next year with us as well?! :)

I might write more later about the camp.. but now its late and i should go to sleep :)

Please take care and enjoy the sunny weather :)


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Worries and upcoming training camp in Võsu


I know i shouldnt talk here about my worries though i have them and i cant deny them. Im very worried because i havent heard from Bill more than 2 weeks and it makes me very nervous. I remember when he was still in Iraq and i didnt have any contact with him for 3 weeks and i couldnt do anything i had to, couldnt work and looked up every day the MIA (missing in action) and KIA (killed in action) reports. I have the same deam feeling as something has happened only now he is in US and i dont have anywhere to look it up or call or ask ... its so hard to concentrate and follow my plans, diet, training. Probably training keeps me still going as working out brings my thoughts away.

There is also my dad who is still in emergency room in Pärnu Hospital and his health doesnt get any better.. so i have to take care of my mom as well who is extremely worried and feeling lonely. She is in Pärnu and im in Tallinn and we keep calling every day.

This evening after working in Fitness shop i had leg day and it was hard but really good. I finalized my squat with 100kg x 8 and with leg presses i went up to 270kg x 8.
Tomorrow i will be in shop again and long working day will be ahead and keep me busy with other stuff.

On Saturday im planning to do some cardio before i leave to Võsu where the training camp will locate. Its a training camp organized by for competitors and trainers. Read more about it: (in Estonian) . Hopefully i have some time also on Sunday for cardio because in the afternoon time all the participants will start to came and then there will be busy for sure. So from Monday till Saturday next week i will be in Võsu and enjoy myself with morning exercises, lectures, trainings and evening activities :)
There will be a online reportage in site as well .. so you are welcome to read and see pictures .. only its in Estonian though.

Hope to have some time for writing also some things in my blog, if not than will do that after camp when i get home again. I might jump home meanwhile as well...

Take a good care and call to your loved ones that they know you are oke and healthy and love them!

My very best for all of you and God bless our loved ones!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Newsletter and Contest Preparation pages

Hey hey,

So, now i got ready those Newsletter and Contest Preparation pages. The last is available only for members of my site :)

I did my morning run and after an hour or so will go to Fitness office and after that to gym.. this week i go to Arctic Sport gym as Rosin made for me a one week free entrance there :) Thanks Roska :)

Anyhow, my lunch (salmon with rice and veggies) will be ready also soon and i need to go ;)

Ah yeah, my dad has a birthday today.. Happy Birthday, Dad! .. :)

Take care and enjoy nice weather :)


Sunday, June 29, 2008

My dad and contest preparation


This morning i drove to Pärnu to see my dad who is still unfortunately in intensive room in Pärnu Hospital. He is better, though not so much that he would get away from there soon.

I didnt stay in Pärnu for long, got myself back to Tallinn and went to gym for cardio. Did one and half hours biking and felt great, especially after 3 hours driving to Pärnu and back ;)

This evening has been hard, i mean, i all the time had to find some activities not to think of food.. i even went to walk for an hour after dinner not to continue eating. Hard.. hopefully tomorrow will be easier to keep my diet as the new strength training week starts. Its actually always easier for me to keep my diet when i have strength training day :)

So, tomorrow i will start 3rd week with my strength trg routine and i feel very happy with that.

By the way, i updated my contest preparation fail where i have everything written down (its computerized training dairy what includes besides my training also food, weights, feelings and etc. Im so lazy that i put everything into one file, my hand writing sucks anyway ;))) LOL
So, i looked my weekly cardio activities and this week i did a bit less than last week... last week i did 520minutes of cardio and this week it was 435minutes. I need to increase my cardio activities more :) ..thats for sure :) .. strength trg goes well and im happy with that :)
My weight is dropping slowly but steady, which is good.

Next week, i will put up my Contest preparation page for members and hopefully few pics of my present form as well.

I keep you informed .. meanwhile please take a good care and i will pray for my dad and also for you!

