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The 300 workout on last Friday

Hey,I promised to write down for you the 300 workout what I use as a test for see how I have developed.12x Assisted Pull-ups (assistance I used was 30kg)
25x Deadlift (barbell 35kg)
25x Push-ups
25x Box Jumps @ 12” box
25x Sit-ups (incline & 5kg)
30x DB Clean and Press (dumbbell 12kg)
12x Assisted Pull-ups (assistance 30kg)
TOTAL 154 reps and the result was 9 min. Last time I did it in the beginning of this year and then my time was 11 min. So I got better?! ;) .. its seems :) Avter that I did it through 2 more times and got full body workout by that )Though, as you saw it was 154 reps in total, the real 300 workout, the harder version, looks like following and is the test i plan to do some time in the end of this year:25x Pull-ups
50x Deadlift @ 100lbs (45kg)
50x Push-ups
50x Box Jumps @ 12” box
50x Knees to Elbows
50x KB Clean and Press @ 36lbs (16kg)
25x Pull-up
TOTAL 300 repsSo, now you know what the 300 workout looks like and perhaps got an idea to test yourself also taking the easiest or …

Sunday and my weekend

Hey hey,

Its Sunday and as a clock i woke up at 0630 in the morning as every day ;) .. silly i know, i should sleep :) Though i start my day early and by that im able to do things more. ;)

Yesterday i had a great day. I did heavy cleaning in my flat, now its shining nicely again :) .. afternoon i had a small photo shoot. One student from Art Academy asked me a week ago if i would help him to be a model for one school work and I said yes. As this was a nude picture then this will be seen only for my members in my website after i get these pictures. Yeah, all the strategic places are covered though.. so its not a porno or anything :P

In the evening i was invited over to one small BBQ and as this was far far away :P i still went there by foot (it took me almost 2 hours) :) It was so nice to see my old colleagues from EDF Protocol and Philip. My best regards for them always :)

So today, i will have Teele and her new boyfriend coming over to my place and it seems the weekend pass by parties… shop and my training in Zelluloos gym

Morning everyone,

Im at shop in Telliskivi 51, Tallinn, Estonia and you are always welcome to visit the shop and me here ;) .. what a mood i have today, i feel very tired as the weekend comes and i had long working days, late evening trainings in Zelluloos gym, though i feel good and great :)

About the training... on Monday i wrote that i did legs.. that you know already :) I prefer to do legs in the beginning of the week when i have most energy picked up from the weekend if i can say so ;) .. now its seems im almost empty though i have my back workout this evening .. lets see how it goes :)
On Tuesday, i did chest and biceps and if i consider that i finished my bench presses sets with 77,5kg x 3 reps then im happy, cos my personal record is 80kg as a one rep :)
Yesterday, i had delts and triceps; and today i will do back and abs. So then i have done all muscule groups through. Tomorrow i plan to do a test workout, meaning all body workout as testing my performance. On Saturday…

Leg day and thanks for making my day :)

Hey hey,

Thank you James for so nice message to my last blog, it was a great surprise to get it and of course i havent forgotten you, hope your training goes well also?! :) .. im glad you finally took a chance to write here and you are always welcome to do so :)
And ... Rhys.. thanks also, you are a really a great friend. How are your plans for upcoming month, are you going to visit Tallinn? :)
You guys made my day!! Its lovely to have nice people around :)

About my training today, i just have to chair it with you :) .. i had leg day today after work, so i started with squats and it was so positive day (perhaps there were these messages i got from James and Rhys or it was the sunny weather, but i felt really good) and i finalized my squats with 110 kg x 4 reps. So, it looked like following: 62,5kg x 15 reps, 72,5kg x 10 reps, 82,5kg x 8 reps, 92,5kg x 7 reps, 102,5kg x 5 reps, 110 kg x 4 reps. :)
After that i did leg presses, went up to 270kg x 6 reps and then did supersets decreasing wei…

Dreams are nice but they dont feed you!

Hey there,

Its Sunday and as usually then i have some time to write here and update my website. So, i have made a lot of changes there today as well. This time i did lots of changes - mostly regarding Bill and my relationship. I mean he is still havent contacted with me and i dont know nothing about him. I had really a bad time few weeks ago .. especially. And thats because i didnt want to write anything. Now i have done some brain work and pulled myself together ... and now i go forward with my life here in Estonia. There is a nice saying "dreams are nice but they dont feed you", so i took a full job at, after work go to gym and then its already time to go to sleep. Thats because also i havent had time to update my website, though i try to manage my time more and update it more frequently.

About my training. I started to go to gym late in the evening after long working days and you can imagine when i get back from gym (usually at 21-2200hrs) i dont want to sit behi…

Changes of my plans and aims

Hey my dear friends and ... fans, if any ;)

There are small changes in my plans and aims regarding competing in contests. Yesterday i had a pre-contest check-up and im not so happy with my form as i would like to be, im fairly critical on myself and i know that i am able to be better then that. We made also few pics and i will put them up for my site members during this weekend. Lets be honest, to go to world championships then i need to be in better shape, more "dry" as bodybuilders say :) and within this one month i never will get so good that i feel comfortable to go and compete. So, i took a decision and canceled my world championships in Spain. I will concentrate on Estonian Championships (14 Nov) and then after that lets see what happening, perhaps European Championships in spring?! :)) One step at a time! Anyhow, it took a enormous stress from my shoulders and i feel positive about my decision. I'm so young in bodybuilding anyway that i felt i need some more time an…