Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September activities :)

Hello my dear friends, fans and family,

September month has been kinda busy, first weeks needed to get used to new routine as Lexie went to school, here in Belgium you can bring kids to school from 2 and half years, and to settle the best timing for gym, workouts and work and cooking, house work etc between bringing Lexie to school or getting her from school. And of course going to gym together, play and fun time with Lexie, everything needs some planning he ;)
Anyhow now its kinda set and sometimes it seems i had more time when she didnt go to school lol ;)

It has been actually nice month, Lexie loves in school, she is going to Steiner School. It has a bit different approach of teaching, but i think its a good choice for Lexie. :)

There was also a little interview and photo about me as a bodybuilder and a mother in De Standaard magazine. Its in Flemish, if you can read it then go ahead, click HERE.

Had one nice photoshoot in Gent a while ago and there is planned some other photoshoots in the near future :)

Many of you asking if i compete this year?! I dont, not this year. Have had too many little health issues, injuries this year that honestly i couldnt get myself into contest preparation mood. But i still would like to compete and hopefully it can be next year, 2014, when or where or what category i will compete ... we will see, i let you know if i have something in my mind in the future oke :)

In one month im going to visit Estonia with Lexie, yes, just two of us, to see her grandmother and friends ;) I got best tickets leaving on 4th November and its my birthday, so my mam can do a little b-day party ;) .. wonder what she will make.. something my favorite i hope ;)
We will be there 2 weeks and im sure the time will be again too short to see and visit all my friends but i do my best :)

What else new, nothing new i guess, my trainings are going good at the moment, i keep training still with pretty heavy weights, especially upper body, still have to be a bit careful with my leg trainings, with the injuries i do still leg trainings a bit lighter. Knee is nice and ankle is oke till i dont do very heavy leg presses ;)

So, i think now its time to add some pics and link some links that you can click and see.

xx to all and enjoy the autumn :)
xx Gerbel xx :)