My best wishes,

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Full preparation started

Hey hey,

Finally the temptations as mid-summer events are over and i can start my full preparation for upcoming contests :) Its hard but i look forward to great results... i hope anyway, i do my best :)

So i was in Salmistu on Saturday, its a nice country side near Tallinn. Had lots of grilled meat :) and great fun :)

On Monday I went to Pärnu, visited parents.. my dad's health is very bad, he is in hospital and im really worried about him.. so from Sunday there wasnt any party mood anymore :( .. He is still in hospital and i go again to see him during weekend if he...

Today and tomorrow im in shop .. though if there will come bad news regarding my dad than i leave to Pärnu obviously earlier..

My training though goes well, i do my morning runnings almost every day... also keep going to gym 4 times per week. Today i will have my chest and biceps training and tomorrow do legs in the evening ...of course in Zelloloos gym.

Ok.. i will keep you posted how everything goes...

My best,

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beginning of my Contest Preparation

Hey hey,

Lets count that Monday the 16th of June, is my official date for beginning of my contest preparation. I feel good and positive about that, though i must admit im a bit afraid because of so big challenge as i plan to compete in World Women Championships in Spain.. Oh, well, there has to be always the beginning, dont you think?! :)
I started my new routine on Monday and i love that... i do almost every day also some kind of cardio, first week i take morning cardios a bit lighter (20-30min step or walk or just exercising) but i know that i should do more in the mornings.. After strength training i do cardio as well for 30min-1,5hrs, depends of day and tensity.... i hope i can continue that way... So i have almost every day actually some kind of training ;)))) which is very good :))

Now the Mid Summer day is close and John's Day (Jaanipäev) and i need to continue with my good diet and training.. and its obviously hard thing to do though im positive about that i can handle with all my desires and can manage with that :) Lets see how good or bad i manage Jaanipäev ;)

I wish you all the greatest Mid Summer Day and Jaanipäev and keep away from heavy alcohol ;) .. take a good care and have fun :) .. Here is a small pics few years ago when there was Jaanipäev :) So dont go crazy with the fire ;))

My very best wishes,

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New training routine

Hey hey,

I thought i should inform you that my last workout routine was so great but now its time to move on and divide it a bit differently. So, i thought my leg workout could be still almost the same, at least i do legs during one workout but all other muscle groups i divided a little different :) .. i will include some new exercises and do the workout more exciting as well ;) and i really looking forward to it :)

This week i have a cardio week which means that i do lots of cardio (running, walking and if the weather allows then inline-skating) and from Monday next week starts my new routine which i look forward a lot :) Hope i can make it work for reaching my goals :) Of course i will do cardio also during the new workout as well.

The new routine looks like following and its also included to my web site "training" as a follow up part as always :)

Anyhow, from 16 JUN 2008 - AUGUST workout:
Day 1 - Delts, Triceps, Abs
Day 2 - Back
Day 3 - OFF
Day 4 - Chest, Bicep
Day 5 - Quads, Hamstring, Calves
Day 6 & 7 - OFF

Today i did one hour running in Kadriorg and from Russalka to Pirita and back. You know, with a good music could run forever ;)

Oke, my one of the favorite shows "Top Gear" started and .... its just has a great British humor :)))) ....

My best to all of you and enjoy the rest of the week :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Wonderful time in Pärnu

Hello everyone,

I had a great weekend in Pärnu. Went there on Thursday evening after hanging around with my friend Aire, who came to Tallinn for a day, in Tallinn Old Town Days. Her request was to have lunch in Chinese restaurant "Mandariin" in Endla street (its a best Chinese place we think), so we did and it was great :) After that we walked a lot to get rid of extra calories ;)

All weekend the weather has been so perfect, around 20 degrees and very sunny :)

than we smoked chicken and had more delicious food to enjoy besides working in the garden. So, in Pärnu.. i visited my parents obviously and had overall really a good time. Aire made bread .. we put lots of seeds in it ;) ... jumping and having great training on trampoline.

Jumping there gave so great workout, it was fun as well and next day i felt such muscles i didnt know i had ;) .. and i continued jumping of course all other days while i was in Pärnu :) I loved that!

Evenings were nicely warm, sitting in garden with a great view gave real enjoyment and summer feeling :)

On Sunday, i went to gym at Kimber's Club (Kimberi Klubi) and had a great workout as always and i let Ain to measure my skin folds .. results for comparison i will put up soon when i start my contest preparation in July (though these data's and pics will be available only for my site members).

