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My training and Lexie's new sunglasses

Hey, i thought i will write few lines :)

My training is going very good, i do 4 x per week hard gym training (Tue till Fri), meaning all muscles groups 2 times through and its wonderful :) .. Every morning when i wake up around 6-7 i have to wake up Lexie to go to gym, yes, she sleeps very well at night. Then she eats, we go to gym, where i have usually my breakfast (oatmeal with why protein) and in the gym she continues sleeping while i train or if she wakes up then i let her to watch TV, yeah, its kinda for keeping her off from crying. When im done with my training then of course the first thing is to give food for her and also eat myself :) Usually everything takes time and i get home only around 12-13hrs.
Here is one picture me and my trainer Bill Richarson (pic made yesterday). :)

Today is Saturday and we went Decatlon, the sports shop, what we bought.. always Lexie gets something, today she got sunglasses and beach suit. So we are ready for the beach and swim ;) lol Cool hee ;)


visit Brugge


Here are few pictures made in Brugge yesterday. Lexie got a new buggy the day before yesterday and as the weather was hot hot hot then it was a great way to test the buggy and how Lexie loves it ;) lol.. yes she does :)

Brugge is a very nice city .. like a little Vienna ;) with lots of canals and boats :)

Just arriving to Brugge we saw Leopard tank and of course, me, as a ex-military, had to get myself with it to the pictures ;) lol

In Lexie's Gallery there are more funny pictures of Lexie.. so dont forget to click to her gallery :)


Fibo 2011 in Essen, Germany

Hey hey..

Fibo was great.. nice event :) as always. It was now 2nd time i went there and yeah.. there wasnt so much new but it was still fun, i took part in some power contests and won nice prices, why not eheheeee ;)

But after this weekend i got sick, damn.. and Guy also followed me.. hope Lexie will not get it (ptuiptuiptui), till now she is fine :) .. though we tryed to keep distance and wash hands and so forth as much as possible :)

On weekend Lexie stayed with Patricia and lots of thanks to her.. i even couldnt go to gym this week because of the fever and stomack pain.... so.. i hope to be in shape asap :)

But yeah, Fibo itself was great, i met some people who i met also last year and it was fun :)

I put up some pictures to FaceBook and for members there are more.... YouTube has also some new videos ;)

xx to all :)

Soon at Fibo :)

Hey hey,

Cool.. will go soon to Fibo again.. cant wait :)

Lexie will stay with Patricia and her family and we with Guy can go to Fibo on 16 April to Essen, Germany.

The day before yesterday i sent out also my newsletter, if you havent read it then click on the banner below:
Yesterday we went to Holland to Baby Dump and we bought to Lexie little sofa chair. Of course our lovely cat Stafke occupied it. Can imagine already how Lexie and Stafke will fight for the chair when Lexie starts to sit and walk around :) ;) lol
Here is the picture of Stafke ;) lol

xxx to all and enjoy the Spring weather :)
.. we do enjoy it fully here in Antwerpen with nice sunny weather :) x