Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Hey my friends,

I have had interesting last days.. first of all i will speak about today...

I did my training as usual: back and delts and as always i felt so good after that. Then i had photoshoot again.. i will put some pictures up soon, within this week for you to see :) ..Joker did them again. And in the evening i went for skating to Pirita for an hour.. its first time this year i was inline skating and it was awesome.. i really love to skate. Now i feel tired and i can imagine that tomorrow my legs are hurting.. oh well, i love the muscle pain :D

Ok.. about yesterday :)

Yesterday i brought my brother and his partner from Tallinn to Pärnu and i must admit during my driving to Pärnu i speed a bit and of course the police was out :( ... though, the police officer was very kind young man and sporty as well.... and probably that saved me :) .. and of course the web site signs i had on my car saved me as well :)
If he should in any reason to check the blog and read it than i want to thank him again for not giving me a ticket :) It reminded me not to break the rules again .. so i try to keep that way :)

So whats tomorrow.. if the weather allows than during a day i want to go to skating again, then i should wash windows on my flat.. they are so dirty that i cant see through even ;) .. all the winter snow and rain did its work i suppose ;) .. anyway it will come busy hard cleaning day if the sun us out :) .. if not then will do some cleaning anyway :)

I wish you a very happy and good time for upcoming day off and weekend :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008



Its Sunday now and i havent written anything within a week, sorry for that. So i try to make it up now ;)

I havent done much during the week, did my training as usually, met friends, cleaned the flat, did some homework, did laundry, studied/read sport magazines and books. Also, updated my web site, did few pics to include again. So, it was fairly quite week.

Some of our winners from Estonian Cup celebrated their winnings and we went to club "Status Lounge" yesterday evening, and we had a very good time. I didn't have my camera with me, though some of us had and did also few pictures. Enjoy them! :-)

Today i went to church as usually, after church went to Zelluloos gym.. first i thought to do little cardio but than i thought that the weather outside is so warm and nice that i should go for a walk. Plus, i need to go to grocery to buy chicken breast and eggs anyway :) So, i went to Zelloloos to take infrared sauna instead and after that went to solarium. So it was a great day with some treats for myself today :) .. and after i have finished writing here i will go for a walk and grocery to buy necessary things :)

Plans for next week... yeah..
Tomorrow going to office to clarify few things regarding one project we have there, with what i will work for a while and in the future as well. Then do my usual training routine during a week, tomorrow will have chest, biceps, triceps. What other plans.. study, read things, learn more to use PhotoShop (Teele helps me with that a lot) ... might have a small photoshoot perhaps... anyhow, i will keep you informed :)

My very best for the evening and upcoming week for my readers!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Rosin & me ;)


Here i am with Laura Reisalu, alias Rosin, who won the absolute BodyFitness yesterday. Congratulations to her!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Estonian Cup of Bodybuilding and Fitness


So today there was a Estonian Cup of Bodybuilding and Fitness in Viljandi, Estonia.
I went by car and it was around 2 hours drive. The contest started at 1400hrs and finished after 1800hrs, so it was long day as well and than driving back was pretty tiring.. though the contest was great and i didnt mind to drive as well ;)

Its unbelievable how our young men are developed, it was very nice to see :) .. also i found the contest very beneficial because i found few good poses i might use in my next contest in November present year :)

I must admit i felt very sad that i couldnt compete.. i so much felt that i should be on stage ;) .. cant wait November and compete then :) Hope to be in my best form and not to loose any muscles during my dieting :)

Here are few pics of the contest i made, the quality isnt the best one and therefore i suggest to see them in site :)



Liisa Otsus
Kristina Koroljak

Merike Sula

Bodyfitness Absolute
Laura Reisalu

Evelin Bogdanov


Young & Juniors Absolute

Mikk Raudsepp
Taavi Talah

Anton Ostroglazov

Classical Bodybuilding -175
Imre Vähi
Ivo Pärle

Kaido Voogla

Classical Bodybuilding +175

Marek Kalmus

Argo Vaible

Men -80kg

Indrek Otsus
Andrei Abrossimov

Men -90kg
Ott Kiivikas

Men +90kg
Indrek Viska

Marek Liiva
Lennart Männiste

Men Absolute

Ott Kiivikas
Imre Vähi
Marek Kalmus
Argo Vaible

Indrek Otsus
Ivo Pärle
Indrek Viska

Mostly i made a video and as it was first time for me to make video as well than i really dont know how it will come out.. hope though that not too bad ;)
So, after the contest and long drive, got back to Tallinn just before sunset.. so i made few pics of that also.. enjoy them as well :)

Now its after midnight and i should go to sleep, so take care and i wish you nice upcoming week :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Birthday - A boat trip - Photoshoot

Hey hey,

I have had a great week behind. It started when i went to Pärnu last Friday, i did training in Kimber's Club and had a good time with my best friend Aire.

