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My new training routine (fitness routine)


This week i started a new training routine, i have done it also last year before my bodybuilding contest. Though i think its suitable to do whenever. :)

The routine is a basic. It's made up of a 4 day split, with two of the four days consisting of a 5 set by 6 rep routine, followed by an OFF day and two days comprised of a 2 set by 12 to 15 rep workout. There are only 2 routines, which are to be alternated through the week, along with the set and rep schemes above. One workout is lower-body based, the other focuses on the upper-body.

Day 1 - Mon: OFF
Day 2 - Tue: Lower Body — 5 x 6
Day 3 - Wed: Upper Body — 3 x 12-15
Day 4 - Thu: OFF
Day 5 - Fri: Lower Body — 3 x 12-15
Day 6 - Sat: Upper Body — 5 x 6
Day 7 – Sun: OFF

The workouts are as follows:

Rack Pulls Squats Deadlift
Walking Lunges
Standing and Seated Calf Raises

Incline Bench Press
Barbell Skull Crushers
Standing One-Arm DB Shoulder Pres…

Contest results

Yesterday i had a Estonian Championship on Powerlifting and it went well, i increase my personal records by 22,5kg (49,5lb), though my last year deadlift result 140kg (308lb) stayed the same. Squat, this year, i did 125kg (275lb) and bench press 80kg (176lb). Total was 345kg (759lb) = 350,81 wilk's point. My weight was 67,8kg (149lb) and so i was till 75kg (165lb) weight class and with these result i got first place and did Estonian records in Squat and Bench Press in that weight class as well. Overall, there was 13 competitors (if i dont mistaken), i got third place... which is very good as the first ones Inna Terasmaa and Lilian Mantonina are hard to catch.. they also competing in European and other international contests and are very good.

Today i will just take one day off and from tomorrow will start hard training again :)

Train hard for everyone :D

Dorian Yates seminar

Hey hey... today i participated in Dorian Yates seminar which was really a great one...
The seminar was downtown in Tallinn, so it was close by to go and as im living 30 min walking distance i went there by foot of course to save parking lot money ;)

Dorian Yates is very casual man and very easy to talk with, so we had lots of questions during the seminar. I got some good tips about nutrition and training to get better shape for my next bodybuilding contest and as we had also practical training in the new gym nearby than it was very beneficial to see how he is really doing some of the exercises what everybody doing and doing many different ways. He explained as well why he is doing them like that and that was interesting to hear and from next week i will include some of these exercises into my workout routine.

But im really happy for that decision to participate. I had also a luck of the draw by the way. In the end of the seminar there was a lottery: 3 drawings of Dorian Yates supplement…

Good Friday

I was 2 days in Pärnu, great time, it was lovely to see Aire and Agnes again. Today im in Tallinn and ready go to visit Tracy and Philip and kids.. mainly i go there of course to do training to Tracy again. Last training on Tuesday went very good, hope today we have a great training as well.

I have to prepare for upcoming weekend - seminar and the contest. So, when i get back to home i will write some questions down what i would like to ask Dorian Yates. See from map exactly where the contest will be and how long it will take time to drive there. Põltsamaa is pretty far from Tallinn and i have to be on the place latest at 0900hrs. No long sleep on Sunday morning :( deem... ;)

I still havent heard from Bill and it makes me worried, i hate the idea that i heard from him last time last Friday.. i really dont know if there isnt any internet connection or he avoids calling and writing me because he doesnt have anything to say?! .. It kills me that i dont know how he is...

Ok.. i should get re…

Nice day

Today was a nice day.. wake up late, worked on my future website and than in the evening gave training to Kristi. She did well. I did also as i walked to her place and overall i walked 2 hours.. what is good.
I will have a week training free, i do some but mostly get lots of rest for upcoming contest - Estonian Championships on Powerlifting. I will be 23 March in Põltsamaa, Estonia.
However, one day before, on 22 March, the legendary Bodybuilder, six-times Mr Olympia Dorian Yates, will visit Estonia and conduct a seminar in Tallinn. I already payed the seminar fee 1500EEKs and looking forward to it a lot. Hope to get more knowledge about bodybuilders nutrition and training. He will give a practical part as well, though i shouldnt do any heavy training cos the contest next day.


I try to make it work.. :) so i keep testing it ;) .. finally.. so now i will include this page to my webpage and if you are a member and/or are allowed to read my blogs than you can .. :) My best regards to all my readers :)

My website

Ooh well.. i still fight with my webpage.. hope to get it done soon, anyway i made a blog place and i keep writing here my thougths and doings.. hope one day you can read them all :)