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Lexie - 4 and half month :)

Hey hey...

Lexie is cute as she can be ;) .. every day she learns or does something new, has hundred faces and voice starts to be very loud ;)

I updated Lexie's photos.. have a look.. here are also some :)

xxx to all

May newsletter :)

Hey hey..

Finally, i finishes my newsletter and sent it already out to my friends and fans :) .. xx .. hope you received it, if not, then click the newsletter or photo under :)

And if you are a member in my site then there are more pictures to see ;)


My very best,
always yours,
Hey.. Here in Antwerpen everything is very fine.. Lexie, family, work and trainings are most important things to deal with :) .. and we are happy here :)

Actually i just thought to put up little video of Lexie... how she reads a book :) lol

Of course, in Lexie's gallery there are always some new pictures :)

xx to all :)