Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My yesterday's bench press

Hey dear readers,

Have to tell you that yesterday i had a great workout. I had chest, biceps and triceps day and im still very pleased with the bench press. If you dont know then my bench press record from March this year is 80kg (benching shirt on) and yesterday i went till 77,5kg with my benching and i did 4 reps... it made me happy :) .. so statistically i have increased my max rep :PPP .. funny that a girl can become happy for that .. silly ;)

Today i had back and delts and i really enjoy doing them.. just to give some idea for you what is my favorite exercise for back is One-Arm Dumbbell Rows and i do it 26kg x 6reps (3 sets).
For shoulders one of the exercise for instance is Sitting Barbell Presses 35kg x 8reps (3 sets).

Tomorrow will do leg day with squats, leg presses, leg extensions, leg curls, calfs :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Hey Hey,

Thanks God Its Friday... funny isnt it?! ;) .. Yes, my 2 weeks lasted seller work will finish soon, it will be my last day this week im in shop. From tomorrow Rosin is out and continues her usual work :) Though i might one or two days per week still continue working as a seller (if needed) when Rosin has other duties as meeting clients and so on.

Yeah, actually its good to work in shop one/two days per week just to keep updated about supplements and other stuff what provides. Of course, i will continue my usual project work for

This morning i woke up so early that its so silly.. at 0530hrs i opened my eyes and lost sleep.. went to bed at 2400hrs so it wasnt very early too and still i lost my sleep .. too many thoughts about me relocating to US and other things as work i suppose :)
I should have left long time ago to US but we still postponing it with Bill due to few things he needs to do there and me here. Hopefully after 5-6 weeks there will be some answers and we can set the date :) Cant wait you know :) ....though i will miss all my friends and family and many more what are dear to me here in Estonia...

This evening i go to gym again, cant wait.. will have back and shoulders workout :)

On weekend will go to Pärnu to visit my parents and Aire & Co (there will be a small celebration going on Sunday).. :)

I wanted to do a photo shoot yesterday but obviously i wasnt able to .. i was working in shop .. so now its postponed till next week and i hope i can make you happy by doing new photos :)

Oke.. i will continue eating my breakfast and then put together my gym gear and go to work at 0900hrs. My alarm clock also went off few minutes ago.. so its time to start doing my usual morning things ;)

Have a nice Friday and a great weekend :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Still working in shop

Hey friends,

Im still busy with seller work in shop. Hopefully Rosin will get back to work soon, though its not so hard anymore if i can say so, i mean first days in shop were so tiring that i wasnt able to go to gym. Today i did well and had my training later in the evening after my work. :) I did all body workout as i missed few trainings last week. The training was half strength training and half circle training, so that my heart rate got pretty high in the second half of the training to get cardio effect as well :) I was exhausted you know but i felt so good and now i feel even better being at home. Tomorrow i think to continue with my old routine and will do a leg day after my work.. around 1900hrs in Zelloloos gym :)

Oke, i will keep you informed about my doings and write more after few days or so.. till than enjoy your week :)
Best, Gerbel

Thursday, May 15, 2008

New week and seller work

Hey my friends,

I know i know, again i havent had any time to write here... have been busy as always with the selling job in shop (replacing Rosin/Laura) and will continue that next week as well till she is coming to work :) .. So last week i had 1 working day on Thursday, now this week im in shop from Wednesday till Saturday. Im in shop now! On Monday i will take a day off because i need be in Pärnu on Sunday and Monday; and from Tuesday will be in shop again :) ...till Rosin is coming back.
I must admit i thought its hard work but its harder than i could imagine. I dont know how Rosin can go to gym after work in the evening, though she is used to it. I should have had training yesterday but when the working day was finished in the evening and i got home i took a nap instead, slept one and half hours which was so good. I should do my strenght training today or tomorrow but it all depends how i feel after 1800hrs when i finish here.

I have run into various people while im in shop and it makes the job good and interesting :) So i dont mind this change in my usual working environment ;) .. lately i havent done any, sort of office job, but last year when i still was in the military i used to sit in office most times and met (can't deny) other type of people ;) :) I take it as it is and all experiences are in one or another way good for the future, so i enjoy mostly everything what life brings :)

This week i had already a very interesting week because Dutch Queen having the official visit to Estonia and therefore the Dutch defence attache is here as well. Let me explain that last year (when i was still in General Staff) i was point of contact to defence attaches who are acredited to Estonia and we had a very good working contacts with all of them. So anyway, we ran into each other with the Dutch DA this week and had nice chat in cafe.

