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Visit of seaside Oostende and historic Gent

My Dear Friends,

Two last weekends after Fibo we visited some nice places in Belgium :)
We were lucky with the weather and had a good time as you can see also from the pictures :) ..

Anyhow, on 13 May was a Public Holiday in Belgium (Ascension Day) and so most of the Belgians had a day off or took a long weekend. We went on that day (after my training of course) to seaside Oostende (known as: Stad aan Zee). Here are few pictures, the weather was nice and we did a long walk in the beach :)

And on 15 May we went to a historic city Ghent (in Dutch: Gent) which is the fourth largest city of Belgium. The city medieval architecture is remarkably well preserved and restored and it was lovely to see. We took a boat trip along the river and enjoyed the day with sunny weather. If you should visit Ghent then i certainly suggest this trip (its not so expensive: 6 Eur per person and for kids it was half price).
Did you know that Ghent is twinned (sister city) with Tallinn, Estonia? Yeah, now i know als…