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My last working day this week

Hey my dear friends,

Today is my last working day this week in shop, next week will work again from Monday to Wednesday. There is waiting nice long week-end for me :) ...What will i do with all the 4 free days: going to gym of course, walking, running, skating.. going to Pärnu and visiting my mom, how she is doing and so forth. Anyhow, the weather is really great and i try to be as much outside as i can.

Hey Rhys, thank you for so kind support! You know what im talking about ;) Thanks! :))))))

Costumers are coming and going and i have to pack online packages.. so i have to go now.

Take care and my best wishes for all of you :)

Sunday's church


Its Sunday and at last after so long time i got to go to church again.. Bishop Philippe Jourdan did mass and after that there was possible to confess... now i feel much better again :)
If you are interested which church i go and belong then here is the link.

Its 1500hrs and i got back from downtown and ohh well im so hungry, so i should have something healthy to eat, though i need to go to grocery later on to buy few things for upcoming days as well. I will be working in Fitness shop for 3 days in a row from tomorrow and after that do my gym trainings and there will not be much time to go to grocery (only work, training, sleep and eating) ... cool :))))

Ok.. i will go now, otherwise i get too hungry and i might eat too much ... ;)

My best wishes for Sunday and upcoming week :) God Bless!!

Fitness training camp in Võsu

Hey my dear friends,

Yeah, i havent updated my website for a while, just yesterday i got back from Võsu. There was a Wi-Fi but as i dont have my own laptop then i didnt have so much possibilities to be online or write letters and so on... though i did check my mails every day at least once :)

The camp was excellent, i loved it. It was first time i took part of this kind of camp, i mean when i have been adult. One week in Võsu made the summer sort of complete.

I and Viska, who is working in, were responsible for morning run and exercise. First few days we made it harder, like military style :) .. it was fun ;) .. it reminded me my times in military school and service in the army. The morning exercises were voluntary, so there werent a lot participants but who took part they took part of it every morning till the camp was over and i consider that very positive. Hopefully some of them will continue morning exercises also in the future one or another way :)

On Wednesday i had to b…

Worries and upcoming training camp in Võsu


I know i shouldnt talk here about my worries though i have them and i cant deny them. Im very worried because i havent heard from Bill more than 2 weeks and it makes me very nervous. I remember when he was still in Iraq and i didnt have any contact with him for 3 weeks and i couldnt do anything i had to, couldnt work and looked up every day the MIA (missing in action) and KIA (killed in action) reports. I have the same deam feeling as something has happened only now he is in US and i dont have anywhere to look it up or call or ask ... its so hard to concentrate and follow my plans, diet, training. Probably training keeps me still going as working out brings my thoughts away.

There is also my dad who is still in emergency room in Pärnu Hospital and his health doesnt get any better.. so i have to take care of my mom as well who is extremely worried and feeling lonely. She is in Pärnu and im in Tallinn and we keep calling every day.

This evening after working in Fitness shop i had leg …

Newsletter and Contest Preparation pages

Hey hey,

So, now i got ready those Newsletter and Contest Preparation pages. The last is available only for members of my site :)

I did my morning run and after an hour or so will go to Fitness office and after that to gym.. this week i go to Arctic Sport gym as Rosin made for me a one week free entrance there :) Thanks Roska :)

Anyhow, my lunch (salmon with rice and veggies) will be ready also soon and i need to go ;)

Ah yeah, my dad has a birthday today.. Happy Birthday, Dad! .. :)

Take care and enjoy nice weather :)