The second nice meeting this week i had was meeting with Rhys from England on Tuesday. If you have reed my blogs than he is one of the guys who commenting pretty often :) .. so as he used to live in Estonia long time ago and having lots of friends here, he still visiting Tallinn at least once per year. He is a personal trainer in England and of course we had lots to talk about :) Also i need to tell you that he is one of the main reasons i got my website ready so soon (in March this year of course). Obviously, i have had thoughts making my website in the past but i wasnt sure how to do it, if i can handle it, make it myself and what to have there and etc. Anyhow, i postponed it all the time and he gave me good ideas what to have in my website and in some ways forced me to get it ready if i can say so ;) Thanks Rhys! ...And it was very nice meeting you by the way.. :)

Ohh.. if i just could leave already to US. I mean start there with the things we have planned for us with Bill. I so much miss him! It is harder and harder to be here ALONE!

Ok.. now i have to do some work and earn my salary for the day :)

Take care dear friends and see you around ;) Best!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Working day in shop

Hey hey,

Today was a interesting day because i was first time working as a seller/salesgirl in shop. It was actually pretty nice experience. It happened because Rosin was away and all other permanent personnel in were also who away or busy with other stuff, so they thought i can be the person who could replace Rosin today. So i did, sold supplements and then packed online orders and i hope i didnt made any big mistakes, i mean no shortages :) It was a neat and busy day for me :)

Now i just relax and should put together my training stuff for tomorrow, will have legs day and than Teele will come to visit and i hope i can make to church at 1800hrs as well. :) So tomorrow is set for me :)

Saturday i will have a birthday party to go and it will be a great day and evening .. i really looking forward to it :)

On Sunday, will be a Whitsunday/Pentecost (Estonian Holiday) and of course i go to church. There is one of my good friend's who will get her confirmation and then we will do a small celebration in some near by cafe. By the evening i should be free and hope to enjoy stay at home.

Well, looking my watch i remembered that i should eat something.. will make a tea (green tea with jasmine) and something to eat.. which i havent decided yet ;) .. try to eat healthy :))

Please have a great end of the week and better weekend :)
Take care!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend and lots of skating


I have had a great weekend.. did lots of inline skating in Pirita area on Saturday and Sunday.
My eye doctor visit on Friday was also good, though i got a bit even stronger contact lenses.. so im really blind ;) ...deem

Next week will be as usual, do my training on Mon, Wed, Fri in the gym. I should go to Pärnu for one or 2 days next or the week after but dont know exactly when.. so i keep you informed about that.

Oke.. its late and i should go to sleep..
Take care and i wish you a great week :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Heavy cleaning day

Hey everyone!

Ohh my.. it was tiring day. I cleaned all windows and now the sun can really shine inside.. :))) .. but now the sun is behind clouds and no sun at all but windows are really clean :))
I washed curtains as well and i really hate to do that.. also, i cleaned all the flat afterwards, so all together it took me almost 4 hours and now i can just relax. I allowed myself vanilla ice cream after that cleaning.

This morning i had trouble also with uploading web site pages and after checking with BlueVoda (i use BlueVoda service for that) it came out that i need to update BlueVoda. I did and now it started to work again :) ... thanks God, i already thought that i have some bigger trouble or my PC is going really down. Actually i have very old PC to use and it makes me crazy sometimes because i cant do many things in the same time ... it will just stuck and crash :( ...especially i have trouble using Photoshop!

Yeah, actually my all body hurting from yesterday's skating as i presume yesterday ;)

I wished to go to skating today as well but the weather is kinda strange.. meaning it has this raining face ;) like it starts to rain in any minute ... so i dont go today. Unfortunately, it promises for upcoming few days some rain and so i will stay indoors and do my trainings. Tomorrow at noon i have eye doctor appointment, just checking before buying new contact lenses and than go to gym and have leg day.

Its so sad to be alone here .. wish i could be with Bill!

Okey, i let you go and enjoy your May Day .. Estonian holiday :)