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My dad and contest preparation


This morning i drove to Pärnu to see my dad who is still unfortunately in intensive room in Pärnu Hospital. He is better, though not so much that he would get away from there soon.

I didnt stay in Pärnu for long, got myself back to Tallinn and went to gym for cardio. Did one and half hours biking and felt great, especially after 3 hours driving to Pärnu and back ;)

This evening has been hard, i mean, i all the time had to find some activities not to think of food.. i even went to walk for an hour after dinner not to continue eating. Hard.. hopefully tomorrow will be easier to keep my diet as the new strength training week starts. Its actually always easier for me to keep my diet when i have strength training day :)

So, tomorrow i will start 3rd week with my strength trg routine and i feel very happy with that.

By the way, i updated my contest preparation fail where i have everything written down (its computerized training dairy what includes besides my training also food, weights, fee…

Full preparation started

Hey hey,

Finally the temptations as mid-summer events are over and i can start my full preparation for upcoming contests :) Its hard but i look forward to great results... i hope anyway, i do my best :)

So i was in Salmistu on Saturday, its a nice country side near Tallinn. Had lots of grilled meat :) and great fun :)

On Monday I went to Pärnu, visited parents.. my dad's health is very bad, he is in hospital and im really worried about him.. so from Sunday there wasnt any party mood anymore :( .. He is still in hospital and i go again to see him during weekend if he...

Today and tomorrow im in shop .. though if there will come bad news regarding my dad than i leave to Pärnu obviously earlier..

My training though goes well, i do my morning runnings almost every day... also keep going to gym 4 times per week. Today i will have my chest and biceps training and tomorrow do legs in the evening ...of course in Zelloloos gym.

Ok.. i will keep you posted how everything goes...

My best…

Beginning of my Contest Preparation

Hey hey,

Lets count that Monday the 16th of June, is my official date for beginning of my contest preparation. I feel good and positive about that, though i must admit im a bit afraid because of so big challenge as i plan to compete in World Women Championships in Spain.. Oh, well, there has to be always the beginning, dont you think?! :)
I started my new routine on Monday and i love that... i do almost every day also some kind of cardio, first week i take morning cardios a bit lighter (20-30min step or walk or just exercising) but i know that i should do more in the mornings.. After strength training i do cardio as well for 30min-1,5hrs, depends of day and tensity.... i hope i can continue that way... So i have almost every day actually some kind of training ;)))) which is very good :))

Now the Mid Summer day is close and John's Day (Jaanipäev) and i need to continue with my good diet and training.. and its obviously hard thing to do though im positive about that i can handle with …

New training routine

Hey hey,

I thought i should inform you that my last workout routine was so great but now its time to move on and divide it a bit differently. So, i thought my leg workout could be still almost the same, at least i do legs during one workout but all other muscle groups i divided a little different :) .. i will include some new exercises and do the workout more exciting as well ;) and i really looking forward to it :)

This week i have a cardio week which means that i do lots of cardio (running, walking and if the weather allows then inline-skating) and from Monday next week starts my new routine which i look forward a lot :) Hope i can make it work for reaching my goals :) Of course i will do cardio also during the new workout as well.

The new routine looks like following and its also included to my web site "training" as a follow up part as always :)

Anyhow, from 16 JUN 2008 - AUGUST workout:
Day 1 - Delts, Triceps, Abs
Day 2 - Back
Day 3 - OFF
Day 4 - Chest, Bicep
Day 5 - Quads, Ham…

Wonderful time in Pärnu

Hello everyone,

I had a great weekend in Pärnu. Went there on Thursday evening after hanging around with my friend Aire, who came to Tallinn for a day, in Tallinn Old Town Days. Her request was to have lunch in Chinese restaurant "Mandariin" in Endla street (its a best Chinese place we think), so we did and it was great :) After that we walked a lot to get rid of extra calories ;)

All weekend the weather has been so perfect, around 20 degrees and very sunny :)

than we smoked chicken and had more delicious food to enjoy besides working in the garden. So, in Pärnu.. i visited my parents obviously and had overall really a good time. Aire made bread .. we put lots of seeds in it ;) ... jumping and having great training on trampoline.

Jumping there gave so great workout, it was fun as well and next day i felt such muscles i didnt know i had ;) .. and i continued jumping of course all other days while i was in Pärnu :) I loved that!

Evenings were nicely warm, sitting in garden with a …

My Photoshoot and sport day

Hello everyone,

Last week Friday i had a photo shoot and yeah.. think some pics came out very well :) Here the link to them: My gallery, gallery... and i hope you like them :)

On Saturday there happened to be a sport day in City Spa fitness center, Tallinn. Very nice place i must say and the sports day itself was also fun :) The food was just great as well ;) .. for bodybuilders the food is always very important topic .. ;)

Here are two pictures of that event where i happened to be on the picture :P There was a small bench press contest with your own weight.. so i had 65kg on and did 12 reps.. "not bad" said Ott (Kiivikas, 9-times Estonian Champion in Bodybuilding). The second contest was 500m rowing where my time was 1 min and 47 sec as i remember. I was happy with these results :)

Please have a great week and i go to gym after an hour or so :)

Gerbel :)