On Saturday, was our hairdressers, Malika, birthday and it was a hard party. She had many friend over and the party lasted longer.. till 4am ;) She had enough to eat and drink and the cake was very good as well what we ate after midnight :P Terrible i know ;) .. ohh.. well .. i panished myself next day and went to gym on Sunday and did leg day which was hard i can tell you. I started with leg presses, went till 270kgx6 which was first time i did so heavy. :) After that did squats, leg extensions, leg curls and calf as well.

Now about the trip 14-16 Apr 2008. It was excellent, we drove with Aire and Agnes (Aire's daughter) to Riga, Latvia on Monday around noon to sail with a m/s Vana Tallinn (m/s means motor ship) from Riga to Stockholm, Sweden and than from Tuesday evening till Wednesday morning back to Riga. We had some time also in Riga before we left on Monday and we went to one factory underwear shop there and i bought some .. its very cheep in the factory shop comparing Estonian underwear prices. In Sweden we went to downtown as well, walked 3 and half hours but i didnt found anything to buy even we went to Ecco's shoe shop and many others. I must say that im not a good shopper, mostly go from shops to shops but seldom buy anything. Im a cheep person to have ;)

So the trip was full of nice memories, most time we got to be in front of the ship where our Captain and Chief mate were and enjoyed the view of the sea. Of course, we enjoyed with Aire and Anges the Swedesh table (smorgasbord) full of salmon and cheese and meat and etc etc :)
I will include some pictures as well.. so enjoy them here :)

Today i was also in office and their new photo studio. Made few nice pictures, see under Gallery => Photoshoots.

Now i wait Sunday .. the Estonian Bodybuilding Contest in Viljandi, Estonia. Will go there to make pictures of the contest and help where ever needed :)

Take care and i will write again next week.. than more about the contest. :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Web Site

Yeah, so.. today i put signs to my car ;) vain as i am :PPPP
here are few pictures. Looks pretty cool ;)

Anyhow, probably you noticed that i remade my website a bit as well, minor changes but still. Also i figured out how to get this Fans Mailbox to work as i wanted yesterday evening and now you are able to write there some kind of testimonials or whatever you feel to write :) Note that every member can read it ;)

Now i will try to get some more knowledge how to use Photoshop.. so that i would be able to make my website even better and nicer :)

Today, i tryed a new routine, the reason was that i wasnt able to do strength training 4 times per week, just timings doesnt match .. so now i started 3 days split:
Day 1 - chest, biceps, triceps, abs
Day 2 - back, shoulders
Day 3 - legs
If i will have time than i will take 4th day for cardio.. otherwise i dont do cardio so much at the moment. Just before workout 10-15 min bike or run or ellipt. Though i walk on my free time also :)
So, today i did Day 1st and i felt good about it..
Tomorrow will offer training again to one friend as usually and my next training, Day 2, will be on Friday during a day in Pärnu Kimber Club. So on Friday morning i leave to Pärnu. What plans i have there, see my calendar :)

Oke.. now i will try to get into Photoshop and see if i remeber anything what Teele taught me :)

Bye for now :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

My today's mission :)

Hey, it was great day today, i had one mission to fulfill and it went well :) .. the thing was that my gym card was expired on 4th of April and i had to buy a new one, though the mission was that i wanted to have free entrance to the gym i usually love to go - Zelloloos Sports Club. And after small talk with the manager i got free entrance... of course the requirement was to advertise the place which i obviously do anyway. So, now i wait them to send me their logo that i could include it to my web site :) It saves me 720EEKs = ~$72 per month. Not bad! :)

Tomorrow i will start my new training week, cant wait. Still do the routine what i told you on 26Mar.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Hey, i had a great weekend, actually will still have as the Sunday is ahead ;) though i should sleep because its half past 3am :) I just finished repairing my web site, there was a problem for Internet Explorer users, it didnt showed as it showed in Firefox. Now it should be looking nice for everyone. Just tell me if you will find some silly mistakes again .. oke :)

So, i was in Pärnu this weekend, went on Friday and came on Saturday evening. It was great, i delivered the advertisements for upcoming Bodybuilding contest (20Apr) to schools and sports clubs in Pärnu.

Than i of course visited my friends and parents.. they are fine.. i did also my Saturday's training as it was planned, so it worked well.

What i will do on Sunday. First, as usual, when im not out of Tallinn, i go to mass to Catholic Church at 1130hrs. And after that as usually we will have a coffee with Emmi who
is a Finn girl studying in Tallinn and we go to mass together. After all of that i will just have relaxed weekend :)

Oh well, now i really should go to sleep, again i will have only 6 hours sleep but as i got my web site pretty nicely ready, of course it needs still some work but bigger work is done, than hopefully i stop being up so long at night in the future.

Dear reader, get nice weekend! :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What a day

Last few days i have been up too long, going to bed only almost in the morning... always thinking what else to include to my web page, find mistakes and fixing them.
Again its almost 4am and im still up.. though last 20 min i talked with Bill.. i didnt hear from him for 2 and half weeks and i became worried, came out that he was sick, though at least he is fine :) .... and now i probably can live again. I so much hope to join with him in US but it seems i dont go anywhere before May.

So i continue what im doing here... training, training my friends, managing the web page and hopefully one project of will start as well.