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FIBO 2012

Hey hey.. it was great event that Fibo.. lovely people around and we had a very good time.
Here are few pics.. more are in Facebook .. members having some more too soon ;) xx

My best wishes,
Gerbel :)

Almost FIBO 2012

Hoi hoi,

Its almost Fibo time... on Saturday, 21 Apr, will go to Fibo to Essen, Germany and i cant wait ;)
I hope it will be a great event.  As i remember, last year it wasnt anything special, the year before was my first and most fun event ... so i hope it will be the same or better as my first time in Fibo. :)

In FaceBook i already have some pictures up.. i will put here a bit more and for members there are much more and much more to come :) after Fibo

So see you in Fibo who will be there on Saturday, its busy but our roads might cross ;)