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Sunday's updates :)

Hey my dear friends,

I had a taff week behind me, i can tell you, made twice a day training and worked 6 days in a row this week. Though i had also few other nice activities, met with few friends and interesting people in shop. :)

Rhys, the British personal trainer, dropped by (who writing comments here a lot ;)). He has lots of friends who live in Estonia and he visiting Estonia pretty often, so we had small chat in shop and today we spend some time in old town, actually he came with me to church (Cathedral of the St. Peter and Paul(Vene street 18, Tallinn)) and then we had nice lunch afterwards. The mess was great, Mgr Philippe Jourdan did the mess, Parish priest Fr Alfonso Di Giovanni was there as well, with who Rhys had met previously in some nice event. So, i think Rhys liked the mess and doesnt have any regrets that he came along. Thanks Rhys for your friendship, by the way. :)

Then, dropped by from shop, one world famous powerlifter, stongest man, Mika Kerman (link) with one of hi…

Saturday and im working

Hey my dear friends,

Yes, im working today. It happends once per month when there is my turn to work also on Saturday's because the shop is open on Saturdays as well from 1000-1600hrs. Here im sitting and waiting that costumers will wake up and come to buy something usuful and necessary for their body after hard training. ;)

This evening there are also a sport event in City Spa, Tallinn, i will join them a bit later after my work. So i hope to go to sauna and swim in the pool and have a small delicious dinner as well :) Though, i cant allow myself much for eat or drink as my contest is very very close .. it will be 15th of Nov in Salme Kultuurikeskus. Information about it you will find here.

Tomorrow i will go to church as usual and get mental peace :) .. cant wait after so busy work and training week. Then just relax and walk in old town and hopefully the weather will be also nicer than today. Its rainy today .. :( .. but as there is a saying that there aren't bad wea…

Weekend in Pärnu

Hey my Dear Readers,

My weekend in Pärnu was good, small early birthday celebration (because my brother will be away on my birthday) on Saturday went well too, nothing special to report but my brother made a hudge present.. i got a microwave ;) .. so now i can warm up my food much quicker ;) Thanks you Alar! :) ...and i must also say that it suits to my kitchen so well and is the same style as my oven :) .. and let me also say that he never been in my place ;) .. very strange :P

Thanks Rhys for the comment to my last blog. As you know i dont wear usually glasses, i used to wear contact lenses but as i want to go to check my eyes for perhaps future eye operation then to get more officiant results, i shouldnt wear my contacts for 5 days. So now i took my glasses out and till Friday you all can see me only wearing glasses. :)
You mentioned also a rye-bread, i did it on Friday and brought it with me to Pärnu, my mom and brother enjoyed it very much :) I think i should include one picture als…

Training in Kimber's Club, Pärnu


I had a great weekend, though im so tired.. today i had a good chest workout in Kimber's Club, Pärnu at noon time with Jackie and Merle.. nice girls, we set the time 2 weeks prior as its always had to find suitable time for everyone... It was really so lovely to do training with them though in some moments we found us talking more than training ;) .. LOL
I and Merle had chest workout and Jackie did back and biceps workout.. her sister was also there and did her workout as well, so the gym was full of girls and only one man, usually its opposite :)
I finished my gym part with 30 min bike riding and Merle made few pictures about it :P

This morning i wake up and looked the date and found that there is only one month to go to be ready for the contest. Its just so hard.

Next week there will be a very busy at work, also i have few obligations i took and it seems i will not have any free time next week. Oh well, at least im not bored ;)

Ok, i will include these pictures and make everythin…

Aerobics Queen 2008 event

Hey my dear friends,

Well, i promised to write something about my weekend where i went to beauty mess "Ilu Sõnum 2008" and where was the election of the "Aerobics Queen 2008" on 4 Oct. It was real fun event by the way. On Saturday i didnt have much time to see the mess itself because i was in box most time and was involved with registration of aerobics queen competitors. Also i introduced our supplements and did Dietmix (meal replacement) degustation. I had a great overview in this hall and the music got nicely into me :) .. so i danced behind the desk and enjoyed it very much. :)
For your information there will be a transfer of the Aerobics Queen 2008 event on TV, the Estonian II channel "Kalev Sport" will show it several times on this weekend and should show it in total 5-6 times. Here are 2 known times when the Kalev Sport will show it:
On Saturday, 11.Oct - 16:00 Aeroobikakuninganna 2008
On Sunday, 12.Oct - 14:30 Aeroobikakuninganna 2008 (re…