Monday, August 24, 2009

Training with a Pro! ..and trip to Vlissingen, Holland

Hello my dear friends,

I had a great weekend. Especially on 22 Aug, Saturday :)

First i had a great chance to do training with a legendary bodybuilder, Bill Richardson (in his gym in Antwerpen)! Bill Richardson is a UK bodybuilder who won the Mr. Universe (amateur) competition in 1980. See some links and pictures of his career.,+Bill

It was amazing experience :) i can tell you! ;)

Then there was a "Muscle Beach"
in Vlissingen, the Netherlands
and afternoon time we enjoyed
the beach with lots of muscular
men and women ;)

Here is one Dutch Pro on the
picture Aimée Molleman,
and she was a big girl .. wow ;) ...
Here are more pictures of the event:

..and FORUM
..and more pictures FORUM2

Its sad i didnt arrived in Vlissingen at 1500hrs, then for sure i would have compete with these girls ;) .. would have been cool. Though, i had great training with Bill before and hard one, i still feel my legs, that i have two of them ;) lol

Also i had a short photoshoot with a professional photografer Gert Ten Thije ;) in the Vlissingen mole. See the pictures HERE

And of course we walked in Vlissingen and here are few more pictures :)

Oke.. i will finish here and start to think of lunch ;)

Enjoy the hot summer and sunny, hot hot weather ;) ... at least we have in Belgium record temperatures .. 30-38C :)

My best regards to all of you!!
Always your Gerbel


  1. :) lahe ... tundub, et Eestis on sel alal veel palju õppida ... mõtlen, selliste ürituste osas ja üldse. Aga meil siin juba sügis vaikselt peale surub ... :) muidu on viimased päevad isegi ilusad ilmad olnud, aint natuke jahedavõitu ja nüüd läheb jälle vihmale :)
    Kallid teile sinna ja ärge toitke metsikuid linde ;) (Alfred Hitchcock'i "Birds" filmi mäletad)

  2. Tere kallis Teele :)
    Siin hakkab kah sügis tulema, vihmane nats, aga muidu on jätkuvalt soe ja mõnus ;)
    Linde ei toida, vaid sööme ;) irw ;)
    Kallistan, G.