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Last day of this year, 2008

Hey my dear friends,

How are you? How was your Christmas and all the long holidays? For me the Christmas was oke, though always they seem to be too short ;) .. i mean holidays ;) I spent it in Pärnu with my mom and brother and my friends Aire and Vallo afterwards. So the holidays were farely long :)
Now im in Tallinn for some time and working as always, also today on 31Dec till 1400hrs. I have had two clients till now (its 1000hrs) but im sure after 1200hrs there will be more clients in shop :)

For this evening i dont have so much plans, just making something nice to eat (chicken ;)) and drink champane when the time is right and the new year knockes on the door :P lol Thought to make also a last cake, .. why last cake, because from new year i start my full diet and training program... there starts my contest preparation again.
.. and more about today, at 2400hrs go out to see fireworks .. cant wait :) Hope the weather and sky is clear for that :)

Ok.. i let you go now and please take a g…

Almost Christmas :)


I havent written for a long time, at least it seems so.
Have been busy with work, training, visiting family and friends .. well its sort of compulsory during Christmas time :) dont you think?! ;)

We had also a Christmas party on Friday at Okasroosike hotel in Salmistu and it was a great party and wonderful food. All who participated had lots of fun and enjoyed it a lot (at least it seemed so for me) :) See some pics here.

Also, recently i notised that Bonsuna movie pictures are available in site, see the previous link and you will find them and also link to site.

I make bread today again, and planning to bring bread to work tomorrow and make a degustation there.. ;)

About my training, i keep going to gym in the morning time to get some free time for the evening. Still i cant just sit down in the evening and just relax, somehow i have managed to schedule all my time and keep myself busy aslo in the evenings :) which is good i suppose :)

Ok.. i continue do…

Christmas time

Dear Friends,

Sorry that i dont have any time to write here more, i have been so busy lately and it continues that way, its already 1 am in the night and i should sleep but i needed to do some work. Though i thought i should write few lines here as well and let you know im still alive ;)

I really wish you and your loved ones from my deep heart a wonderful and peaceful Christmas time.

My best wishes and God Bless you all :)

Dec-Jan campain in

Hey, Estonians ;)'s on hetkel kampaania ..klika pildile ja loe lähemalt.
Jõulukuul ja suurtel söögiorijatel tuleb ehk kasuks omada mõnda rasvapõletajat.. ;)

Gerbel calendar 2009

Hey my dear friends,

Finally came out the calendar 2009. There you will find quite famous, so to say, pictures of family members such as Marek "Bonsuna" Kalmusest, Taavi "Käpp" Koovitist, Argo "Tantsukuningas"Aderist, Ott "Tšempion" Kiivikasest, Natalia Nazarenko-Kiivikasest, Liisa Otsusest, Laura "Pisikerosin" Reisalust, Gerbel "Skaut" Mikust and etc.
This calendar is A3 size - quality printed and costs 100.-EEKs.
For members of client cards its free if they come to shop during this month - December.
If you are in abroad and would like to get it, you may contact me. Send me email and we will see how we can get this to you :)

My very best wishes,

Heavy week behind

Dear Friends,

Im sorry i havent written so long and havent updated my site, it was because i was sick as hell. I mean in the beginning of this week i had almost 40 fever and it took for me a while to get rid of it. It seems i got away with fever but i still fight with my headaches and bad ill-being.
Yesterday i went to work, didnt want to destroy my colleagues weekend as they anyway had to replace me during all week... and this Saturday at work was a disaster, i mean i had such headache and im sorry for the clients cos i wasnt so alive as i should have been.. but i survived and hopefully tomorrow and upcoming week will be better.

What makes me really angry that i have missed more then a week my workouts and i see that i have to skip them for few more days :( .. but i will start it soon and take care of my body :)

I have also updated few pages (recipes, galleries, etc) and i hope you enjoy them.

Hope you had better week behind as i did and i wish you a great upcoming week.

I also want to wis…