Friday, October 30, 2009

Flemisch language course 1.1 is finished :)


I thought to give you just a small note about the results of my flemisch language exam. It was STANAG 1.1. Ik ben geslaagd. It means i passed and i got 110 points from 120 possible. Not bad, though i could have done better LOL. Need to study more :)

Next course 1.2 starts on 14 Nov and lasts till the end of January, I wish after that i can already use the language more often as i should have then more vocabulary ;) Till now i still use a little sayings and sentences only in my daily bases. Should use it more often but it seems so slow when i start to talk that i loose my patient ;) LOL

So we had a small morning party at school today and some of the pictures :)
On a group photo you will find our teacher, Johan (see the smallest guy in the middle), actually Johan is something 1.90cm tall guy.. LOL
There are 2 pictures where you can see girls in our class .. nice haaa :) ... and there are also a picture of me and Lesley from UK. She was good, she got 118 points from 120.. congratulations and of course to all students - proficiat! :)

Happy Halloween to my all classmates and blog readers and all my friends and family :)

With love,


  1. Many congrads on achieving a high score in your eams gerbie:)) Well done, you seem to be pretty good at learning languages as i wish i could!!! Nice to see an ethnically multicultured class of students you have in your class and i am sure there all having real fun studying and learning Flemisch:))

    Have a great sunday and nice to see some lovely pixs that you posted:))

    Best wishes,

  2. Thx Rhys.. i do my best studying the language.. its really a great class we have :))
    Take care and have a lovely November month :)