Thursday, December 27, 2012 photoshoot

Hello dear friends and fans :)

I had incredible photoshoot with Eric Franck who is doing the website

We did actually videos and photos with 3 different outfits.. of course the Santa's Baby had to be first and it came online just in time, isnt it lovely.

So, if your interested to see videos and photos of this photoshoot then you need to become member of the site!!! :)

For my website members i have some of these photos up in small format.

Then i updated and put up some new pictures to my bodybuilding page from last contest in Hungary. So its kinda fulfilled now.

Also, I have lot of pictures from my training in December before contest. Still need to put them up to my training page (for members only), so i hope to see some new members soon :)
Your always welcome ... JOIN ALREADY NOW :) first pix are already up ;)

I also was in FLEX magazine Highlights (January issue nr 1) on 1 full page and it was good timing again as the same magazine had just nice 2 full pages advertisement of the website i speak here (fullframemuscle). So it was really fun :)

Oke, I let you go and hope to hear from you .. always welcome to give some feedback and comments :)  ( or click here)


Tuesday, December 18, 2012


IFBB Amateur Juniors & Masters Bodybuilding, Classic bodybuilding, Fitness, Bodyfitness, Bikini World Championship 2012

Yes, now my contest is over, has unforgettable, amazing, magical and great weekend.

In bodybuilding category there was 15 competitors and I placed only 14th, though i got a great experience and new good thoughts.
Probably from now on you will see me competing in bodyfitness category as i will never be so big and have so much muscle mass as bodybuilders in international level. I think it can be a good thing to do.

I keep training .. do lots of sissy squats and i really must increase cardio...

There will be soon more pictures but here first official link and pictures.

I keep training, more sissy squats, cardio etc.... :)
Enjoy your holidays, i will a bit ;)
xx Best,

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My today's form


Its 12 days off from Budapest contest... Have to be better then ever ;) 58,5kg and here some this evening Pictures.

Ah jaa if somebody would like to support me and help me a bit, then i would be very happy, and thankful. All The special eating, nutrition, bikini and beauty (hair, nails) treatments cost a lot. Any small help Will be appreciated :) xx
Find Paypal link from My website contacts or use direcly:

Best to all...
Kisses, Gerbel

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hungary waiting

Hello everyone :)

Life has been very busy lately and its so hard to find time to be online and update my website. I have many ideas how to change and what new stuff to put on but just dont have time. Also problem is that Lexie, my little devil, doesnt let me to sit behind pc. She always wants me for herself LOL ;)

But otherwise everything is fine, keep training almost every day - meaning 5-6 days per week and my contest preparation is going well.

Yes, i will go to Budapest, Hungary to compete on IFBB World Juniors & Masters Championship from 14 - 17 December 2012.

Perhaps see you in Hungary!!

Best wishes,
Gerbel :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Contest results

Hello my dear all,

27 October 2012  competed at IFBB National I & Belgium Fed Cup 2012 in Gent, Belgium. In my category (bodybuilding) there was 4 girls and i won the first price. Happy for that :) You can find pictures from Facebook, also look my photogallery and if you are a member of my site then you have a access to other fun pictures taken before contest ;)

Here is the protocol of the contest. 

Soon i give some more info about my next contest too ;)

Till then,

Sunday, October 21, 2012

One week off from contest

Hey guys,

Have been so busy with Lexie and training and home so forth, that i havent had much time to be online. Mostly just could check my mails and reply if needed ;)...

Anyhow im one week off from my contest (Belgium Nationals I - look info HERE) and what i say, im always kinda not ready, always there is something what i want to be better. Ohh well, i think it is with every competitor.

Erko did yesterday one picture when i was practicing my posing... here it is :)

Probably some of you have seen the last video of Lexie in the gym.. she wants to do and does everything what you do for exercises ;) .. here is the youtube link :)

Lexie in gym

We go to gym with Lexie 6 days per week presently before contest, thats a reason also why im not online even on Mondays as i usually was. Yeah, i hope to have some more time for you, my dear friends and fans, after the contest and get into normal routine. :) Meaning, Mondays a bit online and house work and other weekdays, beside weekend, gym as usual. :)

The next post will be after the contest and hopefully also lots of new pictures :)
Tot dan, xx
Gerbel :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Summer activites


I have 3 new videos .. 2 are from Lexie and 3rd is about my yesterdays training :)

Lexie at home

Lexie in the gym

Gerbel's workout

Enjoy .. Gerbel :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summary of: Trip to Estonia


Im so happy to be home, though it was lovely trip to Estonia, to see family and friends and to have lots of nice time with them :) Thanks a lot to all who i saw and that you had time to meet up .. also thx for nice presents to Lexie :) ..that was sweet of you :)

Here are 2 summary videos about our trip to Estonia, mostly Lexie's trip.

Meanwhile i will update also Lexie's and some other picture galleries by the end of the week or so ;) xx

Next year same time!! ;) lol
Take care and enjoy continuous summer ;)

Your Gerbel and Lexie sends also hugs ;)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pärnu, rainy weather blog


The weather is not so nice today, keeps raining, but i hope it gets better and by the evening can go out. It already promises sun ;)

One week is already over and time flys. Lexie and me are doing fine, walking, playng, enjoying people we meet and of course granny is very happy. I have uploaded every day few pictures to my Facebook :)

Next week Wednesday we go to Tallinn, meet there everbody we can and Thursday evening we plan to come back to Pärnu.

