Monday, May 17, 2010

Visit of seaside Oostende and historic Gent

My Dear Friends,

Two last weekends after Fibo we visited some nice places in Belgium :)
We were lucky with the weather and had a good time as you can see also from the pictures :) ..

Anyhow, on 13 May was a Public Holiday in Belgium (Ascension Day) and so most of the Belgians had a day off or took a long weekend. We went on that day (after my training of course) to seaside Oostende (known as: Stad aan Zee). Here are few pictures, the weather was nice and we did a long walk in the beach :)

And on 15 May we went to a historic city Ghent (in Dutch: Gent) which is the fourth largest city of Belgium. The city medieval architecture is remarkably well preserved and restored and it was lovely to see. We took a boat trip along the river and enjoyed the day with sunny weather. If you should visit Ghent then i certainly suggest this trip (its not so expensive: 6 Eur per person and for kids it was half price).
Did you know that Ghent is twinned (sister city) with Tallinn, Estonia? Yeah, now i know also, with the medieval buildings there is no wonder as Ghent reminded me Tallinn Old Town.

There is less then 3 weeks to go till my contest, i feel quite good, though as always feel also that im not ready or i need more time.. oh well, i keep training, eating what i should eat and do my best.
I have worked out a flier for the contest too ;) lol
You can download this pdf file ("Gerbel's Flier Ninove"), give or forward to your friends who could be interested in that event. It will be a very fun event with all the pro and amateur men and women bodybuilders, fitness and bodyfitness and so forth. So, how is nearby could come to see the event and support all the athletes.

Oke.. i will finalize for today, will work on the newsletter what i want to send out also soon and i wish you all the best.

Enjoy the almost summer,
Your Gerbel