On Sunday we visited with Aire our friends and had a nice garden party.. there was a lovely cat who enjoying the sun as well .. dont you think ;)

Of course, being all the time (while i was in Pärnu) under the sun and jumping around, sitting on the bench, playing with a dog i got burned a bit ;) ...Nice bench print on my back :P

Now its a new week and pretty busy, so i try to keep working out, eat clean and work and do everything necessary :)

Have a great week as well and enjoy the summer,
Gerbel :)

By the way, on 4th of June there was an Estonian Flag's Day!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Photoshoot and sport day

Hello everyone,

Last week Friday i had a photo shoot and yeah.. think some pics came out very well :) Here the link to them: My gallery, gallery... and i hope you like them :)

On Saturday there happened to be a sport day in City Spa fitness center, Tallinn. Very nice place i must say and the sports day itself was also fun :) The food was just great as well ;) .. for bodybuilders the food is always very important topic .. ;)

Here are two pictures of that event where i happened to be on the picture :P There was a small bench press contest with your own weight.. so i had 65kg on and did 12 reps.. "not bad" said Ott (Kiivikas, 9-times Estonian Champion in Bodybuilding). The second contest was 500m rowing where my time was 1 min and 47 sec as i remember. I was happy with these results :)

Please have a great week and i go to gym after an hour or so :)

Gerbel :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My yesterday's bench press

Hey dear readers,

Have to tell you that yesterday i had a great workout. I had chest, biceps and triceps day and im still very pleased with the bench press. If you dont know then my bench press record from March this year is 80kg (benching shirt on) and yesterday i went till 77,5kg with my benching and i did 4 reps... it made me happy :) .. so statistically i have increased my max rep :PPP .. funny that a girl can become happy for that .. silly ;)

Today i had back and delts and i really enjoy doing them.. just to give some idea for you what is my favorite exercise for back is One-Arm Dumbbell Rows and i do it 26kg x 6reps (3 sets).
For shoulders one of the exercise for instance is Sitting Barbell Presses 35kg x 8reps (3 sets).

Tomorrow will do leg day with squats, leg presses, leg extensions, leg curls, calfs :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Hey Hey,

Thanks God Its Friday... funny isnt it?! ;) .. Yes, my 2 weeks lasted seller work will finish soon, it will be my last day this week im in shop. From tomorrow Rosin is out and continues her usual work :) Though i might one or two days per week still continue working as a seller (if needed) when Rosin has other duties as meeting clients and so on.

Yeah, actually its good to work in shop one/two days per week just to keep updated about supplements and other stuff what provides. Of course, i will continue my usual project work for

This morning i woke up so early that its so silly.. at 0530hrs i opened my eyes and lost sleep.. went to bed at 2400hrs so it wasnt very early too and still i lost my sleep .. too many thoughts about me relocating to US and other things as work i suppose :)
I should have left long time ago to US but we still postponing it with Bill due to few things he needs to do there and me here. Hopefully after 5-6 weeks there will be some answers and we can set the date :) Cant wait you know :) ....though i will miss all my friends and family and many more what are dear to me here in Estonia...

This evening i go to gym again, cant wait.. will have back and shoulders workout :)

On weekend will go to Pärnu to visit my parents and Aire & Co (there will be a small celebration going on Sunday).. :)

I wanted to do a photo shoot yesterday but obviously i wasnt able to .. i was working in shop .. so now its postponed till next week and i hope i can make you happy by doing new photos :)

Oke.. i will continue eating my breakfast and then put together my gym gear and go to work at 0900hrs. My alarm clock also went off few minutes ago.. so its time to start doing my usual morning things ;)

Have a nice Friday and a great weekend :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Still working in shop

Hey friends,

Im still busy with seller work in shop. Hopefully Rosin will get back to work soon, though its not so hard anymore if i can say so, i mean first days in shop were so tiring that i wasnt able to go to gym. Today i did well and had my training later in the evening after my work. :) I did all body workout as i missed few trainings last week. The training was half strength training and half circle training, so that my heart rate got pretty high in the second half of the training to get cardio effect as well :) I was exhausted you know but i felt so good and now i feel even better being at home. Tomorrow i think to continue with my old routine and will do a leg day after my work.. around 1900hrs in Zelloloos gym :)

