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Sunday activites

Im trying to do some changes in my blog.. so im testing things and see how it would work.

weekend activites :)

Mmm this weekend was nice. On Saturday we did some walking in the park with Lexie and just now got back from running. Yes, buggy running as i call. I ran 1 hour and a bit, the weather was and still is a bit windy but that was oke :) .. at least its not the weather as in Estonia, -15C and more ;) .. here the weather is +3C or more :)

Lexie is quite crying last days, she only loves to be in buggy or in the car, meaning she loves to ride around, not stand still or sleep lol... so we have a bit hard time presently, but hope that cry period will go over soon :)) .. we keep positive here :)

On Friday we went to one party, Guy's niece, Jessie, became 18 and there was a surprise party for her.. here are few pictures :) First picture with the golden thing around the neck is Jessie and the other woman, with glasses on, is Guy's mam ;) On the last picture Guy is with his brother, Benni, Jessie's father. :) It was Lexies first real party to go ;) lol

Home workout with Lexie :) x

Eheeeee.. yesterday did some workout together with Lexie :) .. some puch ups and abs.. and actually legs too, but dont have pictures of that ;) lol..
Here are few pictures and video ;) .. see also Lexies gallery. xxx

Lexie's 1 Month Day :)

Happy 1 Month Day to Lexie :)

... today we also tried dumbbell curls.. she did very fine for first time ;) .. LOL
Kusjes voor Lexie :))))

4 weeks old Lexie in the gym ;)

Hey hey my dear friends,

Today became Lexie 4 weeks old and she is in the gym already ;) LOL
We started to go to gym from last week, yeah, she sleeps usually and im training. Hope to be in shape soon ;) .. lol

Anyhow here are few pictures made in Bill's gym yesterday.
So.... Lexie poses, of course, with Bill Richardson, my coach. Bill looks so big or better to say Lexie looks so little in Bill's hands ;) LOL
Then Lexie poses with aunt Patricia and ...of course i couldnt be way from camera, so she is with me too ;) lol

More picture updates are in her gallery, click Lexie's gallery banner.

Life is sweet and wonderful!!
Wish the same to you!!!!

One more picture body after giving birth, after 3 weeks and 4 days :)

Lexie's 3 weeks birthday ;)

Happy birthday Lexie, every day and week is one blessing..

Lexie is already so much bigger girl then 3 weeks ago ;) first clothes starts to be small. Of course, no wonder as she eats very good (from bottle) ;) .. meaning she crys for bottle every 2 hours, sometimes there are also 3-4 hours in between and that is really resting time for me and Guy ;) .. at night she loves to be awake, yeah.. no noise and she dont like to be in silence and alone ;) Looking for warm and pleasant stay.. on the chest of Guy or me ;) lol.. best places in the world :)

I added some more pictures to Lexie's gallery. Hope you will enjoy them as much as we do here ..
Love xx