Ooiiiii, Lexie woke up and so i finish this blog At once ;) xx and i think now she asks For strawberries xx

Kissikiss ;) x

Monday, July 9, 2012

In Pärnu, Estonia

..and finally we, together with Lexie, got to Pärnu very nice and safely. Lexie was sleeping almost all the trip on plain and in bus her energy was unstoppable lol
She behaved very good, so the trip was easy. Hope the way back will be the same ... ptyhhptyhhhptyhhh over My shoulder ;)
What i really was amazed to see that in Tallinn Airport was very nice kids corner (see the picture).
Then Lexie had to try also uncle Alar's shoes and Finally she was very tired, so she fell into deep sleep quick and smooth :)

Enjoy the trip pix ;) ..

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ready to go to Estonia

Heyhey.. dear family and friends :)

Time to go home country to Estonia. Yeah, tomorrow morning will go together with Lexie to Estonia for 3 weeks. My husband stays home. There is nothing to do for him, we mostly will speak Estonian as Lexie needs to learn more Estonian and therefore we desided that he stays home and it will be also a bit cheaper, no hotel costs ;)
Anyhow, we have lots of fiends to visit and i assume the time will fly quickly over.

We will miss you, Guy, but we also will surely have lots of fun and joy during this trip ;) .. and dont worry about us, everything will be fine :) xx

By tomorrow evening we will be in Pärnu, where we mostly stay, though we visit also friends in Tallinn.. might go to Tarty.. exact time schedule is not set yet but who needs to know, they will know it soon enough ;) lol

Also if you are interested to meet or anything then you are always welcome to text me (+32 494 371 706) , i will call or text you back oke :)

xx and see you Estonia :)

Always your Gerbel :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Trip to Turkey 20-27 June 2012

Hello my dear friends,

I was a lot offline because we went to holidays to Turkey.. again, second time this year, cool heeee ;)
Anyhow we enjoyed it a lot, did some nice shopping ;) lol

Though the hotel, Alkocula Adakule, where we stayed, was a bit worn out and not nice service. So, if you plan to go there then dont expect 5 star as the advertisement telling. But we enjoyed it anyhow as you can see from the pictures. Especially Lexie got lot of swimming experience and thats good :)

We met again nice people of course also and that was fun. ;)

Here are the main photogallery and vidoes. For members i have more.

Now, next week from Monday we go together with Lexie, just two of us, papa stays home, to Estonia. Mainly we stay at my mama's place in Pärnu but sure we will visit also Tallinn. So, i hope during this 3 weeks i will be able to see all my dear friends.

Anyhow, Lexie gets lots of flying with plains during this year. She is not the easiest passenger, always needs lots of attention and something to do. She is crasy girl as her mama i guess LOL.

See you in Estonia!!
Till then..
Your Gerbel

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Heyhey, Good night wishes ;)

Made a quick picture to wish u a sweet dreams and Good night :)
Always your,
Gerbel :) xx

Sunday, June 17, 2012

New videos up ;)

Hello everyone :)

I did some updates over June month.. in Lexie gallery has some nice pictures and also YouTube has some new videos about me and for members there are few more ;) xx





Enjoy ;)
Your Gerbel

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some videos

Hey hey,

Finally i got to update and add some videos made in Turkey .. enjoy :)

xx Gerbel


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Women's BB Championships in Zagreb, Croatia

Hello my dear friends,

What can i say, the contest (Women's Bodybuilding Championships) is over and i didnt get to finals. Was left out from finals with 1 point. Yeah, its oke though, i did my best form ever, reached 58,05kg what i cant even remember when i weight so less ;) lol.. so im happy and satisfied, it was great experience as it was my real first international contest.
Thanks to all my supporters and Bill, Patricia, Fabi and Guy and Lexie and ... everyone.

Before that we went to little holidays, actually we won the trip to Turkey for one week and from there i went to Zagreb. Im still working on the pictures but here are some and hopefully can add some more in time.

xx Gerbel xx

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Soon the contest

Hey Hey, This weekend i go to Zagreb, Croatia to compete in European Championships. Am I ready?! That we will see on place... But i do my best ;) Wish me luck and as Estonians would say "vesi naha alla".. Always yours, Gerbel :) xx

Sunday, April 29, 2012

FIBO 2012

Hey hey.. it was great event that Fibo.. lovely people around and we had a very good time.
Here are few pics.. more are in Facebook .. members having some more too soon ;) xx

My best wishes,
Gerbel :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Almost FIBO 2012

Hoi hoi,

Its almost Fibo time... on Saturday, 21 Apr, will go to Fibo to Essen, Germany and i cant wait ;)
I hope it will be a great event.  As i remember, last year it wasnt anything special, the year before was my first and most fun event ... so i hope it will be the same or better as my first time in Fibo. :)

In FaceBook i already have some pictures up.. i will put here a bit more and for members there are much more and much more to come :) after Fibo

So see you in Fibo who will be there on Saturday, its busy but our roads might cross ;)


Thursday, March 15, 2012

With Lexie in Middelheim park :)

Hey hey,

Today we went with Lexie to playground in Middelheim park. Its a fun place to go and usually it takes around 45min to get there from my home, i mean by foot. If we can then we try not to use any public transportation ;)
Anyhow it was lot of fun, she met some nice girls and boys around her age, mainly older but in size smaller ;) funny heee. She is really above average tall girl ;) lol
After playing she was knocked out and slept all road back home. Of course, when we entered the front door then she woke up and she was again full of energy, taking Stafke's sofa and Stafke was very pissed LOL

Btw, she has already 10 teeth, few days ago she got left side behind teeth (one up and one down). Hope she will sleep now better as she still doesnt sleep a night througth but as there are still 10 more teeth to go then i suppose the sleepless nights will continue.

After this sickness i try to have more rest and from next week start real training again, hope my body will work with me as i need to :)

Oke, enjoy the pics and more pictures are in Lexie's picture gallery. Ahh jaaa, in Stafke's gallery there are also few new ones ;) xx

Gerbel :)