Oke, i will keep you informed about my doings and write more after few days or so.. till than enjoy your week :)
Best, Gerbel

Thursday, May 15, 2008

New week and seller work

Hey my friends,

I know i know, again i havent had any time to write here... have been busy as always with the selling job in shop (replacing Rosin/Laura) and will continue that next week as well till she is coming to work :) .. So last week i had 1 working day on Thursday, now this week im in shop from Wednesday till Saturday. Im in shop now! On Monday i will take a day off because i need be in Pärnu on Sunday and Monday; and from Tuesday will be in shop again :) ...till Rosin is coming back.
I must admit i thought its hard work but its harder than i could imagine. I dont know how Rosin can go to gym after work in the evening, though she is used to it. I should have had training yesterday but when the working day was finished in the evening and i got home i took a nap instead, slept one and half hours which was so good. I should do my strenght training today or tomorrow but it all depends how i feel after 1800hrs when i finish here.

I have run into various people while im in shop and it makes the job good and interesting :) So i dont mind this change in my usual working environment ;) .. lately i havent done any, sort of office job, but last year when i still was in the military i used to sit in office most times and met (can't deny) other type of people ;) :) I take it as it is and all experiences are in one or another way good for the future, so i enjoy mostly everything what life brings :)

This week i had already a very interesting week because Dutch Queen having the official visit to Estonia and therefore the Dutch defence attache is here as well. Let me explain that last year (when i was still in General Staff) i was point of contact to defence attaches who are acredited to Estonia and we had a very good working contacts with all of them. So anyway, we ran into each other with the Dutch DA this week and had nice chat in cafe.

The second nice meeting this week i had was meeting with Rhys from England on Tuesday. If you have reed my blogs than he is one of the guys who commenting pretty often :) .. so as he used to live in Estonia long time ago and having lots of friends here, he still visiting Tallinn at least once per year. He is a personal trainer in England and of course we had lots to talk about :) Also i need to tell you that he is one of the main reasons i got my website ready so soon (in March this year of course). Obviously, i have had thoughts making my website in the past but i wasnt sure how to do it, if i can handle it, make it myself and what to have there and etc. Anyhow, i postponed it all the time and he gave me good ideas what to have in my website and in some ways forced me to get it ready if i can say so ;) Thanks Rhys! ...And it was very nice meeting you by the way.. :)

Ohh.. if i just could leave already to US. I mean start there with the things we have planned for us with Bill. I so much miss him! It is harder and harder to be here ALONE!

Ok.. now i have to do some work and earn my salary for the day :)

Take care dear friends and see you around ;) Best!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Working day in shop

Hey hey,

Today was a interesting day because i was first time working as a seller/salesgirl in shop. It was actually pretty nice experience. It happened because Rosin was away and all other permanent personnel in were also who away or busy with other stuff, so they thought i can be the person who could replace Rosin today. So i did, sold supplements and then packed online orders and i hope i didnt made any big mistakes, i mean no shortages :) It was a neat and busy day for me :)

Now i just relax and should put together my training stuff for tomorrow, will have legs day and than Teele will come to visit and i hope i can make to church at 1800hrs as well. :) So tomorrow is set for me :)

Saturday i will have a birthday party to go and it will be a great day and evening .. i really looking forward to it :)

On Sunday, will be a Whitsunday/Pentecost (Estonian Holiday) and of course i go to church. There is one of my good friend's who will get her confirmation and then we will do a small celebration in some near by cafe. By the evening i should be free and hope to enjoy stay at home.

Well, looking my watch i remembered that i should eat something.. will make a tea (green tea with jasmine) and something to eat.. which i havent decided yet ;) .. try to eat healthy :))

Please have a great end of the week and better weekend :)
Take care!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend and lots of skating


I have had a great weekend.. did lots of inline skating in Pirita area on Saturday and Sunday.
My eye doctor visit on Friday was also good, though i got a bit even stronger contact lenses.. so im really blind ;) ...deem

Next week will be as usual, do my training on Mon, Wed, Fri in the gym. I should go to Pärnu for one or 2 days next or the week after but dont know exactly when.. so i keep you informed about that.

