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Happy St Valentine's Day!!

I THANK You God sincerely for the friends I have today,
And all that they have done for me to help me on the way.
I thank you that I met them in fellowship and cheer,
And that in time of need and stress they always have been near.

I thank you for faithful friends in places near and far,
Whose kindly deeds have made my days as fruitful as they are.
Whose happy songs have done so much to make my dreams come true,
And who, my their example, Lord, have drawn my close to you.

Happy St Valentine's Day and i wish you lots of love!!!

My best & God Bless!!

PS! See Newsletter No6

Photoshoot on 03 Feb 2009

Hey hey,

Finally, i got to upload some better pictures what we did with Joker (
See them here and for members there are also some in members page. :)

As well, i copied the Muscle & Fitness magazine, Feb 2009, Readers letters page where i wrote a letter there. It was really cute that Ain and Tiiu Kimber (my bodybuilding and powerlifting trainers ;)) write also there and we are on the same page :) Read here (3rd picture).

Soon i will send out a newsletter, at least i plan it to send out by the end of this week :)

Take care and have fun, train hard!! :)
Your Gerbel

Photoshoot 03FEB2009

Hey Friends :)

Had a photoshoot few days ago and here is one of the pictures.. soon i will put up more :)

Enjoy your week, Gerbel

Reval Sport Cup 2009 Bench Press

Hello my friends,

Its late Sunday evening and finally i got to update my website a bit, news and powerlifting gallery and etc.
31 Jan, Saturday, was Reval Sport Cup Bench press Championships for the highest number of repetitions in Tallinn, Estonia. The contest rules were that men had to push their own body weight and women 50% of their weight. I pushed with 32,5kg x 70 reps which gave me first place and also a absolute winner. There was few nice prices and which made me really happy was the sporty hand watch which i really needed. You can read about it and see all the pictures from website.

Also i want to say that there is a new number (February 2009) of Estonian language Muscle & Fitness magazine out. You are able to buy it from shop, Telliskivi 51, Tallinn, i will sell it for you with a pleasure :) Let me also say that i wrote a letter to M&F magazine and its possible to read it under Readers Letters (Lugejate Kirjad). ;)

Oke.. off i go to sleep :)

Have a …