Oke.. its late and i should go to sleep..
Take care and i wish you a great week :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Heavy cleaning day

Hey everyone!

Ohh my.. it was tiring day. I cleaned all windows and now the sun can really shine inside.. :))) .. but now the sun is behind clouds and no sun at all but windows are really clean :))
I washed curtains as well and i really hate to do that.. also, i cleaned all the flat afterwards, so all together it took me almost 4 hours and now i can just relax. I allowed myself vanilla ice cream after that cleaning.

This morning i had trouble also with uploading web site pages and after checking with BlueVoda (i use BlueVoda service for that) it came out that i need to update BlueVoda. I did and now it started to work again :) ... thanks God, i already thought that i have some bigger trouble or my PC is going really down. Actually i have very old PC to use and it makes me crazy sometimes because i cant do many things in the same time ... it will just stuck and crash :( ...especially i have trouble using Photoshop!

Yeah, actually my all body hurting from yesterday's skating as i presume yesterday ;)

I wished to go to skating today as well but the weather is kinda strange.. meaning it has this raining face ;) like it starts to rain in any minute ... so i dont go today. Unfortunately, it promises for upcoming few days some rain and so i will stay indoors and do my trainings. Tomorrow at noon i have eye doctor appointment, just checking before buying new contact lenses and than go to gym and have leg day.

Its so sad to be alone here .. wish i could be with Bill!

Okey, i let you go and enjoy your May Day .. Estonian holiday :)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Hey my friends,

I have had interesting last days.. first of all i will speak about today...

I did my training as usual: back and delts and as always i felt so good after that. Then i had photoshoot again.. i will put some pictures up soon, within this week for you to see :) ..Joker did them again. And in the evening i went for skating to Pirita for an hour.. its first time this year i was inline skating and it was awesome.. i really love to skate. Now i feel tired and i can imagine that tomorrow my legs are hurting.. oh well, i love the muscle pain :D

Ok.. about yesterday :)

Yesterday i brought my brother and his partner from Tallinn to Pärnu and i must admit during my driving to Pärnu i speed a bit and of course the police was out :( ... though, the police officer was very kind young man and sporty as well.... and probably that saved me :) .. and of course the web site signs i had on my car saved me as well :)
If he should in any reason to check the blog and read it than i want to thank him again for not giving me a ticket :) It reminded me not to break the rules again .. so i try to keep that way :)

So whats tomorrow.. if the weather allows than during a day i want to go to skating again, then i should wash windows on my flat.. they are so dirty that i cant see through even ;) .. all the winter snow and rain did its work i suppose ;) .. anyway it will come busy hard cleaning day if the sun us out :) .. if not then will do some cleaning anyway :)

I wish you a very happy and good time for upcoming day off and weekend :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008



Its Sunday now and i havent written anything within a week, sorry for that. So i try to make it up now ;)

I havent done much during the week, did my training as usually, met friends, cleaned the flat, did some homework, did laundry, studied/read sport magazines and books. Also, updated my web site, did few pics to include again. So, it was fairly quite week.

Some of our winners from Estonian Cup celebrated their winnings and we went to club "Status Lounge" yesterday evening, and we had a very good time. I didn't have my camera with me, though some of us had and did also few pictures. Enjoy them! :-)

Today i went to church as usually, after church went to Zelluloos gym.. first i thought to do little cardio but than i thought that the weather outside is so warm and nice that i should go for a walk. Plus, i need to go to grocery to buy chicken breast and eggs anyway :) So, i went to Zelloloos to take infrared sauna instead and after that went to solarium. So it was a great day with some treats for myself today :) .. and after i have finished writing here i will go for a walk and grocery to buy necessary things :)

Plans for next week... yeah..
Tomorrow going to office to clarify few things regarding one project we have there, with what i will work for a while and in the future as well. Then do my usual training routine during a week, tomorrow will have chest, biceps, triceps. What other plans.. study, read things, learn more to use PhotoShop (Teele helps me with that a lot) ... might have a small photoshoot perhaps... anyhow, i will keep you informed :)

My very best for the evening and upcoming week for my readers!